ISSS-ISAC 2013: Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Over

This conference has closed. This page is kept for archival purposes only. If you have any questions, please contact ISA Headquarters.

The Presentation

How long should my presentation be?
Your Chair will get in touch with you about your panel presentation. They will decide how much time to allocate for individual presentations. In general, the length of your presentation will depend on how many panelists are on your panel, as well as how much time the Chair would like to provide for the Discussant and for a question and answer period.

Will there be PowerPoint capabilities or an overhead projector?
We are happy to confirm that each room at the upcoming ISSS-ISAC conference will have the technology needed for PowerPoint presentations. Please bring your PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive.  You can also email your presentation to yourself, although please note that wireless connections can be spotty at times, so bringing your presentation on a flash drive is strongly recommended.  

Paper Considerations

When do I have to send my paper out?
We do not have a deadline for paper submissions. We do recommend that you submit your paper to your discussant and fellow panelists at least a week prior to the conference.

How long should my paper be?
We do not have a page length requirement for the papers. Working papers are acceptable.

Changes to the Program

How do I change my title or abstract?
In order to make changes to titles abstracts, please contact the program team at

How do I change my name, affiliation and/or email?
If you need to update your personal information (title, name, affiliation, email, etc.), you must do so in your ISA account. Any changes you make will appear in the final program.

Directions for updating your information: Log into ISA at and select your name in the top right hand corner of the screen. You will now have access to your profile. From there, you can select "Edit profile" (button at the lower left hand portion of your screen). This area will allow you to not only edit your address but also add a website address, create a short bio, add a photograph (under the "Manage Profile" tab). If you access the "Manage User Credentials", you can change your email address or alter your name. The "Manage Password" tab will allow you to change your password if desired. Please be sure to select "Update" at the bottom of each tab to ensure that any changes made are saved.

Still have questions?