ISA 2018 Career Courses

2018 Courses

About the Program

ISA created its "Career Course" program to provide opportunities for conference participants to further develop their research and pedagogical skills in a variety of areas. The topics for these courses differ by year and are chosen by ISA's Professional Development Committee based upon submissions from ISA participants. The courses, which are a half-day long, are limited to 30-40 participants. Any person who has registered to attend the Annual Convention can participate in a Career Course for a nominal $25 fee.

Common Questions

Q. When do these take place?

The courses are each four hours long and take place during the normal Convention period. So you don't need to come early or stay late to attend a Career Course.


Q. What if I have a panel when a course meets?

Unfortunately Career Course times cannot be changed. Thus, please check your schedule prior to registration to ensure that you don't have a panel, or other commitment that conflicts with the course.


Q. How much does this cost?

Each course costs $25. Participants must also be registered for the Annual Convention. Please note that this fee is non-refundable.


Q. Can I sign up for more than one?

Sure, as long as there's room in your schedule and the course has not yet filled!


Q. What if I cannot enroll in a Career Course even though I want to?

Career Course registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in attending a course that is already at enrollment capacity, please contact Kristy Belton ( to be placed on the course's wait-list. You will then be notified should a space become available.



<h2="">How to Successfully Implement Active Learning in Your Classroom
1:45pm - 5:45pm Instructor: Kathryn Mangino
International relations and related fields often use the term "active learning" to describe teaching beyond PowerPoint - a better way to ensure information retention and inspire learners to reach beyond summarization of information and move towards greater levels of analysis. But what does "active learning" mean? How do you do it? This career course will begin with a brief explanation of active learning, including some qualitative data collected in 2017 regarding student perspectives of active learning. Then we'll use the rest of the time as a working session - to not only introduce participants to a variety of teaching methods, but also to give participants the time, space and structure to practice new methods and share experiences and strategies with each other. This session works to help attendees to focus on their role as educator - to inspire ideas for new learning that can be applied in the classroom and lecture hall immediately after the conference. This career course is highly interactive and allows participants to learn from each other, share best practices, and meet other ISA professionals with similar interests.

Case Writing and Case Teaching in International Relations
8:15am - 12:15pm

Instructor: Volker Franke
This half-day course introduces participants to the case study method and exposes them to ways for developing and using case studies effectively in an academic classroom. This course presents a number of different teaching cases (historical, fictional, decision-forcing) and engages participants as both active learners and potential instructors. The course will also discuss how to adapt the case teaching method for using novels and films in the classroom.

Teaching the Intro Course: Approaches to the Comparative and International Relations Survey Course
1:45pm - 5:45pm

Instructors: Victor Asal and Amanda Rosen
This course will focus on tools, ideas, and approaches to use for teaching introductory courses in Comparative Politics and International Relations. Participants will discuss useful approaches to thinking about syllabi components, assignments, grading techniques, and innovative approaches (such as the flipped classroom and using simulations and games) that can be used to enliven and enrich classes for students while meeting learning outcomes. The workshop will be appropriate for instructors of classes of all sizes and student populations cover tools for small as well as very large classes (and will include advice on teaching with and without the assistance of TAs).

Registration Closed

The 2018 Career Courses are full. If you're were not able to register, email Kristy A. Belton to be placed on the waitlist. 

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