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Annual Convention Participation Limits

To help ensure that the maximum number of people have a chance to participate in our increasingly competitive Annual Convention, the Governing Council directed ISA headquarters to enforce submission limits for proposals to the conference.

Overall Limit

There is an overall limit of four appearances on submissions. This limit is enforced by item (paper, roundtable, panel, etc.) so that if you are a chair and a discussant on the same panel, that only counts as a single appearance. However, if you are an author and a chair on the same panel, that counts as two appearances because the paper and the panel are considered separate items.

Author Limit

We also limit the number of times you can appear as an author to two. So, you can submit two papers to the conference - regardless of whether they are independent papers or papers on a submitted panel. 

Please note that these limits are enforced for submissions. Ultimately, the Program Chair(s) have control of the program and the number of appearances an individual can make on the final program.

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