PDG Warsaw 2014: Call for Proposals

This conference has closed. This page is kept for archival purposes only. If you have any questions, please contact ISA Headquarters.

Eurasia – Defining and Crossing Barriers

One of the principal challenges of the 21st century is whether the artificial division of Eurasia into Europe and Asia is still valid. From geological point of view Eurasia is a continent ‐ not Europe or Asia. Shouldn't we then consider Eurasia as one whole and common habitat of Eurasians? Let us therefore challenge the Ural Mountains as the border between Europe and Asia. Let us explore and ease the barriers that now determine continental affiliation. We the denizens of European Union are Western Eurasians and Russians are Northern Eurasians, Indians are Southern Eurasians and Chinese are Eastern Eurasians!

Our query concerns main aspects of human activity including economy, demography politics, culture, religion and so on. The aim is to identify and describe the diverse barriers that have to be brought down or scaled to bring about the possibility of a Eurasian entity.

The conference has an open agenda but will stress the following questions and topics:

  • What are the political, security and cultural barriers to cooperation or integration of Eurasia?
  • How can these political, security and cultural challenges be overcome by appropriate action?
  • How can the international community address conflict and generate cooperation in Eurasia?
  • What is the relationship between human rights, duties and responsibilities and growth in Eurasia?
  • What actions could impact income distribution and enhance economic growth in Eurasia?
  • What actions could impact population dynamics ‐ fertility, mortality, migration & urbanization in Eurasia?

Paper and/or panel proposals are due by Friday, November 15th, 2013. Panel, roundtable, and individual paper proposals should be submitted via the ISA submission system. If you do not already have one, you will need to create an account in order to submit a proposal. Please note that you need not be a member of the International Studies Association in order to create an account, submit a proposal, or attend the conference.