Policy and Procedures

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Executive Director and Executive Office (Headquarters)

The Executive Office (also known as ISA Headquarters) consists of the Executive Director and ISA staff. ISA HQ exists under the budgetary authorization of the Governing Council and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Association. The Executive Director is the chief administrative office of the Association and is responsible for ensuring that the Executive Office carries out the Governing Council policies.

The Executive Director assists the President and other officers/committees in the performance of their duties, both by responding to the requests and initiating his/her own proposals for their consideration. He or she is responsible for publishing an official record of the minutes of the meetings of the Governing Council and of the Annual Business Meeting, proposing an annual budget for consideration by the Finance Committee, drafting agendas for the meetings of the Governing Council, the Executive Committee, and the Annual Business Meeting, and performing other duties asked by the President and/or Governing Council.