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Membership Types

ISA has many different membership types designed to cover the needs of our members. 

  • Standard Membership: This is the "default" membership for individuals. Most scholars and practitioners should purchase a standard membership to become an ISA member. Standard memberships are priced based on your income level. This is done to help the fee automatically adjust based on your current situation.
  • Student Membership: Student memberships are designed for undergraduate and graduate students. These are much less expensive than our standard memberships. Student members receive the same benefits as standard members. We provide the discounted student memberships to encourage graduate students, in particular, to become involved with the organization early. 
  • Institutional Membership: These are intended for institutions like libraries, think-tanks and departments. Institutional memberships do not come with any individual memberships or ISAnet access, instead, they receive access to our six primary journals. 
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