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Our Specialty Submissions

This special submission area isn't suitable for normal submissions to the convention. If you're trying to submit a traditional paper, panel, or roundtable, please return to our submissions page.

Specialty Proposals Types

In addition to its normal program activities, ISA has a number of special events on our program that add variety and new opportunities for our participants. 

Innovative Panels: These give an opportunity to move beyond the structure of traditional panels. ISA only accepts eight innovative panels each year. Past innovatives have been mock trials, video panels, and other unique sessions that bring something new to the convention. (Deadline May 15th)

"In Other Words" Roundtables: "In Other Words" Roundtables is a series of three non-English roundtables that seeks to explore the role of the English language in governing academic practice, facilitating (or impending communication, and determining academic proficiency and legitimacy within the discipline of International Relations. (Deadline June 1st)

Career Courses: Course proposals should be submitted by the instructor or team planning on teaching the course. In September, ISA will open the courses for special registration. There is a cost of $25 per student and instructors will be given a stipend for their work teaching the course. (Deadline June 1st)

Submissions are now closed. Your list of existing submissions, including any specialty submissions, is located on the submissions page. To find out more information about a proposal, click the "Detail" button on the right. Any proposals under the "In Progress" heading were not submitted and will not be considered by the Program Chairs. If you need to make any changes, please contact the Program Team.

Find out More

ISA has many special convention programs. You can learn more about them, see past examples, and get ideas for your own projects, by looking at our detailed overview of these programs.

More Special Programs

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