Working Groups at ISA San Francisco

Working Groups provide a great opportunity to participate in a focused discussion around specific topics with a diverse group of scholars who share similar interests. By participating in a Working Group, Convention attendees strengthen their research agendas, expand their networks, and pave the way for fruitful future collaboration.

Change in the Higher Education Landscape: The Power of Intercultural Networks in Innovative Learning

Sponsored By Active Learning in International Studies Section

Organized by Hemda Ben-Yehuda and Michael J. Butler

  1. Bring together ISA faculty engaged in, or interested in, cross national and multinational teaching collaborations, utilizing online space. Collectively we will:
    • Report and share efforts toward and results of online teaching, including (but not limited to) simulations.
    • Consider the advantages of technology enhanced tools for cross-national collaborations.
    • Examine the role of culture in cross national teaching, and in particular how cross national collaborations can expose students to power and rules embedded in cultures in new and novel ways.
    • Discuss the challenges that emerge from such ventures and ways to cope with them.
    • Develop plans for technology-assisted cross-national teaching collaborations within the group.
  2. Promote a professional network oriented around pedagogy and establish ways to sustain that network and keep it active.
  3. Encourage partnerships for cross-cultural teaching projects.
  4. Work towards technological tools that can support assessment of learning outcomes and cultural dynamics in online collaborative activities.
  5. Plan and construct a collective database of innovative learning projects to facilitate multicultural comparative analysis and enable rigorous assessment of educational outputs.
  6. Prepare a joint manuscript for publication with articles on the topics of the working group.

'Unsettling' International Relations: Knowing and Unknowing the Settler Colonial Present

Sponsored By Global Development Studies Section

Organized By James Eastwood, Sharri Plonski, Magid Shihade and Elian Weizman

  1. To develop and refine new, more acute analytical and theoretical tools for understanding contemporary settler colonial relations, across and between different cases
  2. To bring different cases and communities of researchers into conversation with one another – particularly those often left out of these discussions – using a range of disciplinary, empirical and methodological approaches to unravel how settler colonialism continues to operate in and define the contemporary world
  3. To develop a long-term research network, with the aim of developing collective outputs, shared public/online platforms and the capacity to reach across disciplines and share our work with a range of academic and non-academic audiences

Applications Closed

Applications to participate in the Working Group program at ISA 2018 have closed.

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