Submissions for ISA 2021 in Las Vegas

Submissions for ISA 2021

The global pandemic has changed many things about our personal and professional lives. At ISA, we have been working diligently since the cancellation of #ISA2020 in Honolulu to understand how these changes impact what we do professionally and in service to our members. ISA Headquarters’ staff have been researching the feasibility of a wide array of options for #ISA2021, ranging from an in-person to hybrid to an entirely virtual event.

While we all hoped to be able to meet in person, the health and safety of the ISA community is our top priority. We have determined that the ISA 2021 Convention will move to an entirely virtual platform. Given the ambiguity of global vaccination distribution, on-going travel restrictions, budget cuts and the potential on-site spacing constraints for in-person events, we saw little room for a different choice.


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If you would like to flag your 2021 proposal submission as part of the ISA 2020 Honolulu Convention, please be sure to add "ISA2020" as part of your list of tags during the submission process. Note that all proposals must be resubmitted, and previous acceptance of a proposal for the 2020 Convention does not guarantee its acceptance on the 2021 program.


*To help ensure that the maximum number of people have a chance to participate in our increasingly competitive Annual Convention, the Governing Council directed ISA headquarters to enforce limits for proposals to the conference. These participation limits are enforced at submission. If you are personally reaching this limit, you can remove yourself from any unwanted drafts, or delete them entirely, by editing the proposal. You can also remove yourself from any draft or submitted proposals created by a colleague by clicking the "Details" link to the right of any proposals listed above. If you are reaching this limit due to trying to add someone else, please contact them about reaching the limit. For more information on participation limits, please click here.

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