ISA Seoul 2020: Call for Proposals

Switching Sides: A Growing Wave of Regional and Global Realignments

The EXTENDED deadline for paper/panel submissions is January 5, 2020.

The period of realignment in international relations started with the end of the Cold War and has accelerated in the recent period. Such realignments are evident in all areas of international and regional politics. While new military alliances and partnerships emerge, existing ones experience greater frictions among members. Economic agreements adjust to shift flows of goods, services, and capital toward different areas of the world. International organizations come under increasing pressure to accommodate shifting preferences and changing demands from their members, and face greater competition from new organizations created by countries to pursue interests that remain unaddressed by existing structures. Diplomatic relations reflect realignments of interests regionally and globally: countries establish new relations, while old ties come under increased scrutiny or even become terminated.

Scholars of global and regional politics recognize that such realignments are an important phenomenon in international relations, but there is still only basic understanding of why such realignments happen and what their consequences may be. For example, the rise of new leadership at different levels of analysis may explain such realignments. The return of pragmatism in international relations may interact with ideological and moral demands. New cooperative opportunities may emerge as a consequence, but overall regional and global politics become more contentious. This conference aims to bring together scholars interested in studying these realignments, their various manifestations and implications. We invite papers that contribute to the following topics:

  • Formation of new military alliances and security partnerships; diverging interests within existing security organizations;
  • Shifts in economic links; modifications of economic agreements; growing regional blocs; trade wars;
  • Changing diplomatic alignments; rise and decline of formal and informal influence by great powers;
  • Reforms of existing international institutions; membership changes; emergence of new organizations; competition between existing and new organizations;
  • Causes of these realignments at different levels of analysis; implications of the realignments for regional and international relations.

Submissions Closed

Sorry, the submission period for ISA Seoul 2020 ended December 9th. For more information, please contact the program chairs. Even if you did not submit, anyone is welcome to register and attend the conference.

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Proposal Types

You can read about the various types of proposals that we are accepting for the conference on our submission types page. You can also find details on the requirements - including abstract limits and paper counts - on that page as well.