ISA 2019-2020 Annual Election

President (one position)

The President serves a one year term and works during that time to propose programs and policies designed to advance the best interests of the Association. He or she convenes and presides over meetings of the Executive Committee, the Governing Council, and the Annual Business Meeting while overseeing the work of the Executive Office.
Cameron G. Thies, Arizona State University

Candidate Statement from Cameron G. Thies

It is an honor to be nominated to serve as ISA President in 2019-2020. I am Professor and Director of the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University. My research agenda covers international relations theory, conflict processes, political economy, and foreign policy analysis. Much of my work crosses disciplinary boundaries and uses both qualitative and quantitative methods.

I have been actively engaged in ISA since the first annual meeting I attended as a graduate student in 1998. I have been involved primarily in the Foreign Policy Analysis and Scientific Study of International Processes sections through the years. I served as an Officer-at-Large, then later Program Chair, and President of the Foreign Policy Analysis section. I served a three-year term on the Council of the Scientific Study of International Processes section, and as Program Chair. I have served on various association committees, including the Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee and the Workshop Grants Committee, including chairing the latter. I have been active in two major regions of the association. I served as Program Chair and then President of ISA-Midwest. I served as a member of the executive board, then Program Chair, and finally President of ISA-West. I have served in several editorial capacities for the association, including as Editor-in-Chief of the journal Foreign Policy Analysis (I will step down from this position if elected President) and Editor-in-Chief of the forthcoming Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Foreign Policy Analysis. I served as Vice President of ISA in 2014-15. My major awards from the association include the Ladd Hollist Service Award in 2013, the Distinguished Scholar Award of the Foreign Policy Analysis section in 2016, and the Quincy Wright Distinguished Scholar Award from the ISA-Midwest in 2017.

Beyond ISA, I have been active in a variety of other associations, including serving on the Council of the Peace Science Society (International), the Governing Council of the American Political Science Association, as well as in various capacities for the European Consortium for Political Research, the European International Studies Association, and the International Political Science Association. I helped co-found and edit the journal Political Science Research and Methods for the European Political Science Association as well. I have had the good fortune to spend time as a Fernand Braudel Senior Scholar at the European University Institute in Florence, as the Marsilius Visiting Professor at Heidelberg University in Germany, and Visiting Professor positions at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, among others.

I hope to help continue to shape ISA into the welcoming association that I found as a graduate student nearly two decades ago. I consider ISA my primary professional home even as I am engaged in other associations. The thing I value most about ISA is its diversity—of members, disciplines, schools of thought, topics of study, methods—all of the things that have kept me returning year after year. I also find that despite its size and continued growth, it is a place where I am comfortable sharing my work, learning from others, making friends, and establishing professional acquaintances. I will work to ensure that ISA is a welcoming place for all students and scholars of International Studies. I am deeply honored to be nominated for ISA President, and I look forward to continuing to serve the membership in this new role.

Vice Presidents (three positions)

ISA Vice Presidents are elected for a one-year term. During that time, they serve on the Executive Committee and the Governing Council. Vice Presidents help provide oversight and coordination of committees, liaison with sections and regions, interaction with other appropriate organizations, development of inter-organizational cooperation, and strengthening connections with government, foundations, and business.
Navnita C. Behera, University of Delhi

Candidate Statement from Navnita C. Behera

I am honored to be nominated as a Vice-President of the International Studies Association. I am currently a Professor and Head of the Department of Political Science at the University of Delhi. My research and teaching interests include IR theory and its pedagogy, gender studies, political violence and conflict (especially in Kashmir), and South Asian IR.

Over the years, I have participated in ISA in many different roles, ranging from organizing panels and roundtables at the annual and regional conferences to participating in the association’s mentoring programs. I have also served on ISA’s governing bodies in various capacities, including membership on the Committee on the Status of Women (2014-16) and the Long Range Planning Committee (2015-17), and acting as founding co-chair of ISA’s first-ever regional section on ‘South Asia in World Politics’ in 2016, and, re-elected in 2017. Currently, I am also serving as a co-Chair of the Global South Task Force of ISA that Is examining ways and means by which more global south scholars can participate in ISA activities.

As a Vice-President, my efforts will focus on expanding the outreach and collaborative efforts of ISA and furthering its inclusiveness as a professional association that fosters dialogue and research networks between scholars from around the world and between diverse perspectives and scholarly approaches.

G. John Ikenberry, Princeton University

Candidate Statement from G. John Ikenberry

I am honored to be nominated for the position of Vice-President of the International Studies Association. I am currently the Albert G. Milbank Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University. My research interests are focused on theories and debates about international order, liberal internationalism, grand strategy, theories of the state, global governance, and the international relations of East Asia, Europe, and the Global South. I have also sought to bridge the academic and policy world. My books – such as After Victory and Liberal Leviathan – have sought to engage major debates about the character and logic of global order and change. Over my career, I have developed far-flung collaborative relations around the world, regularly engaging with academic institutions, networks and journals in East Asia and Europe. For example, I am the founding Co-editor of International Relations of the Asia Pacific, published by the Japan Association for International Relations, the founding adviser to Global Asia, published from South Korea, a Global Eminence Scholar at Kyung Hee University in South Korea, and collaborator with leading Chinese scholars. Reflecting my interest in reaching out to young scholars outside the West, I co-direct the Princeton-Oxford Global Fellows Program, which selects emerging scholars from the non-OECD world to spend a year at Oxford and a year at Princeton doing research and networking. I enthusiastically embrace ISA’s objectives and actively participate in its activities, most recently serving as a member of the ISA Task Force on the Global South.

Laura J. Shepherd, UNSW Sydney

Candidate Statement from Laura J. Shepherd

I am both delighted and honoured to be nominated to serve as Vice-President of the ISA. The Feminist Theory and Gender Studies section of the ISA has been my academic home since I joined the association as a graduate student; I have served the section as Member-at-Large (2007-2009) and Section Program Chair (2015-2017) and I am pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the governance of the association more broadly.

In my research and pedagogy, I have a particular focus on gendered power, justice, and inclusion. I would welcome the opportunity to bring these values to bear on my work for the association in a leadership role. Further, I have consistently worked throughout my career to foster research capacity and support early-career scholars, so I would also be keen to contribute to the mentoring schemes and professional resource centre developed by the association.

At-Large Representatives (three positions)

Members-at-large are selected by the ISA membership to serve on the Governing Council and to represent the global and diverse nature of the ISA membership body in general.
Sinem Akgul Acikmese, Kadir Has University

Candidate Statement from Sinem Akgul Acikmese

I am honored to be nominated as a candidate to become an at-large representative for ISA’s Governing Council. I am currently a Professor of International Relations and the Dean of the Graduate School of Social Sciences at Kadir Has University in Istanbul/Turkey. Previously, I was a visiting scholar at Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES) at Harvard University, Stellenbosch University and the University of California-San Diego. My teaching and research interests include Security Studies, European security, European integration as well as Turkey-EU relations.

Since 2008, I have been working as the Secretary General of International Relations Council of Turkey (IRCT) the sole formal body which brings together the scholars of International Relations in Turkey and organizes nation-wide and global academic events. In that capacity, I have established various partnerships with diverse institutions worldwide including ISA. Since 2011, ICRT is a partner organization of ISA and I have been organizing partner institution panels during the annual conventions which helped me to gain first-hand experience with ISA procedures and processes.

In my professional and voluntary work, I have coordinated and participated in several international research and exchange projects that bring together institutions and individuals with diverse backgrounds, which has advanced my experience and capabilities for managing, forming and participating in international collaborations across the globe, from the Black Sea and Caucasus to the Middle East, from South Africa to East Asia.Therefore, I hope to contribute to the work of the Governing Council for generating a diverse, inclusive and a global ISA. If elected as an at-large representative, bringing diversity and enhancing dialogue with scholars and experts from the developing countries so as to encourage further cultural and scientific advancement at the global level would be my priority.

Soumita Basu, South Asian University

Candidate Statement from Soumita Basu

I thank the Nominations Committee for forwarding my nomination, for the position of At-Large Representative, to the ISA community. I am an Assistant Professor in International Relations at the South Asian University, New Delhi. My primary areas of research are feminist International Relations, the United Nations, and Critical Security Studies. Since 2011, I have been a member of the editorial team of the International Feminist Journal of Politics.

The ISA has been a valuable part of my professional life since I attended my first annual conference in 2007. This engagement spans my initial participation as a doctoral student from the UK, later as a postdoctoral fellow in the US, and, currently, as a faculty member from India.

I understand and appreciate the diversity of the ISA membership, and I would welcome the opportunity to support the association’s efforts to speak to the wide range of research, teaching and professional development interests that bring us to the ISA. Previously, I have served on the Executive Committees of the Feminist Theory & Gender Studies Section (2012-2014), the Peace Studies Section (2012-2014), and the Women’s Caucus (2013-2016), including as the chair and program chair of the Women’s Caucus, and program co-chair of the Peace Studies Section. If elected, this experience would be helpful in fulfilling my responsibilities in the Governing Council.

Halvard Buhaug, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

Candidate Statement from Halvard Buhaug

My first experience with ISA was the annual convention in New Orleans back in 2002. Although overwhelming at first, I quickly came to appreciate the many qualities of the Association’s meetings: a great arena for presenting and discussing ongoing work; an inspiring venue for learning about new findings and innovations in the discipline; and an excellent opportunity for networking and socializing with peers. The importance of ISA extends well beyond the annual conventions; it sponsors thematic workshops and regional meetings; it facilitates and supports activism toward greater academic freedom, diversity, equality, and inclusion; and it publishes a number of top peer-reviewed journals. However, much of the Association’s activities take place in North America and are dominated by North American scholars. As a non-American at-large representative of the Governing Council, I am especially motivated to work toward strengthening the international dimension of the organization and ensuring that ISA maintains its global relevance and reach.

In terms of professional background, I am Research Professor at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) and Professor II of political science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Much of my work is devoted to studying security implications of environmental change, drawing primarily on quantitative research methods. I serve as Associate Editor of the Journal of Peace Research and Political Geography, and I have previously served as councilor for the Peace Science Society (International), board member of the Norwegian Political Science Association, and program co-chair for the first joint ISA – Peace Science Society conference in Budapest, Hungary (2013).

Imad Mansour, Qatar University

Candidate Statement from Imad Mansour

It is an honor to be nominated to serve on the ISA Governing Council. My involvement with the ISA started over a decade ago, and I have since actively worked with colleagues to make IR a globally inclusive discipline. In 2011, I was a founding member of the ISA Global South Caucus; I served as Middle East representative on its Executive Committee (2011-2015), Chair of its First Conference (Menton 2012), Co-Chair of its Second Conference (Singapore 2015), and its Program Chair for the 2017 Baltimore convention.

These are interesting times for a globally-growing ISA. With growth, we are served as an institution to reflect more on how we understand and study more critically the domain of the “international”; how best to encourage voices from the margins, especially through research and publishing; and, even, how to incubate ideas that carry the possibility of de-centering established boundaries. Over the years I have seen many interesting conversations exchanged in meeting rooms of annual and regional conventions; many seek to dialogue with the mainstream and to infuse alternate imaginings of the discipline and its practices. These conversations have largely, but surely not exclusively, been advanced by Global South scholarship. If I have the chance to serve on the ISA Governing Council, I would continue my commitment to be a strong advocate for expanding the scholarly and geographic reaches of the ISA. The space for dialogue is considerable especially since I strongly believe that research, publishing, and general inclusionary concerns of Global South scholars are shared by many others in Northern institutions. A more engaging dialogue can only be enriching.

Although my work is fundamentally anchored in IR, my research focus is interdisciplinary, an area where history and sociology encounter IR; I take special interest in studying social roots of international politics. I am particularly interested in alternate theoretical frameworks in IR that draw on histories (cultures and societies) of non/pre-Westphalian orders and ontologies. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with a wonderful global network of colleagues at the ISA and especially through the Global South Caucus, and my research has benefited tremendously from such opportunities. If elected to the ISA Governing Council, I look forward to bringing my enthusiasm for the discipline and its diverse community, for networking and dialogue, as well as for exploring new avenues for research and publishing, especially for junior scholars.

Jorge A. Schiavon, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas

Candidate Statement from Jorge A. Schiavon

I am truly honored to be nominated as an at-large representative to ISA’s Governing Council for the 2018-2020 term. At this responsibility, I am fully committed to serve with all my energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, and networks to promote a better understanding and more cooperation between the IR academic communities of the Global North and South.

In my academic life (author (2) or editor (15) of 17 academic books, and 75+ articles and book chapters, most of them on foreign policy in the Americas), I have always been very close to ISA, participating and presenting my work in all its Annual Meetings since 2001. I have also done institutional building in IR academia in the Global South, being President (2011-13) of the Mexican ISA (AMEI, second largest IR association in the world, with over 4,000 participants in its annual meetings, celebrating its 50th anniversary), and President (2012-13) of the Latin American Federation of ISAs (FLAEI), which brings together the associations of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay. Thus, I see myself –and seek to serve— as a natural liaison to construct stronger ties between ISA and the Global South.

Currently, I am a tenured Professor of International Relations at the International Studies Department, at CIDE (1999–today). I have been Chair of my Department (2007-2010), Secretary General (Vice-Rector) of CIDE (2004-2007), Director of Development and External Affairs (2002-2004) of CIDE, and Director of the B.A. Program in Political Science and International Relations (2000-2001). I hold a Ph.D. in Political Science and International Affairs (UCSD), a M.A. in Political Science (UCSD), a B.A. in International Relations (El Colegio de México), and Diploma in Public International Law (The Hague Academy of International Law, International Court of Justice).

Nominating Committee

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