Policy and Procedures

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General Publications Policy

General policy

The association reserves for itself the control and management of all publications involving the Association, its sections and regions. No books or journals can be designated as properties of its regions or sections. All publications that have been partially or completely subsidized by Association funds shall indicate such support when published.


Oversight on all publications is ultimately vested in the Governing Council. However, the policy of the association is to delegate oversight monitoring responsibilities to the Publications Committee. Each year the Publications Committee shall receive annual reports from each journal (and the editor(s) of additional publications when relevant), evaluate the progress of the journals and other publications, and make appropriate recommendations to the Governing Council at its annual meeting.

Any changes made to the original management (e.g., changes of the editorial team) of each specific publication (as approved by the Governing Council) must be vetted with the Publications Committee; in turn, the Committee may bring the changes for approval to the Governing Council.


The specifics of publication contracts are negotiated by either the Executive Director and/or a group specified by the Governing Council, and in consultation with the chair of the Publications Committee, and on the basis of policies and goals specified by the Governing Council. Final contract authority rests with the Governing Council, which must approve the contract.

Present policy requires a competitive bidding process for the bundle of journals owned by the Association.


It is the policy of the Association to provide a subvention to journal editors, in order to supplement resources made available to them from their home institutions.

The specific amount of the subvention is authorized annually by the Governing Council; a minimum amount is guaranteed for the editorial team’s term in office. It is the policy of the association that such subvention will not cover overhead to the home institution in which the journal is located.

It is the policy of the association that, rather than providing the same subvention to all journals, subventions will be based on the workload and consequent cost of operation for each journal.


To assist the editors of the various journals to coordinate the package of ISA journals,

  • The President and the Executive Director sits on the Editorial Board of every journal;
  • The Editorial board of each journal shall meet annually and review the performance of the editorial team; this meeting typically occurs at the annual ISA convention;
  • An annual meeting is convened (during the summer) of all editors, the publisher, and the executive director in order to discuss mutual issues and problems and to seek common resolution. The annual meeting of the editors is financially supported by the publisher and by ISA.