ISA-West 2022: Call For Proposals


Global Interconnectedness: Implications and Consequences

Submission Deadline: June 5, 2022

Global Interconnectedness: Implications and Consequences

The International Studies Association West region is pleased to announce the call for proposals for our 2022 annual conference to take place on September 23-24, 2022. The deadline for submission of the proposals is June 5th, 2022. ISA-West invites papers, panels, and roundtable proposals on any subject related to international studies, broadly defined. 

We strongly encourage paper, panel, and roundtable proposals on subjects related to this year’s conference theme: Global Interconnectedness: Implications and Consequences

As the world emerges from the pandemic, governments and societies are grappling with continued issues of global public health. Mitigation efforts in the fight against Covid-19 have created divisions and conflicts between states, as well as between peoples within states. The implications for international relations have come in the form of border closures, selective travel restrictions, and global supply chain issues, to mention a few. Concurrently, governments and people are navigating new wars, increased migration of refugees from conflict areas, rising energy costs, environmental concerns, and many other global problems. Social and global inequities have heightened during the pandemic emphasizing a crisis of access to proper healthcare for populations both in the global south, but also in developed countries. The world stands at a crossroads in which new battle lines are drawn as governments choose sides or remain silent in the war in Ukraine. Global society is in crisis mode and the implications for international relations are unknown. Yet no one can act without ripple effects globally and any decision can have enormous political, economic, social, and environmental consequences. These new challenges demand new ideas, theories, and policies. As international relations scholars, our task is to offer a critical view of existing efforts and offer new ideas on how to manage the implications, mitigate negative consequences, and improve international relations among state and non-state actors in times of conflict as well as in times of prosperity. 

Thus, the aim of the 2022 ISA-West conference is to generate conversations that bring interdisciplinary perspectives to bear on theoretical, social, institutional, international, cultural, political, and human aspects of the implications and consequences of an increasing global interconnectedness.

We are interested in projects that explore the global interconnectedness in international politics, in the academy, and our pedagogies. Scholarly, educational, policy, and professional development projects that address the implications, consequences, challenges, and opportunities in all aspects of international affairs are welcome. 

2022 ISA West Emerging Scholar Forum

ISA-West will continue its Emerging Scholars Forum (ESF). Graduate students and junior faculty are encouraged to identify their preference to be considered for the ESF when submitting paper proposals for the program. The selection process is competitive. Similar to ISA's Junior Scholar Symposium, this is a valuable opportunity to receive in-depth feedback from a senior scholar at a regional conference. Please make sure to take advantage of this opportunity if you qualify by clicking the appropriate box on the paper submission page. Choosing to be considered for ESF does not exclude your paper for being included in the regular program should it not be chosen for ESF.

2022 ISA West Travel Grant Proposals

ISA West will continue offering limited grants for attending the ISA West conference in Pasadena. To apply for a Travel Grant, please submit a short outline of your current funding sources, your university affiliation, and the location you will be traveling from along with your proposed abstract and paper title to Mary Jane Parmentier, Travel Grants Chair at Preference will be given to members of the ISA-West region. The deadline for travel grant applications is June 10th, 2022.

ISA-West Paper Awards: The deadline for submissions is June 17, 2022

ISA West continues to accept submissions for the (1) Undergraduate, (2) Graduate, and (3) Faculty Paper Awards. The eligibility for the ISA West Paper Award is the following:

1.      Paper was presented at the 2021 ISA West Conference (virtually or in person).  
2.      Author(s) is a member of ISA. 
3.      Author(s) is not an ISA West Paper Award recipient within the past three years. 
4.      Author(s) is not a current executive board member. 
The deadline for submissions is June 17, 2022. The award committee will convene when three or more papers have been submitted. Award recipients will be honored at the ISA-West annual meeting in Pasadena, CA on September 23-24, 2022. 
Papers should be submitted to the Awards Committee Chair, Dr. Maria Ortuoste at Please indicate in the subject line Faculty, Graduate or Undergraduate submission. In your letter of nomination, please confirm the nominee meets the eligibility criteria. If an undergraduate or graduate paper was co-authored with a faculty member, it must be submitted to the faculty category. Self-nominations are welcomed, as well as nominations by panel chairs and discussants. 
For any questions, please contact Dr. Maria Ortuoste at

Ole R. Holsti Award: The deadline for submissions is June 24th, 2022

Created in 2014, the Ole R. Holsti Distinguished Scholar Award is given annually to a scholar who has significantly influenced the ISA-West region. The Ole R. Holsti Distinguished Scholar Award was established to recognize Ole R. Holsti for his extraordinary role within the ISA-West region and his contributions to the international studies community as a whole. The Ole R. Holsti Distinguished Scholar will have an exceptional record of scholarship in international studies, a distinguished record of teaching and mentorship, as well as service to the International Studies Association-West.

Previous award recipients: 
2020    Cameron Thies
2019    Amy Eckert
2018    Laura Sjoberg
2017    Ann Tickner
2016    Patrick James
2015    Jacek Kugler
2014    Ole Holsti

Recipients must be a current member of ISA and must be able to attend the ISA West regional conference which will take place on September 23-24, 2022. Recipients will receive a plaque and give a special address at the award luncheon during the conference. The recipient will be reimbursed for travel, two nights at the conference hotel, as well as complimentary registration. 

Nominations are open to current members of ISA and should spotlight career achievements in, notably, research, teaching/mentoring, and service contributions to the ISA and ISA West. Particular emphasis will be placed on such activities in the ISA West region. Send nominations, including a letter of nomination of no more than 1,000 words and a current CV, to ISA West President, Luba Levin-Banchik at by August 18th, 2022.

Program Chair

Janicke Stramer-Smith

Weber State University

Submission Closed

Sorry, the submission period for ISA-West 2022 ended June 5th. For more information, please contact the program chair. Even if you did not submit, anyone is welcome to register and attend the conference.

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