ISA Midwest Annual Conference 2017, St. Louis, Missouri

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November 17th - 18th
The Hilton at the Ballpark, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Hosted by ISA-Midwest


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The ISA - Midwest held its annual conference at the Hilton at the Ballpark in St. Louis, Missouri, from November 17-18, 2017. Brian Lai (University of Iowa) served as the program chair. Stephen Quackenbush (University of Missouri) was the president.

With generous support from the ISA Professional Development Committee, we were able to continue the Emerging Scholar Forum. This is similar to the Junior Scholar Symposium at ISA, and it placed two groups of four emerging scholars with two senior scholars in the field.

There were also several roundtables. One of them honored the Best Book Award Recipients Gary Goertz (University of Notre Dame), Paul Diel (University of Texas- Dallas), and Alexandru Balas (SUNY- Courtland) while others covered teaching and learning topics, publishing, and success in an academic career. We had approximately 161 participants and 37 panels and roundtables. We were able to cover our hotel room block. We were also able to provide small stipends to students who attended the conference. Financially, our projections suggest that the conference generated a budget surplus to carry forward to the 2018 conference.

ISA President Brett Ashley Leeds (Rice University) gave the keynote address, “Interests, Institutions, and Foreign Policy Change,” at the reception on Friday evening. Cameron Thies was the Quincy Wright Distinguished Scholar this year and delivered an address, titled “Foreign Policy Role Theory: How (and Why) to Revive a Research Program,” at the Quincy Wright luncheon on Saturday.

We had also several other award winners listed in the program. We honored them at the reception on Friday evening Gary Goertz (University of Notre Dame), Paul Diel (University of Texas- Dallas), and Alexandru Balas (SUNY- Courtland) won the Best Book Award, Sara Mitchell (University of Iowa) and Andrew Owsiak (University of Georgia) won the Frank J. Klingberg Award for Best Paper Presented by a Faculty Member. Sojeong Lee (University of Iowa) won the Lynne Rienner Award for Best Paper Presented by a Graduate Student. Dennis Foster (VMI) and Jonathan Keller (James Madison University) won the Margaret G. Hermann Award for Best Paper Utilizing Text Analysis in Leadership Studies.

- Brian Lai, ISA-Midwest Region President, 2017-2018

2017 Program Chair

Brian Lai

University of Iowa

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