Upcoming ISA Conferences and Events

ISA hosts many conferences, virtual workshops, webinars and podcasts year-round. Please use this calendar to view all upcoming events. If you are interested in hosting an event, please visit Apply to Host an ISA Event.

Annual Conventions

  • 2023: Montreal, Canada
    March 15th-March 18th
  • 2024: San Francisco, California
    April 3rd-6th
  • 2025: Chicago, Illinois
    March 2nd-5th
  • 2026: Columbus, Ohio
    March 22nd-25th
  • 2027: Atlanta, Georgia
    March 21st-24th
  • 2028: New Orleans, Louisiana
    March 1st-4th
  • 2029: Las Vegas, Nevada
    March 26th-29th
  • 2030: Baltimore, Maryland
    February 17th-20th