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I Can't Remember My Username or Password

Your username is the name you use to log into the site. If you were a MyISA user, it will be the same username you had on MyISA. Your password would have been created by you.

Step 1: Go to "Login" Page

First, go to our login page at

Step 2: Click "Retrieve Username/Password"

To get your user name without first being logged in, click the Retrieve Username/Password button on the login page. 

This form may ask for either your username or email address - you do not need both. We usually recommend just leaving the username blank and entering your email address. If we have an account for that email address, the system will send you an email with your username and password.

You will see that the reset form asks for a username and an email address - we know that's confusing and we're working on making it better. In the meantime, we recommend just using your email address.

Common Questions:

What if my email address has changed?

If your address has changed, obviously you won't get the password reset email. In that case, you have to contact ISA and we can help you through the process.

Can I change My Username?

Usernames can't be changed, but you may edit your first and last name and email address on our "Manage Account" page. Don't forget to click Update when you are finished so that your changes are saved.