Room Information for ISA 2023

Real Struggles, High Stakes: Cooperation, Contention, and Creativity

ISA 64th Annual Convention
Montréal, Québec, Canada
March 15th - 18th, 2023

Real Struggles, High Stakes: Cooperation, Contention, and Creativity

Deadline for proposals: Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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Room Setups and Amenities

In coordination with the Theme of this year's Convention and the unique opportunities available due to our space in Montréal, we are excited to offer detailed options for room setups. Please note that all standard paper, panel, and roundtable proposals selected will be placed in Standard Panel Rooms, while Innovative Format Panel proposals will select the room setups that best meet their needs at the time of proposal.

Expand the list below for additional details and example images for each setup. Availability for special room setups via the Innovative Format Panel program is limited and all images are only examples of setup types - specific amenities/design cannot be guaranteed.


When considering the room setup that best fits your needs, you will want to make sure to consider these 6 factors.

Traditional panel room spaces include a head table (seats 7-10 people) with projector, PC laptop and USB port(s), and audience seating in rows facing the head table. Audience seating capacity ranges from 25 to over 250 people.

These rooms are split to provide both the traditional panel room setup on one side of the room and 7 small group breakout tables on the other side of the room.

These rooms feature limited capacity with alternate style seating, split between the two halves of the room.

These rooms have a limited capacity with standard panel setting and a high-top boardroom table, split between two halves of the room.

No drama here, this is a legitimate theater - stage, red curtains, tiered seating, the works!

This space features larger open spaces with alternate seating and may include tall chairs, couches and easy chairs, with little to no writing surfaces or central seating areas.

Open alternative seating lounge area reserved off one of the main convention hallways.

[+] Public Presentation Niche

Open alternative seating area with high definition display, reserved off one of the main convention hallways. 

Don't need a closed-door room? This is the ideal space if you have great graphics to share. With an integrated 4-screen display, this alcove of tiered seating area with cushions and stools faces an ideal high-definition presentation space for small sessions and will draw a fluid audience as passersby drop in and out of the space. Capacity between 10-20 people depending on setup.

alternate lounge seating tuft and pillar ringed couches in lounge