ISA 2018-2019 Annual Election

President (one position)

The President serves a one year term and works during that time to propose programs and policies designed to advance the best interests of the Association. He or she convenes and presides over meetings of the Executive Committee, the Governing Council, and the Annual Business Meeting while overseeing the work of the Executive Office.
Patrick James, University of Southern California

Candidate Statement from Patrick James

It is a great honor to be nominated to serve as President of ISA for 2018-19. I am Professor of International Relations and Director of Doctoral Placement at the School of International Relations, University of Southern California. My research interests include conflict processes, ethnoreligious politics, foreign policy analysis, international security, pedagogy and Canadian studies. I am the author or editor of 25 books and over 130 articles and book chapters.

My career in ISA includes service as chair of the following sections: Active Learning in International Affairs; Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration (ENMISA); Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA); and Political Demography and Geography (PDG). I also have served on either the council or various committees for the following sections and regions: ENMISA, ISA Canada, ISA Midwest, ISA West, ISSS, PDG and Religion. My service on standing committees includes the Carl Beck Award, Finance, Professional Development Committee, Publications, Status of Women and the Susan S. Northcutt Award. I have been a member of the editorial boards for the ISA Compendium Project, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Interactions, International Studies Perspectives, International Studies Quarterly and International Studies Review. My leadership positions include President of ISA Midwest and Vice President of ISA. I served as Editor of International Studies Quarterly, as well as Co-Editor of the ISA Encyclopedia for the ENMISA and FPA sections. My honors and awards include the Frank Klingberg Award for Best Faculty Paper, ISA Midwest; Quincy Wright Distinguished Scholar, ISA Midwest; Distinguished Scholar, FPA; Deborah “Misty” Gerner Innovative Teaching Award (with Abigail Ruane); Distinguished Scholar, ENMISA; Susan S. Northcutt Award, Women’s Caucus for International Studies; ISA West Award for Best Paper; and Ole R. Holsti Distinguished Scholar Award, ISA West. I also have received ISA Workshop Grants.

Among the honors and awards I have received beyond ISA are the Louise Dyer Peace Fellowship from the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, Milton R. Merrill Chair from Political Science at Utah State University, Lady Davis Professorship of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Thomas Enders Professorship in Canadian Studies at the University of Calgary, Senior Scholar award from the Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC, Eaton Lectureship at Queen’s University in Belfast, Beijing Foreign Studies University Eminent Scholar and Eccles Professor of the British Library. My professional service includes President of the Iowa Conference of Political Scientists, President of the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States, President of the International Council for Canadian Studies and President of the Peace Science Society.

ISA is one of the world’s greatest academic organizations. It brings together creative and interesting scholars from around the globe. I plan to work with all of you in a collaborative manner in the quest for excellence. I hope that my years of leadership will build on the many achievements already in place for ISA. Scholarship, teaching and learning will advance throughout the world – including those places currently disadvantaged – as our membership applies its energies and abilities to the benefit of all. I am honored, once again, to have the opportunity to work with you toward such goals.

Vice Presidents (three positions)

ISA Vice Presidents are elected for a one-year term. During that time, they serve on the Executive Committee and the Governing Council. Vice Presidents help provide oversight and coordination of committees, liaison with sections and regions, interaction with other appropriate organizations, development of inter-organizational cooperation, and strengthening connections with government, foundations, and business.
Håvard Hegre, Uppsala University

Candidate Statement from Håvard Hegre

I am honoured to be nominated to serve as Vice President to the International Studies Association during 2018-19. I am Dag Hammarskjöld Professor of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University and adjunct Research Professor at Peace Research Institute Oslo. Former positions include Professor of Political Science at University of Oslo and Economist in the research department of the World Bank. My research focuses on the causes of armed conflict, with a particular focus on how socio-economic development and democratization changes the incentives for organized political violence. I am also interested in forecasting of political events, both because its potential policy relevance and because of the challenging tests forecasting poses to our explanatory models.

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of peace and conflict research, the ISA has been my primary scholarly association since I attended my first conference in Toronto in 1997. I have served as Section Chair for the SSIP (2013–2015), was member of the Executive Committee 2014–15, continue to be ex office member of the SSIP advisory council and on the editorial board of International Studies Review, and have served as chair or discussant a large number of ISA annual conventions. I have also been actively involved in other organizations relevant to ISA’s members, e.g. as associate editor of the Journal of Peace Research and as councilor of the Peace Science Society.

Professionally, I am committed to transparency, pluralism, and equal opportunities for everyone. The research and teaching we do is best served when the publication process is transparent, and, independently of methodological approach, the output as replicable as possible. Organizationally, the ISA should continue its work toward a truly global association. If elected as vice president, I will continue to work for these values.

Photo: Blunderbuss/Anna-Julia Granberg

Zaryab Iqbal, Pennsylvania State University

Candidate Statement from Zaryab Iqbal

I am grateful and honored to be nominated to the position of Vice President of the International Studies Association, an organization that has been my professional "home" for nearly two decades. My involvement in the organization stretches back to graduate school, when I served as the assistant to the program chairs for the 2001 annual meeting. Since then, I have been involved with the Association in a range of capacities, most significantly my service as Program Chair for the 2014 Annual Convention in Toronto.

As vice-president, I hope to have a particular focus on scholarship and inclusion in the intellectual life of the Association. ISA's status as a large, interdisciplinary organization makes it uniquely positioned to develop and implement innovative approaches to cross-disciplinary collaboration, mentoring and professionalization, and to the dissemination of research. Such innovations can also play an important role in growing the diversity of the organization with respect to gender, race, methodology, and scholarly approaches.

I am an Associate Professor of Political Science at Pennsylvania State University; I currently also hold an appointment as the Administrative Fellow in Penn State's Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. My research and teaching interests center on political instability and human security, with specific foci on questions of public health, state fragility and failure, and genocide.

Edward Mansfield, University of Pennsylvania

Candidate Statement from Edward Mansfield

I am honored to be nominated as a Vice President of the International Studies Association. I am currently the Hum Rosen Professor of Political Science and Director of the Christopher H. Browne Center for International Politics at the University of Pennsylvania. My research focuses on the international political economy, international institutions, and international security.

Over the course of my career, I have participated in ISA in various ways. I have chaired the selection committee for the Karl W. Deutsch Award in International Relations and Peace Research (2001-2003) and served on the Finance Committee (2005-2007), the Long Range Planning Committee (2007-2009), the Publications Committee (2010-2013), and the editorial board of International Studies Quarterly (2009-2013). In 2000, I was honored to receive the Deutsch Award. These experiences and my longstanding participation in ISA’s annual meetings have deepened my understanding of the crucial role that the association plays in mentoring younger scholars, promoting research networks, and fostering dialogue across its broad and diverse membership. My primary aim as a Vice President will be to work on expanding the ISA’s ability to play each of these roles.

Treasurer (one position)

The Treasurer serves a three year term and works during that time to propose programs and policies to enhance the financial condition of the Association. He or she oversees, with the President and the Executive Director, the handling of the Association's funds and advises the President and Executive Director on recommending a budget to the Governing Council.
T. Clifton Morgan, Rice University

Candidate Statement from T. Clifton Morgan

In my second term as treasurer, I hope to continue progress on four major fronts. 1) Improving financial procedures, reporting and oversight. As I write, our new accountants are completing a financial and procedural audit, from which I expect a number of suggested changes regarding how we manage and report our budget. 2) Improving our investment practices to generate a higher rate of return on our endowment funds. I believe we have been too conservative in our investment strategy and, relatedly, we have adopted a perspective that is too short-term. 3) Bringing our revenues and expenditures more into line. We regularly show budget surpluses and these are sometimes quite substantial. We should either provide more member services or have a purpose for these savings. 4) Developing and implementing a long-term financial plan for the association. I am currently a member of the Ad Hoc Fiscal and Financial Strategy Committee and I hope to use a second term as treasurer to implement the recommendations of that committee.

At-Large Representatives (three positions)

Members-at-large are selected by the ISA membership to serve on the Governing Council and to represent the global and diverse nature of the ISA membership body in general.
Kristin Bakke, University College London

Candidate Statement from Kristin Bakke

I am honored to be nominated as an at-large representative for ISA’s Governing Council. The first conference I went to as a PhD student was the ISA convention in Portland in 2003, and the association has been an important and enjoyable part of my professional life ever since. I have found ISA to be welcoming to diverse perspectives and central for fostering networks among scholars globally. In my own research, on political violence and post-war states, I draw on multiple methods (in-depth fieldwork, surveys, cross-country analyses) and collaboration with scholars both outside my discipline and geographic home. As an at-large representative, I would like to contribute to the work ISA has done towards encouraging dialogue between disciplines and methodological and theoretical pluralism. I would work towards further ensuring that gender equity, diversity, and a truly global reach are at the top of the association’s agenda, as it continues to promote leading research about challenges in world politics.

In terms of professional background, I am Professor in Political Science and International Relations at University College London and an Associate Research Professor at the Peace Research Institute Oslo. Previously, I have taught at Leiden University in Holland and been a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University. I hold a PhD from the University of Washington, Seattle. Since 2012, I have been an Associate Editor of the Journal of Peace Research, and I serve on the advisory board of Nations and Nationalism and the editorial board of the Journal of Global Security Studies, a recent addition to ISA’s family of journals. I have been a member of the management committee of the European Network of Conflict Research and currently sit on the council of the Conflict Research Society in the UK.

Arie Kacowicz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Candidate Statement from Arie Kacowicz

I am honored to be nominated as a candidate to be a representative at the ISA Governing Council for the 2017-2019 period, after being a member of the ISA for the last twenty- two years. Since Atlanta 1994, I have attended all the Annual Conventions (with the exception of Honolulu), developing a lingering addiction to attend panels as paper presenter, chair, discussant, or active audience of many sessions. I witnessed the enormous expansion and diversification of the organization, which has become over the years more and more truly international. I regard this nomination as an opportunity to contribute to the ISA after benefitting so much from the scholarship exchanges, friendships, professional networking, and learning experiences that ISA has provided to all of us, researchers, Faculty and students. I am particularly interested in helping graduate students and young Faculty at the beginning of their professional careers, and I am convinced that the ISA is an excellent forum for that purpose.

I was born and raised in Argentina and moved to Jerusalem, Israel, thirty-seven years ago. After completing my Ph.D. at Princeton University in 1992, I returned to Israel to become a Faculty member in the Department of International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem since 1993, currently a Full Professor and the Chaim Weizmann Chair in International Relations. In my scholarly research, I am interested in the international relations of Latin America, peace studies, globalization and global governance, and the normative dimension of international relations. I also teach about the prospects for peace negotiations in the Middle East, in different academic campuses in Jerusalem, Washington, D.C., Madrid, and Buenos Aires. I believe that we scholars can contribute (at least in the margins), to make the world a better place, and that the ISA is an indispensable tool in that vision.

Selcan M. Kaynak, Bogazici University

Candidate Statement from Selcan M. Kaynak

It is a great honour to be nominated for the position of At-Large Representative for ISA's Governing Council. The Association has been critical in my professional and intellectual trajectory: I have been attending the annual convention since 2006. I served as the Chair of the International Communication Section for the 2012 -2013 term and as Program Chair for the 2011 - 2012 term. If elected, I would wish to further contribute to ISA through promoting diversification. I feel that encouraging participation of colleagues from across regions and addressing challenges they face (such as pressures on academic freedoms and economic pressures on research funds) is vital at these times.

I am a Faculty member in the Political Science & International Relations Department at Bogazici University, Istanbul. Currently, I am a Visiting Faculty Fellow with the School of International Service at American University (AU) and the AU Institute on Disability and Public Policy. Previously, I have been a research fellow at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and at the Institute for Middle East Studies, George Washington University. My experience in these institutions and at home in my own Department provided me the capacity to work with colleagues with different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

My research and teaching focus on media systems, socio-political change and political psychology. More recently, I have been interested in displacement and trauma. I am currently researching massive trauma as a result of forced migration and vicarious trauma experienced by aid workers. The critical problems faced in this region inevitably affect other regions and those in and outside the academe. Thus, if elected, I would hope to bring what I gather from my own research as well as others' work on these issues to the position

Kanica Rakhra, Consultant, New Delhi, India

Candidate Statement from Kanica Rakhra

Prior to my current occupation as consultant with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, I held research positions at prominent think tanks in India. I have also been associated with the International Society for Political Psychology (ISPP) for a number of years, working with its Early Career Committee.

As an ICSSR fellow and subsequently as a SASNET visiting fellow in Sweden- respect, prestige and nuclear identity- have been central to my academic work. Details of my study can be found with Respect Research Group (University of Hamburg), where I am an affiliated member.

At this juncture of my academic career I feel privileged to be nominated as an At-Large Representative of ISA. In this position, I would assist the association to become more global in its outreach by drawing scholars from untapped regions. I will also employ my experiences in making ISA accessible to audiences and organizations that possess a similar value set.

Marcelo Valenca, Rio de Janeiro State University

Candidate Statement from Marcelo Valenca

I am happy to be recommended as a candidate for a a member-at-large position on ISA Governing Council. I am currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of International Relations at the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ). My teaching and research interests focus on Peace and Conflict Studies, international law, humanitarianism, and active learning in Political Science.

I have been attending ISA's conventions since 2007, when I was a graduate student. Since 2010 I have been involved with ISA governance, mostly within the Active Learning in International Affairs Section (ALIAS) and in the ISA Committee on Representation and Diversity. Currently I am serving as section president at ALIAS and as the chair of the Section on Teaching and Methods at the Brazilian Political Science Association. I believe this previous experience will certainly be useful for a solid performance in this important stance of our association. As a member at large representative on the Governing Council I intend to work to strengthen the links between South American IR associations with ISA initiatives, especially towards young scholars and professional development.

Nominating Committee

ISA's slate of candidates is selected by the nominating committee. You can read their full report for this year's slate here:

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