The Junior Scholar Symposium

The JSS is a special opportunity for graduate students and junior scholars. Each JSS session brings together approximately 16 junior scholar projects with four senior discussants from among ISA’s leading scholars. Following a broad introduction to the session, the symposium divides into four small thematic groups wherein, using posters, participants will present and discuss their work in this small group setting. Each presenter will spend 20 minutes presenting and discussing their paper together with their small group and discussant.


This format provides a fantastic opportunity for junior scholars to meet and connect with senior scholars in their field. The sessions will be held in normal panel sessions but will take place early in the convention cycle (the 1st and 2nd days of the convention). This way, participants will have met and worked closely with some senior scholars - most of whom play an active role in ISA's current leadership - and have a friendly connection through the remainder of the conference. It is also a great chance to meet similar junior scholars from other universities.

Submit a 2020 JSS Proposal

We're excited to continue the JSS program next year in Las Vegas. If you have a great project you think fits with the JSS program, submit your proposal as part of the standard submission process, and be sure to mark it as being considered for JSS. (Note: If you participated in the 2019 JSS, you are ineligible to participate in the 2020 JSS.)

Submit a JSS Proposal


Have questions or want to volunteer to chair or discuss? Let Lembe Tiky know.