ISA 2018 Submission Types

Most proposals are traditional types including papers, panels, and roundtables. ISA also has a series of specialty programs that are submitted through a separate form.

Traditional Proposal Types


Papers are the foundation of the Annual Convention and can be submitted individually or within a larger panel proposal. Papers generally need a title, abstract, three tags and the author(s) to submit. Titles need to be less than 50 words and abstracts need to be less than 200 words.

Note that, if you have a paper that was submitted on a panel, you should not submit the paper independently a second time. 

Junior Scholar Symposium: JSS submissions are not a separate submission type but, all individual papers can also be marked for consideration for JSS placement (you'll find a check box at the bottom of the general tab in the submission form). Those papers not placed onto JSS panels will be considered for standard panel placement along with the rest of the independent paper proposal submissions before the normal review process begins.


Panels must have a title, abstract and tag words as well as 5 papers (complete with title, tags, abstract and authors) and at least 1 chair and discussant.  Titles need to be less than 50 words and abstracts need to be less than 200 words.

Please note that papers submitted on panels should not be submitted a second time independently of the panel. If the panel is not accepted, the papers submitted on the panel go into the normal wait pool with all of our other papers.


Roundtables are similar to panels but participants do not present papers. At least 1 chair and 3 participants are needed to submit a panel, along with title, tags and abstract.  Titles need to be less than 50 words and abstracts need to be less than 200 words.

Flash Talks

Unlike a full research talk given in traditional panels, a Flash Talk is an overview of a study. Presenters must draw out the most important aspects of their research in a compressed time-frame and then field a series of questions immediately thereafter. This is a great opportunity to present and discuss new ideas on working or completed papers and get valuable feedback from peers. A Flash Talk session will consist of seven research projects discussed using brief PowerPoint presentations. They require a title (limited to 50 words), an abstract (limited to 200 words), three tags, and at least one author.

Specialty Sessions

Career Courses

These courses are different from normal sessions at ISA in many ways. Most notably, they are designed to be in a "classroom" format with an instructor teaching on a given topic. Registrants will be able to sign up for the classes on a first-come-first-served basis when they open in the Fall. Instructors will receive a stipend for teaching the course.

If you are interested in teaching a course, you can submit your proposal through this site. The Professional Development Committee will evaluate proposed courses and select four that we will hold in Atlanta.

Innovative Panels

Innovative panels offer an opportunity for a little creativity and experimentation. An innovative panel proposal will need the standard title, tags and abstract, along with additional information about the "vision" behind the proposal and a designated chair. Titles need to be less than 50 words and abstracts need to be less than 200 words.

Working Groups

Working Groups offer attendees a forum for dialogue and interaction around designated issue areas. Working group proposals should include a title, the working group coordinator(s) and a brief description of the purpose and goals of the proposed group, as well a tentative agenda for the initial full-day meeting. Titles need to be less than 20 words and the brief description needs to be less than 200 words.

Read the Call

The Call for Proposals creates an organizing theme for the convention.