ISA Northeast Baltimore 2020: Call For Proposals

Transnationalism in World Politics: Beyond Methodological Nationalism in International Studies

The ISA-NE invites roundtable, panel and paper proposals for this event on any topic substantively connected to world politics. Topics might draw upon and discuss international relations theory, international law and organizations, foreign policy, human rights, conflict resolution, military and strategic studies, environmental studies, feminist and queer theory, international political economy, international and global history, science and technology studies, aesthetic theory, the philosophy of social science, colonial and postcolonial theories, international political sociology, critical race theory, and others. ISA-NE explicitly embraces and encourages research from a full range of approaches to international studies include those using critical, normative, post-structural and post-humanist lenses.

At this year’s event, we especially encourage paper, panel, and roundtable proposals on subjects related to the theme: “Transnationalism in World Politics: Beyond Methodological Nationalism in International Studies.” Despite the enduring focus on nation-states and their interactions in IR scholarship, world politics has long been shaped by transnational ideas, actors and processes that cut across and complicate traditional boundaries between the national and the international – from INGOs, to global capitalism, to various post-national forms of solidarity. How do these transnational forces shape world politics? What implications do transnational relations have for our understanding of the international and for the possible futures we might imagine for world politics?

Transnationalism also challenges the conceptual and theoretical commitments of IR theory, suggesting a world of process in which various transnational actors, ideas and relations intersect to constitute momentary manifestations of power, community and authority, rather than a world of stable, bounded communities that interact in an anarchic environment. How have the political and ontological claims of nationalism and the nation-state shaped the development of IR theory, and how can we move beyond them? What theoretical commitments and modes of inquiry are best suited to the study of transnationalism?

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

- Challenges posed to state power by transnational flows of people, money and ideas and the networks of interest, cooperation and solidarity they enable
  • - Forms of domination and resistance generated by the intersection of race and gender with transnational processes
  • - Diasporic communities and the forms of influence they wield in world politics
  • - Transnational social movements and the variety of 20th century internationalisms
  • - Global governance and transnational actors, such as INGOs, social movements, MNCs, and trans-governmental networks
  • - Global civil society and the prospects for transnational or global democracy
  • - Critical perspectives on methodological nationalism in international theory
  • - Processes of actor and issue constitution in world politics
Papers delivered at ISA-NE are eligible for consideration for the Fred Hartmann Award (graduate students/ABDs) or the Lee Bennett Award (scholars who have completed their Ph.D. degrees).

Panel, roundtable, and individual paper proposals can be submitted via the ISA website beginning on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Although an ISA account is needed to access the system, you do not need to be a member of the International Studies Association to submit proposals or attend the conference. We will make every effort to accommodate as many submissions as possible, but cost and logistical constraints will limit the size of this virtual event.

The deadline for paper/panel submissions is July 17. Questions about potential submissions and participation should be sent by e-mail to the Program Chair, John Oates ( Scholars willing to serve as panel chairs/discussants should use the ISA registration form to signal their willingness and provide information on their areas of expertise, or contact the Program Chair directly.

PAY IT FORWARD: deadline extended to October 1

Pay It Forward is a mentoring program designed for female graduate students and junior faculty within the International Studies profession. The PIF special workshop at the ISA annual meeting is sponsored by the ISA’s Committee on the Status of Women. The Women’s Caucus of the ISA is pleased to offer a mini-PIF workshop at the ISA-Northeast regional conference in 2020. The mini-PIF workshop will include a mentoring roundtable where mentees will be matched with a mentor to discuss issues facing women in the profession. Topics addressed typically include navigating a gendered profession, work-life balance, applying and interviewing for jobs, and promotion and tenure.

Participation is limited to 12-15 mentees. Preference is given to individuals who have not previously participated in a PIF event. Interested participants should send a CV and short statement (of no more than 300 words) outlining their reasons for applying to the program to Dr. Jamie Scalera ( by October 1, 2020.

Accessibility grants

In lieu of travel grants, we are pleased to be able to offer small grants to offset technology, child care, and other documented expenses associated with participation in a synchronous virtual conference event. For these grants, ISA membership would be required, and priority would be given to graduate students, junior scholars, and scholars without institutional support. We are aiming to announce details and an application procedure on the conference website by the time the program is announced.

Submit a Proposal

Proposals must be submitted through this site. Faculty members presenting papers may be asked to serve as chairs and discussants. Please indicate your areas of expertise when you submit your proposal. ISA membership is not required for either proposal submission or conference attendance, though you will need to create an account with if you have not already done so.

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One-Day Methodology Graduate Workshop

In addition to our general call for papers, ISA-NE will be sponsoring a Graduate Workshop on methodology during the annual conference. Deadline to apply is 10 August 2020.


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One-Day Pedagogy Workshop

In addition to our general call for papers, ISA-NE will be sponsoring a Pedagogy Workshop during the annual conference. Deadline to apply is 10 August 2020.


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