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ISA offers membership rates based on status (student, institution, faculty) and income so that senior scholars pay more than junior scholars or students. Memberships may be purchased using the ISA online system. If you do not already have an account, you can create a user account for free.

Add-Ons: ISA also offers membership in Sections and Caucuses that can be added to your ISA membership. Sections and Caucuses are topical groups that allow scholars to network with others sharing the same research interests. Section/Caucus dues are based on one year terms and a student rate is offered. Section memberships can be added at the time of membership purchase/renewal or to an already existing membership and dues generally run $1-$5. ISA memberships come with complementary online access to our journals, postal delivery may be added for an additional fee of $15 per journal.

Refunds: Please note ISA will assess a 15% processing fee on all refund requests.

Membership Rates Based on Income Range & Status

Rates By Income
1 Year
Less Than $40,000 $40
$40,000-$60,000 $80
$60,000-$80,000 $100
$80,000-$100,000 $120
$100,000-$120,000 $150
$120,000-$150,000 $180
$150,000-$200,000 $210
More Than $200,000 $250
Other Membership Types 1 Year
Student $25
Institutional Membership* $1350


Section Dues

Section 1 Year Student
Active Learning in International Affairs $5 $1
Diplomatic Studies $5 $3
English School $5 $3
Environmental Studies $5 $3
Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration Studies $5 $3
Feminist Theory and Gender Studies $5 $1
Foreign Policy Analysis $5 $3
Global Development $5 $3
Global Health $5 $3
Global South Caucus $5 $3
Historical International Relations $5 $3
Human Rights $5 $3
Intelligence Studies $5 $3
Interdisciplinary Studies $5 $5
International Communication $5 $5
International Education $5 $3
International Ethics $5 $3
International Law $5 $3
International Organization $5 $3
International Political Economy $5 $3
International Political Sociology $5 $3
International Security Studies $5 $1
LGBTQA Caucus $5 $3
Online Media Caucus $5 $3
Peace Studies $5 $3
Political Demography and Geography $5 $3
Post-Communist Systems $5 $3
Religion and International Relations $5 $3
Science, Technology and Art in IR $5 $3
Scientific Study of International Processes $5 $3
South Asia in World Politics $5 $3
Theory $5 $1
Women's Caucus $5 $3


*Institutional membership is an option for libraries, departments and think tanks who wish to archive print copies of ISA journals for their members. Institutions receive four print copies each of our publications. Please note that institutional membership applies only to the institution, it does not confer an ISA membership on individual members of the institution, nor does it provide online access to journals. We do not have a online membership renewal process for institutional members, if you wish to become an institutional member or to renew your institutional membership, please contact our Membership Services department at the following:

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