Emerging Global South Scholar Workshop


Exchange and Collaboration with(in) the Global South is a training, mentoring and networking program designed for emerging scholars (junior faculty) of the Global South within the International Studies profession. Established Global South scholars (and Northern scholars of the Global South) will act as guides throughout a one-day workshop and hopefully beyond. The workshop will address issues such as publishing, proposal writing, networking and conducting research in challenging settings. The purpose of the workshop is to provide more comprehensive information about how to navigate academia, locally, regionally and globally, to create robust networks of emerging Global South scholars and to address current inequalities and asymmetries within the International Studies profession with respect to the Global South.


The workshop will rotate between the annual ISA convention site and distinct conferences within the Global South sponsored by different organizations (universities, think tanks, ISA and other professional associations). In the case of the Association convention, the workshop will take place on the day prior to its start. Although the specific agenda and roster of senior scholars will differ from year to year, issues addressed will include networking, publishing and research. Special attention will be given to the conditions that characterize academic work and IR communities in many Global South sites, including lack of resources, institutional barriers, unhelpful government policies, constraints on academic freedom, and limited support for social science and humanities programs (as compared to professional and trade fields). Throughout the course of the full-day workshop, it is expected that all attendees participate in question and answer sessions, break-out groups, and mentoring and networking activities.

The workshop will include training seminars by established scholars in distinct areas of professional activity and sessions to provide feedback/advice on emerging scholar research. Additionally, mentoring efforts will focus on how emerging scholars can build local and regional institutions for knowledge production and foster connections with northern institutions and across the Global South.


Exchange and Collaboration with(in) the Global South is a special workshop sponsored by the ISA’s Committee on the Status of the Global South, in collaboration with the Global South Caucus (GSCIS). It is geared towards early career global South scholars, preferably based in the Global South. Interested participants apply for the workshop by January 15, 2020 and the Committee on the Status of the Global South and the GSCIS evaluate these applications and identify 20 scholars to take part in the workshop. A limited amount of funding is available for workshop participants through the ISA Travel Grant program. All applicants should expect to receive notification as to whether they’ve been accepted to the program by February 15, 2020.

This program will take place in conjunction with the ISA Ifrane International 2020 Conference, the day prior to the conference. (Please note, submissions for the ISA Ifrane 2020 Conference have closed.)

Applications Closed

The Global South Workshop is a training, mentoring and networking program designed for emerging scholars (junior faculty) of the global South within the International Relations profession, and will take place the day prior to the ISA Ifrane 2020 Conference.  


The application deadline was January 15, 2020. Decisions will be announced on February 15, 2020.


Contact Jorge Alberto Schiavon, the Chair of the Committee on the Status of Engagement with the Global South, with questions about this program.

Deadline: July 20, 2018
Program Event: March 26, 2019

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