Policy and Procedures

Extended Articles on Policies and Procedures

Public Advocacy and Public Policy Activity

The official positions of the International Studies Association are publicly represented by the President of the Association, its Executive Director, and others as appointed by the Governing Council (e.g., UN Representative, representatives to various other associations, etc.).

Those speaking for the association may only take positions reflecting ISA’s positions on public policies, as those positions have been officially endorsed by the Governing Council of the Association.
No member of the association can articulate public positions on political or policy issues for the association, or claim to speak for the association, unless those positions have been accepted by the Governing Council and the individual is authorized to do so by the Governing Council.

The International Studies Association is a non-profit association; its activities fall within U.S. federal and state rules governing the political activities of non-profit organizations. Such prohibitions typically do not exclude the ability of the association to advocate for its membership related to the exercise of academic freedoms and responsibilities.