Annual Convention Working Groups

Working Groups serve as a forum for dialogue and interaction around designated issue areas at the Annual Convention. Working Group participants discuss the most thought-provoking issues surrounding a given theme through an extended and focused dialogue with their Working Group colleagues. This form of engagement may stimulate new research questions and project ideas, challenge held convictions on a subject, and contribute to the development of new communities of scholars, among other benefits.


The format of any given Working Group is determined by the Working Group coordinator, but two key elements hold in any Working Group: 1. participants commit to attending a group of related panels during the Annual Convention and 2. participants agree to attend the Working Group’s three meetings.

With regard to the three Working Group meetings, the first meeting takes place on site prior to the start of the Convention. It provides an opportunity for participants to create a framework for engagement with each other and with the group’s proposed goal(s). The second meeting takes place somewhere in the middle of the Convention and serves to bring the group together to discuss items of interest from panel and roundtable sessions that they have already attended. The third and final meeting typically occurs at the end of the Convention and is a “wrap up” session where participants can discuss next steps, points of interest from the Annual Convention panels attended, etc. The Association sponsors lunch and coffee/tea breaks at the first Working Group meeting only.