About WCIS

The WOMEN'S CAUCUS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDIES (WCIS) is devoted to upgrading the status of women in the profession of international studies. WCIS is a place for all women, regardless of sex/gender assignment at birth; WCIS also welcomes allies.

WCIS seeks to promote equal opportunities for women in their professional lives, from graduate school admissions through all stages of employment. WCIS also seeks to promote women's professional development, both in academic and non-academic professional careers in international studies.

As a section of the International Studies Association, the WCIS serves as an advocate and liaison to the ISA for these purposes. WCIS also works to encourage mentoring networks for women in the profession and organizes workshops and roundtables at ISA annual conferences focusing on topics of concern to women in the profession. WCIS holds its annual Breakfast-Business meeting on the Friday morning of ISA annual conferences.