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Creating an Account at

We make use of an online user-management system, which allows you to manage your interaction with ISA from one convenient website. When you create a user account in the system, you are able to choose a username ("yourname", for example - please use characters only, no punctuation, including spaces) and a unique password (each must be at least six characters long).

Step 1

To create a user account at just visit our website and then click the "Create An Account" link at the top right of the page and follow the prompts. You will be asked to provide basic information (your name, affiliation, email address, country) and your new username and password.


Step 2

Once you have entered the required information, please review it, and when you are ready click the blue "Create Account" button. The system will check this data against existing user accounts and let you know if there is a conflict. If, for example, your name has already been entered into the system (if someone added you to a paper or panel proposal, for example) the system will ask you to confirm your identity before proceeding so that any existing data in the system is properly linked to your new user account. The system will invite you to login with your new username and password so you can begin using the system.


* We moved all MyISA accounts to this new site. If you had an account in our old "MyISA" system, please do not create a new account. You can just log in normally with your old MyISA username and password. All of your membership information will already be ready to go. If you forgot your password, you will find help here.