Format of a JSS Panel

The Junior Scholar Symposium follows a distinctly different format from ISA's traditional panels. The JSS panels are designed to provide participants with the opportunity to maximize networking and feedback on projects from ISA's leading scholars.

Setup (10 minutes before the session)
Participants find their tables and setup their posters.

Session Opening (10 minutes)
Chair calls the session to order by welcoming the group, explaining the session, and giving an overview of both the process and the topic.

Small Group Introductions (5 minutes)
Large group breaks up and moves into smaller sub-groups. Small group meets each other and prepares for presentations.

Presentations (90 minutes)
Each sub-group moves, together, through each of their four posters. The small groups should spend about 20 minutes at each poster. The presenters have 2-5 minutes to introduce their paper - the rest of the time is spent on questions and discussion.

Wrapup (final 5 minutes)
The sub-groups can break up or continue talking as warranted. Participants are encouraged to move around the hall and view other posters.

Participation Style

What makes JSS panels unique is the degree to which presenters are fully active participants. Presenters have only a few moments to present their papers, then the discussion begins immediately. As part of this, presenters send out their papers at least a month in advance of the convention so that everyone has sufficient time to prepare (see the current convention for the exact date). It can be almost as hard to write a good paper as it can be to ask a good question; treat this as a real opportunity to analyze work.

Deadline: March 2, 2018