Career Courses


ISA's Career Courses are an important element of the professional development programming that is offered at the Annual Convention. These courses provide registered participants an in-depth instruction on topics such as methodology, teaching strategies, software, and more.


The format of Career Courses differs depending on the topic, the preferences of the Instructor(s), the teaching methodology used, and the goal(s) of the course. In all instances, however, Career Courses take place during half-day sessions at the Annual Convention (the first session is between 8:15am–12:15pm and the second is between 1:45pm–5:45pm).

Past Career Courses


Participation in a Career Course is on a first-come, first-served basis. You must register for the course online and pay a $25 non-refundable course fee. Registration for Career Courses opens at the same time that general registration for the Annual Convention opens. Thus, if you cannot add a course to your ISA cart, it means that the course is full. To be placed on the wait list for that course, contact ISA's Director of Professional Development, Kristy A. Belton.

Interest in participating in ISA Career Courses is always greater than the number of spaces available in any given Career Course. It is thus imperative that a registered Career Course participant notify ISA HQ as soon as possible if she or he is unable to attend a Career Course. This then allows for the space to be made available to other interested Annual Convention attendees.

Please note, ISA seeks to uphold high professional standards for all interactions in ISA-sponsored activities. As such, the ISA Code of Conduct applies to all individuals in the context of ISA activities. If you have any questions on this, please contact us.


Contact Kristy A. Belton, our Director of Professional Development, with questions about this program. 

Proposal Deadline: June 1st

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