The Global South Caucus of International Studies (GSCIS) is open to members of ISA who study global south regions, the south as a whole, relevant south societies in the north, or relations between the north and south. According to the Article 4, section 5ai of the GSCIS Charter, the global south includes: Africa, developing Eurasia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East/North Africa, the Pacific, and South and Southeast Asia. The Global South Caucus is a “trans-sectional” network that aims to:

  • provide a channel for the sharing of research, information and ideas among scholars and practitioners of/in the various regions of the south;
  • promote the ISA as the premier forum for the dissemination of cross-regional global south research;
  • encourage south scholars to participate in the association’s conferences (via GS panels as well as proposals to the relevant sections) and other initiatives;
  • encourage south scholars to publish in ISA journals;
  • work with the ISA committees and sections to encourage graduate students to work on south issues and regions, and engage in professional development activities intended to improve the employment opportunities and advancement in the profession of south-oriented scholars.

The new Global South Caucus provides a wonderful opportunity for scholars of the south to work together. If you are working in any way on thematic or area studies that can be designated as pertaining to the "south," please join the caucus.