ISA ISSS-ISAC Washington D.C. 2013: Call for Proposals

Conference Over

This conference has closed. This page is kept for archival purposes only. If you have any questions, please contact ISA Headquarters.

Bridging the Academic/Policy Divide

The deadline for paper/panel submissions is Wednesday, July 31, 2013.


Washington, D. C.The 2013 sectional conference of the International Security Studies Section of ISA and the International Security and Arms Control Section of APSA will be hosted by the Elliott School for International Affairs at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. from 4-6 October 2013, with accommodations at the nearby Key Bridge Marriott. 

The conference theme is Bridging the Academic/Policy Divide. The location of this year’s conference – in the U.S. capital, across the street from the State Department and a few short blocks from the White House – creates a unique opportunity to cultivate a discussion among security scholars and practitioners.  While we welcome contributions across the full range of topics in the field of security studies, we particularly seek submissions that highlight challenges in translating security theories into policy recommendations and bringing policy lessons into scholarly analysis and debates.  We believe that practitioners can draw fruitfully from academic research that identifies emerging national and global security issues, provides concepts and frameworks for understanding and conducting policy, and recognizes the intellectual and material challenges involved in addressing potential threats.  We also note that practitioners can inject nuance, perspective, and pragmatism into threat and policy analysis, while helping identify obstacles to applying broad theories to evidence.  Thus, we believe that much can be gained from an interchange between academic researchers who study deterrence, arms control, military intervention, terrorism, civil conflict, counterinsurgency, peace-building, interstate war, non-traditional threats, and human security and those in the policy world who seek the intellectual tools to help protect national interests, ameliorate conflict and lower its costs and risks, and improve human conditions.  While we hope the conference theme will inspire your proposals, we also enthusiastically invite submissions, then, that do not focus explicitly on the academic/policy divide. 

We strongly encourage paper as well as full-panel proposals.  For individual paper proposals, we will do our best to match each proposal to others with similar topics or approaches to create interesting panels.  Non-paper roundtables also are encouraged.  In addition, we would like to extend a special invitation to graduate students and junior faculty to submit proposals, as we hope to showcase their work. The best student paper at the conference will be considered for the annual ISSS Best Graduate Paper Award.  Ph.D. students interested in submitting their dissertations for the annual ISAC dissertation award will find this conference a useful venue for presenting and getting feedback on their work.  Finally, we also invite participation by post-doctoral individuals who would like to serve as panel chairs or discussants.