Innovative Panels

Our Innovative Panel Program

Innovative panels offer an opportunity for a little creativity and experimentation - to push beyond the traditional panel format. In these panels, participants’ dialogue, network and learn in a unique format that differs from our traditional panel session.

Please note that priority will be given to submissions that have not been included on the Annual Convention program within the past three years.

Do you have a great innovative panel in mind for the ISA 2022 Convention in Nashville? Innovative panel proposals will need a title, chair, tags and abstract, and additional information about the "vision" behind the proposal.

Example Formats

A variety of different formats have been used in past innovative panels and ISA is always on the lookout for unique and different ideas and new uses of technology. Innovative panels may take any form, limited only by the imagination of the participants and organizer(s). Here are a few examples:

Town Hall Meeting
Informal public meeting around a topic or set of topics were the audience voices the majority of questions or opinions.

Mock Trial
Individuals participate in simulated court proceedings, perhaps reenacting a famous trial or participating in a hypothetical case.

A competitive structured conversation on a controversial current issue or theoretical framework.

Interactive demonstrations of technological innovations.

Simulated engagement of diplomatic interactions, crisis situations or other scenarios.

Film Screening
Film showing and moderated Q&A, or a more formal showing and roundtable discussion.

Expert/Practitioner Q & A
Participants drawn from either within or outside of ISA (ex. local government, journal editors, satirists) share experiences and field questions.

Performance Art
A creative interplay of artist and/or audience using music, art, color, texture, and ideas.

Audience Participation
Constituted of short panel presentations and audience discussions about a particularly timely or controversial subject with a moderator to facilitate the dialogue.