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Kütt; What did they say? The Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Diplomatic Statements. (Complete)
Rasmussen; “Everyone Loves Drones (not just the US): Comparing American and Chinese approaches to UAV policy”. (Complete)
Mukherjee; “Fighting Separately: The Coordination Model of Jointness and Civil-Military Relations in India”. (Needs Paper!)
Dahl; A Call for a Homeland Security Net Assessment . (Complete)
Vasquez; A Job to Die for: Volunteer Militaries and Casualty Prone Democracies . (Complete)
Rouhi; A New Approach for Security Decision-Making Analysis. (Needs Paper!)
Adams; A New Approach to Security Studies: The Threat, Vulnerability, and Assistance Framework. (Needs Paper!)
Soliman; A New Chapter in Military Interventions . (Complete)
Stefanova; A New Energy Security Strategy for the European Union: Revisiting the Geopolitics of Europe’s Energy Independence . (Needs Paper!)
Simoni & Wilson; A New Security Threat: Violent Women in Transnational Organized Crime. (Needs Paper!)
Kaufman; A Symbolic Politics Theory of War. (Complete)
McMahon; A Tiger by the Tail or a Blunted Sword: Regime Security through and from the Armed Forces. (Needs Paper!)
Biziouras; Administrative Capacity, Veto Points, and Counter-Insurgency Doctrine: Comparing American COIN Tactics in Vietnam and Afghanistan. (Complete)
Handberg; Aircraft Carrier or Ballistic Missile Defense: Signaling Commitment in a Situation of Uncertainty. (Complete)
Crawford; Alignment Counterfactuals and the First World War. (Needs Paper!)
Kim; Alliances as a Restraining Tool: U.S. Alliances with South Korea and Taiwan, 1952-54. (Complete)
Coletta; America's Machiavelli Problem: Arrested Development in American Foreign Policy. (Needs Paper!)
Early; An Atomic Failure? Economic Sanctions as a Cause of Nuclear Weapons Proliferation. (Needs Paper!)
Saygili; Are democracies really softer targets? Domestic Politics and State-Terrorist Bargaining in Hostage-taking Incidents. (Complete)
Robinson; Are Non-Proliferation Institutions "Essentially Irrelevant?". (Needs Paper!)
Ramirez Gonzalez; Armed Actors, Insecurity and Statebuilding in 19th Century Latin America. (Needs Paper!)
Hodgkins; Asymmetric Assurances and the Durability of Peace Agreements: Evidence from Armed Self-Determination Conflicts. (Complete)
Biles; Austerity Airpower: Confronting Lethality and Complexity in the Sequestration Era. (Needs Paper!)
García Cantalapiedra; Back to the Future? Complexity, network-centric factors, and the path toward an Offense-Dominance World.. (Needs Paper!)
Yiath; Ballistic Missile Defense: Strengthen U.S. Japan Alliance. (Needs Paper!)
Gibbons; Baruch to Barack: Hegemony and the Politics of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime. (Needs Paper!)
Kelley & Vasquez; Bloody Hands and Dangerous Minds: How State Leader Psychology Effects Civil War Lethality . (Complete)
Herz; Brazilian Policy Towards Nuclear Governance. (Needs Paper!)
Cunningham; Calculating Dependence: Soviet Security Guarantees and China’s Pursuit of Nuclear Weapons. (Complete)
Carranza; Can the NPT Survive?: International Relations Theories, US Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy, and the Future of the NPT after the 2015 NPT Review Conference. (Needs Paper!)
Sulock; Change the mission of the IAEA. (Needs Paper!)
Vamvakas; China, Suez and the Soft Underbelly of the East Mediterranean. (Needs Paper!)
Bano; China-India-Pakistan Nuclear Triangle: The Post India-US Nuclear Deal Scenario. (Complete)
Sankaran; China's Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Threat: Real or Imagined?. (Needs Paper!)
Laksmana; Civil-Military Relations and Organizational Infrastructure: How Great Powers Adapt During Small Wars. (Complete)
Geri; Collective security communities: a new global order among chaos and coherence? . (Complete)
Viana; Colombian police and military schools and training in Colombia: from “problematic country” to “problem solver country”?. (Complete)
McGuire; Companies and Combat Operations: Regulating Private Military Companies After the War on Terror. (Needs Paper!)
Scroggs; Compelling Targets: Regime-Type and the Decision to Concede. (Needs Paper!)
Schoon et. al.; Configuring Legitimacy: A Framework for the Analysis of Legitimacy in Violent Conflict. (Needs Paper!)
Dreyer; Constructed Armies: Why Occupied Armies Fail. (Needs Paper!)
Blanken; Constructivism and Force Structure Planning. (Needs Paper!)
Bello-Pardo; Contested Spaces, Institutional Weakness, Relative Deprivation: A tripartite model of violence in Venezuela. . (Needs Paper!)
Mastro; Costly Conversations: Obstacles to Peace Talks in the Post-WWII World. (Needs Paper!)
Rothenberger; Countering terrorist identity building. (Complete)
Cline; Counterinsurgents and Peacekeepers: A Better Model for Restoring Internal Stability?. (Complete)
Barma & Piombo; Creating a Sustainable Peace: The Consequences of Diminishing Returns to International Intervention. (Complete)
Luehrs; Cure or Disease? Non-Traditional Military Tasks in Peace Support Operations. (Needs Paper!)
Larsdotter; DDR of the FDLR: A Rwandan or Congolese Problem?. (Needs Paper!)
Boguslavskaya; Debating U.S. Policy Towards NATO in Richard Nixon`s Years – Developing Ideas For NATO Post-Cold War Transformation?. (Complete)
Dreyer; Defeat: How Small States Lose Small Wars. (Needs Paper!)
Yoo; Democracies as Unreliable Partners: Cases of the Relocation of US Bases in Japan and Korea. (Needs Paper!)
Crosbie; Democratic Oversight and Domestic Political Strategy: Rethinking Civil-Military Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Golov; Deterrence in the Gulf War. (Complete)
Sorenson; Deterrence models and their targets. (Complete)
Wueger; Deterring War or Courting Disaster: The Impact of Sea-Based Nuclear Weapons on Arms Race Dynamics in the IOR. (Needs Paper!)
Bang; Disaggregating Tensions from War: The Role of Politico-Diplomatic Disputes in Northeast Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Blankenship; Do Governments Take the Bait? Testing the Provocation Logic of Terrorism. (Complete)
Piombo; Dynamics of Humanitarian Assistance: Civil Affairs in the Horn of Africa. (Complete)
Meiser; E + W + M = (B)S: A Critique of the American Way of Strategy. (Needs Paper!)
Norris; Economic Statecraft with Chinese Characteristics. (Needs Paper!)
Wang; Elite Politics and International Strategy: Explaining China's Assertiveness . (Needs Paper!)
Zhang; Embedded Rationality: Explaining China’s Opaque Diplomacy on Nonproliferation. (Needs Paper!)
Klare; Energy-Driven Maritime Disputes. (Needs Paper!)
Shilibekova; Entering a twilight zone: Implications of the crisis in Ukraine for Central Asian security. (Needs Paper!)
Mathur; Equality/Inequality Paradox in Arms Control and Disarmament. (Needs Paper!)
Bajc; Excited About the Olympics? Security Meta-ritual of Global Planned Events. (Needs Paper!)
Kuperman; Explaining International Cooperation on Nuclear Security: Lessons from the RERTR Program. (Needs Paper!)
Grauer & Quackenbush; Explaining Military Effectiveness: Individual Initiative and the Yom Kippur War. (Needs Paper!)
Mironova; Fight or Flight in Civil War? Evidence from Rebel-Controlled Syria. (Needs Paper!)
Ohtsuki; Forcible Regime Change and War. (Needs Paper!)
Taliaferro & Ulrich; Foreign Military and Security Assistance; a US Foreign Policy Tool to Counter Transnational Threats and Promote Collective Security, is Best Implemented under US State Department Direction. (Complete)
Krishnan; From Psyops to Neurowar: What Are the Dangers?. (Complete)
Palkki; Gassing One’s Own People: Contrasting Leader Motivations and Behavior in Iraq and Syria. (Needs Paper!)
Raymond; Geopolitics, World Order and the Procedural Foundations of the International System. (Needs Paper!)
Czarnecki; Globalization, Governance, and Change: An Exploration Based on Bobbit and Mann’s Taxonomy of States and Society. (Complete)
Poznansky; Hegemony and Hypocrisy: International Order and the Conduct of Intervention. (Needs Paper!)
Rovner & Talmadge; Hegemony, Force Posture, and the Provision of Public Goods: The Once and Future Role of Outside Powers in Securing Persian Gulf Oil. (Needs Paper!)
Ofek; Honor: An American Motive for War?. (Needs Paper!)
Laksmana; House of Cards: Explaining Military Factionalism in Civil-Military Relations. (Complete)
Grice; How the West forgot China during the First World War and why this oversight mattered. (Needs Paper!)
Boggero; Ideas, interests or institutions in the regulation of private security provision. (Complete)
Denison; Imposing Conflict: The Role of Institutions and Former Regime Elites in Foreign Imposed Regime Change and Civil War. (Complete)
Norris; Inadvertent Escalation in East Asia: The Strategic Nuclear Implications of Air-Sea Battle . (Needs Paper!)
Arceneaux; India's Nuclear Weapons: Connecting Civil-Military Relations to Nuclear Posture in India. (Complete)
Kaspar; Information Survival Skills for Students in Intelligence Studies. (Complete)
Crosston; Intelligence Cultures vs. Conditions: Examining Non-Western Approaches to Intelligence Prioritization. (Complete)
Sitaraman; Jihad Under Nuclear Umbrella: Reversal of Fortune. (Complete)
; Junks, Sampans, and Stinkpots: The British experience with maritime piracy in 19th century China. (Complete)
Kim; Kissinger in China: Lessons for Security Studies in the Realist Tradition. (Needs Paper!)
Hardt; Lessons before Learning: The Informal Acquisition of Institutional Memory at NATO . (Needs Paper!)
Palubinskas; Lessons from Ukraine on Economic Interdependence, Democracy, and Collective Security . (Needs Paper!)
Vrbetic; Liberal Peace, Forceful Conflict Management, and the Problem of Reconciliation. (Needs Paper!)
McGuire; Live From New York, It's the War on Terror! Media Framing in the New Security Environment. (Needs Paper!)
Selden; Long-term Drivers of Defense Budgets and Their Effects on the Transatlantic Alliance. (Complete)
Fritz; Losing and Resentment: Russia as a Normal Defeated Great Power. (Needs Paper!)
Talbot; Maintaining Nuclear Deterrence and Defense in a Post-Cold War Multipolar (and multi-nuclear player) World. (Needs Paper!)
Dixit; Making sense of WWI: Lessons from non-Western soldiers' experiences of WWI in the Middle East. . (Needs Paper!)
Craig; Microstates as Global Security Partners. (Complete)
Yoder; Mixed Signals: The Limits of Reassurance in IR. (Needs Paper!)
Bokhari; Moderation Among Salafists & Jihadists. (Complete)
Rothenberger; Motives of terrorist groups: A categorization of terrorist entities listed by the European Union. (Complete)
Wagner-Pacifici et. al.; Narratives of national security: Close and distant readings of official strategy statements. (Needs Paper!)
Kfir; NATO’s Paradigm Shift, Searching for a Traditional Security-Human Security Nexus . (Complete)
Hameiri; Non-Traditional Security Governance in Southeast Asia. (Needs Paper!)
MacNeal; Not So Taboo? The Chemical Weapons Norm and Syria. (Needs Paper!)
Moslow; Nuclear Nonproliferation after Crimea. (Needs Paper!)
Bano; Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT): A Convergence of Norms and Power. (Needs Paper!)
Rouhi; Nuclear Strategy & Status: Assessing the impact of nuclear strategies on International Bargaining for Status. (Needs Paper!)
Palkki; Operation Opera: The Genesis of a Bureaucratic Bomb Project?. (Needs Paper!)
Barma; Pathways From Petroleum Dependence to Conflict in Rentier States. (Needs Paper!)
Ulgul; Political Participation and the Transformation of Military-Mindset. (Complete)
Chung; Postcolonial Perspectives on Nuclear Non-Proliferation. (Complete)
Chung; Preventing Inaction: The Case for R2P. (Complete)
Guidero; Prevention and Acceptance: Measuring the Effectiveness of Humanitarian Security Practices . (Needs Paper!)
Taw; Preventive War: Costs and Benefits. (Complete)
Grillo; Rallying the Masses for Conflict: Identity Triggers in Symbolic Politics Theory. (Complete)
Biziouras; Rebels, Soldiers, and Counterinsurgency Tactics: Drawing Policy Prescriptions from the Sri Lankan Civil War (1983-2009). (Complete)
Lebovic; Red Lines and Green Lights in Nuclear Arms Control and Non-Proliferation. (Needs Paper!)
Henry; Reliability perceptions in alliance politics. (Complete)
Testerman; Removing the Crutch: External Support and the Dynamics of Armed Conflict. (Complete)
Ling; Reporting Bias: An Obstacle to Evaluating the Effectiveness of International Agreements. (Complete)
Homolar; Resilient Defenses: Three Persistent Myths about US Military Budgets. (Needs Paper!)
Yoder; Retrenchment as a Screening Mechanism. (Needs Paper!)
Mastro; Rising Powers and Military Secrecy: Why China Eschews Military Transparency. (Needs Paper!)
Franke; Security by Contractor: Outsourcing in Peace and Stability Operations. (Complete)
LeFebvre; Security by Drones: The Global Market for Remote-Controlled Warfare. (Needs Paper!)
Trueman; Short War Illusions of 2014: Some Potential Flaws in the View that Contemporary Great Power Conflict Would be Unsustainable. (Needs Paper!)
Barber; 'Sievement': Japan's Containment of China. (Complete)
Zhang; Smart Bully – Explaining China's Decisions to Impose Economic Sanctions. (Complete)
Tkach; Special Operations Command Contracting in the Era of Sequestration: Insights into Next Generation Privatization . (Needs Paper!)
Curtis; Strategic Choices and the Nuclear Challenges in a Preceived World of Regional Strategic Multipolarity. (Complete)
Roselle; Strategic Narratives and Strategic Alliances. (Needs Paper!)
Post; Strength in Signals: Tying Hands and Sunk Costs in Military Coercion. (Needs Paper!)
Rovner; Testing Cross-Domain Deterrence. (Needs Paper!)
Pokalova; The Al Qaeda Brand: The Strategic Use of the Terrorist Label . (Needs Paper!)
Ekman; The Ambiguous Host Citizen Contract: U.S. Armed Forces and the Emerging Duty of Relationship-building with Foreign Host Populations. (Complete)
Dawood; The Brazilian nuclear-powered submarine: deterrence against whom?. (Needs Paper!)
Dawood; The Chinese growing presence in Latin America: are there relevant security implications?. (Complete)
Gronich; The Cognitive Calculus Theory of Decision-Making: Explaining the American Turn Toward Peace in Vietnam, 1968. (Needs Paper!)
Katz; The Conflict-Mitigating Prospects of Defense Diplomacy between Potential Adversaries. (Needs Paper!)
Payne; The Dark Knight and the National Security State. (Complete)
Swanda; The Deficiencies of the Westphalian Model for Cyberspace: A Case Study of South Korean Cyber Security. (Needs Paper!)
Saideman; The Dismal Potential of Smart Defense. (Needs Paper!)
Raymond; The Emergence of Contention in Global Internet Governance. (Needs Paper!)
Mosser & Redei; The European Union as a Catalyst in the European Foreign and Security Policy Architecture. (Needs Paper!)
Joshi; The Expansion of the Terrorist Financial Infrastructure in Pakistan . (Needs Paper!)
Baxter; The False Hope of Nuclear Forensics: Why nuclear forensics won’t matter in time a crisis. (Needs Paper!)
Fowler; The Future of UAVs. (Complete)
García Cantalapiedra; The impact of the 2008 Great Recession in the EU member states’ security: The 2013 Spanish National Security Strategy. Budgetary constraints, domestic politics and the US-Spanish alliance.. (Complete)
Swed; The liberalizing potential of military westernization in the post-Cold War era . (Complete)
Felice; The Loaded Gun: Energy Surplus and the Balance of Power. (Complete)
Payne; The origins of American civilian control of the military in 2012 and beyond. (Needs Paper!)
Smetana; The Patterns of Nuclear Defiance: Norm Violations and the NPT Regime. (Needs Paper!)
Antonova; The Phenomenon of Unrecognized and Partially Recognized States as a Problem of National, Regional and Global Security: the Main Features of Russian Policy. (Complete)
Dean; The ''Pivot" and the Anzus Alliance. (Needs Paper!)
Brooks & Ulrich; The Political Activism of Retired Officers in the United States. (Needs Paper!)
Doyle; The Political Pre-requisites of Nuclear Disarmament: a Nuclear Ethical Analysis. (Needs Paper!)
Reed; The Quest for a Global Verification Regime: What Role for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty?. (Needs Paper!)
Jones; The Resilience and Destruction of Mexican Drug Networks: Los Zetas, Sinaloa and Los Templarios. (Needs Paper!)
Gethings; The Responsibility to Engage: Cosmopolitan Civic Engagement and the Spread of the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine. . (Needs Paper!)
Ekmektsioglou; 'The role of Military Innovation in Great Power Relations: The US-China case'. (Needs Paper!)
Handberg; The Sanctuary Approach, the First Space Arms Race: Back to the Future. (Complete)
Jensen; The Security Dilemma Inside Out: The Rebalance Revisited. (Needs Paper!)
Grice; The sophistication and modern relevance of Chiang Kai-shek’s strategies during the Chinese Revolutionary Civil War. (Needs Paper!)
Fowler; The Strategy of Drone Warfare. (Complete)
Krusz; The Syrian-Russian Connection: Search for International Legitimacy. (Needs Paper!)
Kfir; The U.S. and Pakistan: Focusing on Pragmatic Engagement. (Complete)
Van Puyvelde; The US intelligence community and the private sector: how rational are privatization rationales?. (Complete)
Angstrom; The US Perspective on Future War: Why the US relies upon Ares rather than Athena. (Complete)
Petersson; The Use of Force and the West: Is the Era of Interventionism Over?. (Needs Paper!)
Dreyer & Jesse; The Winter War Revisited: Neutrality in Offense/Defense Theory. (Needs Paper!)
Rothschild; Tipping Theory: The Origins of Great Britain’s Suppression of the Slave Trade and the Implications for Today’s Collective Action Problems. (Needs Paper!)
Payne; To end all wars? New views on security in the absence of great power conflict. (Needs Paper!)
Arnold; U.S. Defense Posture in the aftermath of Sequestration, the Pivot, Crimea and the Caliphate. (Complete)
Homolar; Uncertainty in International Security. (Needs Paper!)
Schneider & Macdonald; Understanding Decisions to use Drones on the Battlefield: A Tactical Survey Experiment of Ground Attack Controllers. (Needs Paper!)
Pestana; Unintended Consequences: The Failure of Honduran Drug Policy. (Complete)
Western; US Grand Strategy for a Complex World. (Needs Paper!)
Echevarria II; US Military Strategy Revisited. (Needs Paper!)
Nautiyal; US Security Strategy of Asian Rebalance: Implications for India. (Complete)
Turnbull; Violence or Welfare? Explaining Militias’ (Mis)Treatment of Civilians. (Needs Paper!)
McIntosh; War or Intervention? The Normative Primacy of War in US Foreign Policy. (Needs Paper!)
Lacquement; Wars Wake and Future Forces: Shaping US Military forces for the Future. (Needs Paper!)
Eiran; When I Stay and When I Go: Lessons from Israel's Withdrawals from Sinai . (Needs Paper!)
Stramer-Smith; When security breeds insecurity: Revolution and Political Outcomes in Tunisia and Egypt.. (Needs Paper!)
Tkach; Who Pays for Terror in Fragile States? Military Assistance and increases in Frequency and Lethality of Transnational Terrorism in Fragile States. (Needs Paper!)
Levy; Whose Life is Worth More? The Principles of the Death Hierarchy. (Needs Paper!)
Ling; Why are Maritime Confidence-Building Measures So Infrequent?. (Needs Paper!)
Reardon; Why Bombing Nuclear Programs Doesn't Work. (Needs Paper!)
Motwani; Why has a regional solution to Afghanistan's conflict not gained traction?. (Complete)
Scroggs; With Friends Like These: Compellent Targets, Democratic Allies, and Concessions. (Needs Paper!)
Egnell; Women, Gender, and Operational Effectiveness in Future Operations. (Needs Paper!)

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