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ISA 2023 Proposals

Creating an account to participation on an ISA 2023 submission? Don't forget to go to ISA 2023 Submissions afterwards to accept the ISA Code of Conduct and Convention Terms. (This page will also allow you to see anything you've been placed on so you have confirmation of any and all proposals submitted on your behalf, as well as remove yourself from anything you didn't intend to be placed on).

If you're creating an account to be added onto someone else's proposal, be sure to send them a message directly confirming you've done so, so they can add you to their existing proposal.

Already have an ISAnet Account?

If you have any kind of existing account with ISA - even if that account has some incorrect or old information - it is important to not create a new account because it will not link with information on your old account. This can lead to conference records and memberships not being properly tied to you. If you need help, please contact headquarters.