Working Groups at ISA New Orleans

Working Groups provide a great opportunity to participate in a focused discussion around specific topic areas with a diverse group of scholars. By participating in a working group, conference attendees discuss the most thought-provoking issues in their section as well as their own research through an extended and focused discussion.

Working Group: Foreign Policy Analysis and the Diplomacy of Sub-State Actors

Sponsored By The Foreign Policy Analysis Section

Organized by Cristian Cantir

The creation of this Working Group (WG) seeks to achieve two major goals. First, it seeks to create a network among scholars with a theoretical and empirical interest in the diplomatic activities of sub-state actors (regions, administrative units, and cities). Such activities include the signature of agreements by sub-national administrative units like the state of California, the establishment of cultural ties with ethnic kin, and the conduct of investment diplomacy by large Chinese municipalities. Second, the WG seeks to generate in-depth discussion specifically regarding the utility of FPA theory for the conceptualization of the diplomatic behaviors of sub-state actors. The WG will therefore bring together leading FPA scholars and researchers from across the globe who have been working on the topic and will encourage them to think about a number of questions.

Worldviews in Science, Technology and Art in International Relations

Sponsored By The Science, Technology and Art in International Relations Section

Organized by J. P. Singh

The working group will critically analyze the diverse worldviews, methodologies, and issue-areas for STAIR scholars. The workshop will have the following concrete objectives: (1) identify the strengths and weaknesses of the diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches in STAIR; (2) examine "hybrid" research programmes (to extend a Lakatosian metaphor) and their usefulness in understanding current problems; (3) highlight the links between worldviews and core issue areas that STAIR scholars have addressed or neglected as well as the 'regional variations' in approaches (for example, when STAIR was chartered European scholars generally liked the inclusion of art/design with science and technology whereas Canadian and U.S. scholars questioned this inclusion).

ISA Working Group Program

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