Governance & Leadership

The International Studies Association was initially founded in 1959 by a core group of scholars and practitioners dedicated to creating a member-driven organization. With the establishment of the ISA Constitution, the architects of ISA designed an organization that is governed by and answerable to its membership.

The first governing body of ISA is the Governing Council, made up of the elected leaders of its sub-units (regions, sections and caucuses), as well as individuals elected by the ISA membership as a whole. This group is responsible for making decisions regarding any changes or additions to ISA's policies and procedures.

The second portion of ISA governance consists of the standing committees and appointments. These committees and appointments are charged with evaluating ISA's status quo and making recommendations within their organizational area of focus. Committees and appointments are selected by the ISA president, at the discretion of the Governing Council, and report to the Governing Council.

ISA Headquarters manages the day-to-day organizational operations and the Executive Director oversees these administrative functions, ensuring that the organization fulfills the mandates of the Governing Council and continues to meet the needs of our members.