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McCormick; American Domestic Politics, Public Opinion and the South China Sea Disputes. (Complete)
Calata; Foreign Classrooms in Our Native Land: Reconfiguring Philippine International Relations through the Development of Nationalist’s Consciousness and Education. (Needs Paper!)
Onderco; Norms and Network-Building in Diplomatic Conferences. (Needs Paper!)
Yiath; Peaceful and Prosperous Society through Education and Innovation. (Needs Paper!)
Wang; Reconciliation without Convergence? China-Taiwan Relations in Comparative and Theoretical Perspectives. (Complete)
Rose-Jensen; "We Need a Solution!": Rightful Resistance and Land Conflict in Cambodia. (Needs Paper!)
Jayman; (Re)considering Japan’s ‘Pacifism’ in Eastern Asia as ‘Global Public Goods’ Provision: Avoiding a 50 Year Crisis and Engaging Pathways to Regional Peace. (Complete)
Farley; ‘Foreign Friends’: Chinese ‘Friendship’ Propaganda Home and Abroad. (Needs Paper!)
Ogwang; ‘Resources for Infrastructures Deals’ in Africa: Analysis of Chinese Companies Operations in Extractive Industries in Uganda. (Complete)
Bailey; ‘The ‘Clash of Exceptionalisms’: Identity and Sino-American Relations in the 21st Century’. (Complete)
Gamas; “Beneath Champa:” Locating Butuan in the International System of the 11th Century. (Needs Paper!)
Mansour; “Caught in a Web of Regional Rivalries: Tunisia’s Strategic Distance as a Foreign Policy Coping Strategy”. (Needs Paper!)
Thompson; “Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall: Making Sense of Longer-term Ups and Downs in Middle Eastern Politics and Rivalries” . (Needs Paper!)
Roberts; “Our Friends Don’T Understand Our Policies And Our Situation”: The Informal “Us-China Dialogue’ Of The Early 1990S. (Complete)
Ikeo; “Rapid Militarization in Okinawa: The Anti-Base Construction Movement and Sacrifice of Everyday Life. (Needs Paper!)
Volgy; “Rivalries in Comparative Regional Perspective: A Crucial Fault Line Within Regions”. (Needs Paper!)
Watanabe; A Borderless Territory? Daitoa Chiseigaku and its Geopolitical Imagination. (Needs Paper!)
Nuñez-Mietz; A Consent-Based System? The Judicial Creation of International LGBT Rights against State Consent. (Needs Paper!)
Chanrochanakit; A Decade of Deformed Constitutionalism: Thai-style Judicialization and the Problem of Parliamentary Supremacy. (Needs Paper!)
Yoo; A Multilevel Analysis of the Impact of the Democratic School Climate on the Social Trust and the Intention of Future Political Participation in Asia Countries. (Complete)
Florini & Pauli; A New Era of Governance? Collaborative Governance for Sustainable Development. Insights from South-East Asia.. (Complete)
Wilkins; A 'Pacific Century' or an 'Asian Century'? Contesting Ideologies at Work. (Needs Paper!)
Spiliopoulos & Cuban; A Relatively Short History of Filipino Nurse Migration to the UK: Mapping Historical Movement of Migrant Nurses from Southeast Asia to the West and Examining their Agency and Positioning in the Contemporary British Political/Societal Landscape. (Complete)
de Carvalho & Kustermans; A Social Structure of International Relations: Conformity, Deviancy and Defiance. (Complete)
Lee & Choi; A Study of the Relationship between Social Capital and Official Development Assistance: Focused on Japan’s ODA to Vietnam . (Complete)
Moore; A Tale of Two Political Economies: Leveraging International Political Economy and Global Political Economy Approaches to Better Understand and Assess China’s “Rise” within the Context of a Pacific Century . (Complete)
Morrow; A Theory of Multilateral Treaty Negotiations: The Case of the ICC. (Needs Paper!)
Gleditsch et. al.; Acting on Threats or Afraid To Act? A Survey Experiments on Threats, Costs and Support for Military Action. (Needs Paper!)
Green; Activating Intolerance: How Rising Levels of Authoritarianism and the Threat of War Affect Foreign Policy Attitudes in China. (Complete)
Webersik & Rod; Addressing the Gap Between Local Disaster Perceptions and Measured Disaster Risk: Evidence from Climate Change-Affected Atoll Island Communities. (Needs Paper!)
Perkuhn; After Harmony? The Crucial Role of China to the Pacific Century. (Complete)
Solomon-Schwartz; All the Senate's Women: Gender and Group Decision-Making in U.S. Legislative Bodies. (Needs Paper!)
Chu et. al.; Alliance Resilience: Experimental Evidence on China, U.S., and the Two Koreas. (Needs Paper!)
Von Hagen-Jamar; Alliances and Repression. (Complete)
Tow; Alliances, Partnerships and Architectures: Confronting a Historical Crossroads?. (Complete)
Qian; Alternative Aid Source, Bargaining Power, and Compliance with Aid Conditionality . (Complete)
Cheng; American Image of China in the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. (Needs Paper!)
Narine; American Soft Power and the Asian Pivot. (Complete)
Kumar; An Ancient Vision on the Contemporary Geopolitical Structures: Kautalya and the Indo-Pacific. (Complete)
Ridder et. al.; An Emerging Great Debate in Chinese IR? Foundations and Means of Chinese Grand Strategy and Foreign Policy in the “Pacific” 21st Century. (Needs Paper!)
Jung et. al.; An Empirical Analysis of Bilateral Investment Treaties and Their Effects on FDI: The Case of South Korea . (Needs Paper!)
Woo; Anti-Migration Sentiment and the Role of Citizenship Law. (Complete)
Brighi; Architectures of Transparency in the Global City: Urban Security and the Question of In/Visibility.. (Needs Paper!)
Kim & Roh; Are Children Punished for Their Parents’ Sins?: The Impact of the Candidate’s Family Tie to a Former Dictator on Vote Choice in Korea. (Complete)
Lungu; Arms Trade in the ASPAC region in 2010-2016: Possible Implications for Economic & Industrial Development. (Needs Paper!)
Terada; ASEAN and Strategic Regionalism in Asia: Great Power Competition and the Struggle for Relevance . (Complete)
Chen; ASEAN in the 21st Century Regionalism: Some to Learn from the TPP Agreement. (Needs Paper!)
Beeson; ASEAN’s Continuing Lack of Leadership . (Complete)
Principe; ASEAN’s role in the South China Sea Disputes. (Needs Paper!)
Koga; ASEAN's Institutional Strategy toward Power Shift: Balancing, Hedging, and Institutional Change . (Needs Paper!)
Lee; ASEAN's Relevancy to a U.S.-Led Rules-Based Regional Political Economic Order. (Needs Paper!)
Davis & Ram; Asia and the Russian Far East. (Needs Paper!)
Buchanan; Asia Pacific Arctic Interests: Convergence or Conflict? . (Needs Paper!)
Chong; Asia’s Security Competition by Proxy: Competitive HADR as a Respectable Arena?. (Complete)
Ghermandi; Asian and European Middle Powers: A Comparative Analysis on Energy Security and Naval Forces. (Complete)
Sabir; Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: China’s Divergent Approach towards Reformation. (Needs Paper!)
Pitakdumrongkit; Asia-Pacific Economic-Security Dynamics: Insights from Negotiation Analysis. (Complete)
Saovana; Asia-Pacific in the Age of Anthropocene: Changing Climate in Papua New Guinea. (Needs Paper!)
Halder; Asia-Pacific Region and the Non-Western International Relations (IR) Theory. (Needs Paper!)
Mishra; Asia-Pacific Security Order: Regional Dynamics and Strategies of Mitigating Conflict. (Needs Paper!)
Redjaboev; Asia-Pacific's Last Frontier 2.0: How Adjusting Witte's and Stolypin's Historical Policies to New Strategic Beliefs and Geopolitical Realities Are Helping in Developing Russia’s Far East? . (Needs Paper!)
Vandenbrink; Asia's Turn to Geopolitics: China and Japan in Central and Southeast Asia. (Complete)
Chand; Assessing Modi's Neighborhood First Policy: The China Factor in Indo-Nepalese Relations . (Complete)
Wijaya; Assessing Shinzo Abe's China Policy: A New Rule of Balancing? . (Complete)
Barbé; Assessing the Relevance of Practices Contestation in the United Nations Security Council Open Debates on Women, Peace and Security: European Narrative Meets Asian Approaches. (Needs Paper!)
Kurizaki; Asymmetric Alliance Obligations and Strategic Consequences. (Needs Paper!)
Joonseok; Attempts to Construction of Regional Cooperation Institutions of the R.O.K. in the Cold War: Focusing on the Cognitive Differences with Japan and Taiwan. (Complete)
Moore & Primiano; Audience Costs and China’s South China Sea Island Building . (Needs Paper!)
Bisley; Australia's Engagement of China: From Fear to Greed and Back Again. (Complete)
Andersen; Authority in International Systems: Britain’s Leadership in Balancing Europe. (Needs Paper!)
Foulon; Back to the 1990s: American Military and Economic Rebalancing to East Asia. (Complete)
Jalkebro; Ballots and Bullets: The Mindanao Peace Process, Political Change and its Consequences for Regional Peace and Stability. (Needs Paper!)
Bohnet; Between Conflict and Cohesion: Refugee-Host Relationships in Southeastern Turkey. (Complete)
Michnik; Between Engagement and Containment - The U.S. Strategic Rebalance in the Asia-Pacific. (Needs Paper!)
Park & Peh; Between Hedging and Restraint: Iranian and North Korean Nuclear Strategies in Perspective. (Complete)
Paliwal; Between Ideals and Interests: The Making of India's Myanmar Policy in the Early 1990s. (Needs Paper!)
Kubo; Between the Serbian Public and the EU: Explaining Seemingly Contradictory Actions and Statements of Serbian Politicians on the Issue of Transitional Justice and the Relationship with Neighboring Countries. (Needs Paper!)
Umar; Beyond “Imagined Community”: Reconceptualising the Origin of Nationalism and Nationhood in Southeast Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Ho; Beyond “Reconciliation”: A Pragmatist Critique of Taiwanese Implementation of Transitional Justice . (Needs Paper!)
Bruch; Beyond Livelihoods: Lessons from People Displaced by the Great East Japan Earthquake for Future Environmental Displacement. (Needs Paper!)
Chung; Beyond Partisan Cleavages: Evolution of Antinuclear Activism in Taiwan. (Needs Paper!)
Tang & Huang; Bilateral Investment Treaty and Social Governance in Southeast Asia: A Perspective of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). (Needs Paper!)
Nikula; Biopolitics of Global Environment. (Complete)
An & Yoo; Birth of Epistemic Community in Internet Governance: Focusing on Internet Technical Community in Asia. (Complete)
Nurmanova; Blood Thicker Than Water? Water, Ethnicity, Borders, and Violence in Fergana Valley. (Complete)
Kohama et. al.; Bombing and Mining in War: Evidence from Cambodia. (Needs Paper!)
Lowang; Borderlands as Arenas of Peace: Lessons from Bhutan-Arunachal Pradesh Border. (Complete)
Auer; Brexit, Territoriality and the European Refugee Crisis. (Complete)
Gatev; Bridging Asia and Europe in an Age of Hyper-connectivity. (Needs Paper!)
Barton; Bridging the Gaps: The Pacific Century and the New Roles to Play . (Needs Paper!)
Vu Tien; Bridging the Theoretical Gap between ‚Regionalisation‘ and ‚Regionalism‘ - An attempt to determine the Condition of Northeast Asia’s Regional Integration Process. (Complete)
Jo; Bringing Back the Normality: Anti-Militarist Norm and National Interest in Japan. (Complete)
Contessi; Building Momentum: Continental Infrastructure Projects as a Terrain for Rising Powers Policy Convergence. (Complete)
Setiyawan; Business As Usual? The Expanding Influence Of The Indonesian Military Under Jokowi. (Complete)
Chong; Buying Out, Cashing In: Non-Leading States, Aggregated Reactions, and the Problems of Power Transition. (Needs Paper!)
Murg; Cambodia's Labor Arbitration Council: Negotiation, Focal Points, and Bargaining in the Garment Sector. (Needs Paper!)
Kumar; Can Asia control the Climate Change: A Comparative Analysis of India and China’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). (Needs Paper!)
Chow; Can Religion “Thicken” Transnational Human Rights? The Catholic Church’s Efforts to Abolish the Death Penalty in the Philippines and the United States. (Complete)
Li; Capital Account Liberalization in Asia-Pacific Region. (Needs Paper!)
Ella; Categorization in International Organizations: Accommodating Multilateral Cooperation Problems. (Complete)
Nurmanova; Central Asia’s Cautious Pivot to China: Preference or Necessity? . (Needs Paper!)
Ren; Changes in China’s National Security Strategy: From Deng’s “Keeping-a-Low-Profile” to Xi’s “New Type of Major Power Relationship”. (Needs Paper!)
Wang; Changes in International Order in East Asian History. (Needs Paper!)
Wani; Changing Contours of Baloch Nationalist Movement. (Complete)
Turcsanyi; Changing European Attitudes towards the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative: Seeing Old Wine through the New Bottle?. (Needs Paper!)
Pintado; Changing Power Dynamics as an Opportunity for Theoretical Innovation: The Rise of China within U.S. Hegemony. (Complete)
Bowles & MacLean; China and Asian Financial Cooperation: What Does the Future Hold? What Can the Past Tell Us?. (Complete)
Dugué-Nevers; China and Soft Power on the New Silk Road. (Needs Paper!)
Wirth & Zhihai; China and the United States in the South China Sea: International Hierarchy, Collective Memory, and the Problem of Solipsism in the ‘Pacific Century’ . (Needs Paper!)
Tsuchiya; China as a Garrison State: Civil-Military Integration and National Defense Mobilization. (Needs Paper!)
Ng; China as a Restoration Power in the 21st Century. (Needs Paper!)
Graaff; China Goes West! Transnational Networks of Chinese Business Elites and Firms Investing in Europe and the US. (Needs Paper!)
Villegas Mendoza; China in Central America: Strengthening Structural Power and Hegemony, 2010-2015. (Complete)
Jayman; China in Sri Lanka 1947 to 2015: From Comrade-in-Arms to Hegemonic Dominance?. (Needs Paper!)
Hashmi; China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Challenges, Prospects and Implications for Conflict, Peace and Economic Growth . (Needs Paper!)
Glotova & Danilin; China Searching New Ways of Development: Can Technology Innovation Solve All the Problems? . (Complete)
Sum; China Takes on Modern Humanitarianism . (Needs Paper!)
León de la Rosa; China within Institutionalism and Transpacific Relations: Beyond Economic Agenda. (Complete)
Santoro & Hurel; China, Brazil and Internet Governance. (Complete)
Bunyavejchewin; China, Thailand and the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation. (Complete)
Stuenkel; China: Gaining Privileges by Building Multilateral Institutions. (Needs Paper!)
Li; China’s Contribution to the Paris Agreement and Green Development Cooperation Strategy between China and EU. (Complete)
Moldicz; China’s Economic Reforms and the Next Industrial Revolution . (Needs Paper!)
Li & Ye; China’s Emerging Partnership Network: Implications for Global Governance. (Needs Paper!)
Jang; China’s Energy Vulnerability, Trade Dependence, and the Escalation of Its Militarized Maritime Disputes. (Needs Paper!)
Henripin; China’s Expanding National Homeland: The Cases of the East and South China Sea Disputes. (Needs Paper!)
Lin; China’s Experiment in Peaceful Power Transition: “One Belt, One Road” and China’s International Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Primiano & Tan-Mullins; China’s Flexibility in the South China Sea: China’s Relations with the Philippines since Duterte. (Complete)
Henripin; China’s Forgotten “Lost Territories”. (Needs Paper!)
Chen; China’s Global Ambition: State-Led Internationalization of the Media Industry. (Needs Paper!)
Holder; China’s Middle East Push: Soft Power along the new Silk Road. (Needs Paper!)
Han; China’s Non Military Coercion Strategies. (Needs Paper!)
Yeung; China’s Perspective Towards the South China Sea Dispute. (Needs Paper!)
Yang; China's Asia Counter-Balancing the Art (Of Lack Thereof) Of Turning Your Enemy's Friends Into Your Own. (Needs Paper!)
Chen & Krivokhizh; China's Disaster Diplomacy and Its Role in Global Diplomatic Strategy of the Country. (Needs Paper!)
Liao; China's Energy Investment in Southeast Asia: Limitations of the Beijing Consensus and the Rise of the AIIB. (Complete)
Zhao; China's New Diplomacy for International Public Goods. (Needs Paper!)
Gong; Chinese Corporate Players in the South China Sea: Complicating the Disputes?. (Needs Paper!)
Tan; Chinese Diaspora and Philippine International Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Ghiselli; Chinese Diplomacy and the Use of Force in Peacetime: from Peacekeeping to Salami Slicing. (Complete)
Yu; Chinese Energy Cooperation in the One Belt One Road Initiative: From Bilateral Relation to Multilateral Governance. (Complete)
Miracola; Chinese Maritime Strategy and the US-China Relations: Thucydidean Trap or Chinese Historical Legacy?. (Complete)
Ye & Toomey; Chinese Nationalism, Cyber-Populism, and Cross-Strait Relations. (Complete)
Choi; Chinese Theory of Soft Power: Economics of Virtue and Institutionalization of Heart(xin) in the Mencian Virtue Politics . (Complete)
Silvius; Chinese-Russian Economic Relationships in the Emergent Multipolar Global Political Economy. (Complete)
Busbarat; Choosing “Family” or “Friend”?: Identities in Thailand’s Changing Strategic Position between China and the United States. (Complete)
Lee; Christianity in China and International Relations Theory. (Needs Paper!)
Bandanwal; Citizen Participation in Territorial Disputes: Non-State Actor Initiatives in the Sino-Japanese and Sino-Philippine Island Disputes. (Needs Paper!)
Zunes; Civil Resistance and the Uneven Path to Democratization in Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Sharma; Climate- Change and Renewable Energy- A Case Study of South Asia. (Complete)
Ottervik & Lau; Climate Change, Gender Equality, and Conflict. (Complete)
Kaplan; Climate Shocks, Trade Dependence, and Unrest: Relationships between Climate Change and State Instability in a Network Context. (Needs Paper!)
Schwartz; Club Goods, Intellectual Property Rights, and Profitability in the Information Economy. (Complete)
Kahil ; Cognitive Approach in International Relations: Rethinking the Asian Strategic Complex through the “Asian values” . (Needs Paper!)
Lee; Cold War 2.0 US-China: America's neo-isolationist approach. (Needs Paper!)
Bøje Forsby; Colliding Visions of `The Pacific Century´: Incompatible Identity Narratives as Drivers of an Emerging Sino-American Rivalry in the South China Sea. (Complete)
Vogt; Colonialism, Elite Networks, and the Origins of Ethnic Power Sharing. (Needs Paper!)
Hermanns; Combating Climate Change in the Pacific Region: the Development of Emission Trading Schemes in South Korea and Australia. (Complete)
Palma Gil et. al.; Combating Human Trafficking: A Case Study of the USAID in the Philippines. (Complete)
Priamarizki; Comparative Study on Military Adaptation to Political Change in Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand. (Complete)
Katada; Competitive Financial Statecraft; China and Japan in Pursuit of Infrastructure Investment Leadership and Regional Economic Order in Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Kadera et. al.; Complicating “The Feminist Peace”. (Needs Paper!)
Murano; Compromised Coexistence or the Dawn of the “2nd Star Wars” Age ? : The Future of the U.S.-China Strategic Relations in the Space Domain. (Needs Paper!)
Vogt; Conceptualising the Politics of Reputation and Reputational Damage: The Case of EU Efforts to Combat Tax Evasion in Asian Financial Centres. (Complete)
Krickovic & Weber; Concerns about Keeping Pace vs. Anxieties about Decline: Comparing the Role Status Dissatisfaction Plays in China and Russia’s Foreign Policies . (Needs Paper!)
Tong; Conflict Oversold? Outward Direct Investment by China and the Traditional Triad in South East Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Zhang; Confucius: Cultural Icon of Chinese Cuisine in Post-Second World War America. (Needs Paper!)
Mampilly; Connecting Africa: Internet Technologies and Social Transformation. (Needs Paper!)
Haswell & Hahn; Connecting The Global Model to Effective Intercultural Communication in English. (Complete)
Hurel; Consolidating Cybersecurity: A Comparative Analysis of China and Brazil. (Needs Paper!)
Kratiuk; Constructed Communities: India's Engagement in South and Southeast Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Koo; Constructing a "Normal State" in Japan: Competing images of the New Meiji State and the Peace State. (Complete)
Cristaudo; Contemporary Western Political Divisions in Light of the Islamist Revolutions: the Example of Australia. (Complete)
Pepe; Continental Drift-Germany and China's Inroads in the 'German Central Eastern European Manufacturing core. (Complete)
Hickey ; Continuity and Change: The Administrations of Ma Ying-jeou and Tsai Ing-wen Toward the Disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea. (Complete)
Chan; Could Myanmar Block the Chinese Train? Negotiations between China and Myanmar in the Railway Cooperation. (Complete)
Lucas; Countering the "Unholy Alliance": The United States' Efforts to Combat Piracy and Violent Extremism in the Western Indian Ocean. (Complete)
Kim; Crack in the 'Taegukgi': Symbolization of Nationalism and the Crisis of Hegemony in Korea. (Needs Paper!)
Kagotani; Credibility of U.S. Overseas Deployment: Business Cycle, Military Budget and Extended Deterrence. (Needs Paper!)
Ansorg & Strasheim; Credible Commitment Problems in Post-Conflict Disarmament and Demobilization Programmes: Comparative Evidence from Nepal and the DRC. (Needs Paper!)
Park; Critical Analysis on the Development of North Korea’s Nuclear/Missile Technology in the View of Strategic Theory . (Needs Paper!)
Neumann; Culture and Authority: UNs Work with Children. (Needs Paper!)
Yangyue; Cyber Conflict and Territorial Dispute: Experience from East Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Zupančič; Dark Side of the Moon: Negative Implications of the Brussels Agreement for Northern Kosovo. (Complete)
Mondré; Deep Down Under the Sea. (Complete)
Lee & Ki; Deepening of Bureaucratic Elitism and the Crisis of Good Governance – Comparative Examination on France and Korea. (Complete)
Dukalskis et. al.; Defecting from Autocracy: Evidence from North Korea and a Simulation Model. (Complete)
Hoeffler & Joana; Defence Policy in Times of Austerity: The Impact of Budgeting Practices. (Complete)
Kwon; Delegitimating US Hegemony through Discourse: Reconsidering Discourse to Situate Delegitimation as an Analytical Framework in IR. (Needs Paper!)
Kim; Democracies Strike Back: The Building of Multilateral Security Cooperation Among Democracies in the Asia Pacific. (Needs Paper!)
Su & Ment; Democracy in Chinese Context. (Needs Paper!)
Imai; Democracy in East Asia: The Idiosyncrasies among the Regional States . (Needs Paper!)
Melville & Efimov; 'Democratic Leviathan'? State capacity and regime change. (Complete)
Kim; Democratization in Sub-Saharan Africa. (Complete)
Shelton & Nelson; Depoliticizing Political Economy: IPE, East Asia, and the Erasure of Politics. (Needs Paper!)
Croissant & Eschenauer; Desertion, Defection, and Disloyalty: Military Splits in the Eye of Mass Protests. (Needs Paper!)
Kim & Park; Deterrence under Nuclear Asymmetry: THAAD and the Prospects for Missile Defense in the Korean Peninsula. (Needs Paper!)
Yumura; Development Aid, Mutual Accountability and Human Rights: Japan’s Recent Development Aid in Burma and Mozambique. (Needs Paper!)
Park; Developmental State and the Political Economy of Taxation in East Asia. (Complete)
Hofmann & Yeo; Divergent Paths to Regime Complexity in Asia and Europe. (Complete)
von Solms; Diverging Regional Visions in East Asian Regionalism: ASEAN+3 and the East Asia Summit. (Needs Paper!)
Wong; Do Madmen Deter? An Experimental Assessment of the "Rationality of Irrationality". (Needs Paper!)
Su; Do Netizens in China Engage in More Political Participation than the Others. (Needs Paper!)
Balcells & Pischedda; Do Opposites Attract? Co-constituency and Alliances Between Rebel Groups. (Needs Paper!)
Ugal; Do Single Women Ever Want to Be Married? A Quantitative Survey of Single Women Perception of Marriage in North-Central Nigeria. (Needs Paper!)
Behlendorf; Does Corruption Drive Dark Futures? Corruption and Grievances in Africa. (Needs Paper!)
Li; Does the Rise of China Make Military Disputes with Neighbors More Likely?. (Needs Paper!)
Yoo; Domestic Elements in the Relocation of Foreign Military Bases: Elite Politics in Japan and South Korea. (Needs Paper!)
Yan; Domestic Sources of a State’s International Behaviour: China, a Social State or a Revisionist Power?. (Complete)
DeSombre & Barkin; Domestic Sources of International Fisheries Cooperation. (Complete)
Carlson; Don’t Wake Up Evil While It’s Quiet: Russia’s Response to China’s Growing Influence in Central Asia. (Complete)
Carlson; Don’t Wake Up Evil While It’s Quiet: Russia’s Response to China’s Growing Influence in Central Asia. (Complete)
Yarime & Li; Double Uncertainties in Science Diplomacy: An Analysis of Institutional Arrangements on Transboundary Air Pollution in East Asia. (Complete)
Lee; Dragon and Two Tigers: Two Koreas' Strategic Calculation towards China in the Era of Rising Uncertainty. (Needs Paper!)
Canbolat & Dyson; Dynamics of Perception in the US-North Korea Relationship Since the Korean War: A Role Theory Approach. (Needs Paper!)
Kona Nayudu; Early Days of India’s Strategic Thinking: India, the UN & the Lebanon Crisis of 1958’. (Complete)
Chang; East Asian Regionalism: Power, Interest and Ideas (A Critical Assessment of ASEAN’s Potential Role in the Evolution of East Asian Regionalism). (Needs Paper!)
Novak; Economic Aspects of the Inter-Regional Relations between Central Europe and the Asia Pacific in Light of the Changing International Political and Power System: The Case of Indonesia and Taiwan. (Needs Paper!)
Gent et. al.; Economic Competition, Interdependence, and Territorial Conflict: The Case of the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands. (Needs Paper!)
Kumar; Economic Development vis-a-vis Climate Change: Deconstructing India’s Face-Off Through Changes in its Policy of Climate Change. (Needs Paper!)
Trivedi; Economic Development, Conflict and Prospect of Peace and Democracy in India: Lessons Learnt from Liberalization and Globalization . (Complete)
Civelekoglu; Economic Growth to Geopolitical Opening, Hegemony to Competition: The Chinese Involvement in Africa . (Needs Paper!)
Bartlett; Economics Before Territory? Evidence from Japan’s Territorial Disputes with China and Russia. (Needs Paper!)
Rothman; Educational Soft Power Resources: Attraction and Assimilation. (Complete)
Wong & Or; Electoral Impacts of Opposition Disunity in Hybrid Regimes: Evidence from Hong Kong Legislative Elections 2004-2016. (Needs Paper!)
Hearn; Electoral Institutions and the Supply of Trade Policy: The Case of Japan and the TPP. (Complete)
Mislan; Elites, Domestic Constraints, and America's "Pivot to Asia". (Complete)
Wu & Peng; Emerging Parallel Governance in China. (Needs Paper!)
Vinodan; Emerging Powers and Energy Security: India and China in the Pacific Century. (Needs Paper!)
Koyama; Empire and After: Japan, Decolonization, and the Temporal Gap . (Needs Paper!)
Trombetta; Empowering or Blaming the Vulnerables? Disaster Relief Operations as Governmentality. (Needs Paper!)
Chavez; Energy Relations and Oil Diplomacy between China and Latin America: The Case of Ecuador . (Needs Paper!)
Gegout; EU Policies and Vietnam: Enhancing or Undermining Socio-Economic Development?. (Needs Paper!)
Attina & Irrera; EU Security Policy and the EU’s Security Initiatives in the Asia Pacific. (Needs Paper!)
de Prado; EU’s Projection to Asia: Balancing China and Japan. (Needs Paper!)
Kammel; EUAVSEC South Sudan: A Missed Chance for Creating Local Ownership?. (Needs Paper!)
Tsouloufas; European Union and China: Stronger Cooperation, More Benefits for Both. (Needs Paper!)
Johns; Euroskepticism, Xenophobia and Uncertainty: Free Movement of People Under Threat in the European Union. (Complete)
Tan-Mullins; Evaluating the Behavior of Chinese Stakeholders Engaged in Large Hydropower Projects in Asia and Africa . (Complete)
Suzuki; Evaluating the Effectiveness of Product-Based Environmental Voluntary Schemes in the Asia-Pacific Region: Comparisons of Labeling, Certification and Membership Schemes at the National Level in the Region. (Complete)
Wrobel; Evolution of China’s Trade Policy in the “Pacific Century”. (Complete)
Singh; Evolving Regional Economic Architecture in the Indo-Pacific: Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) & Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). (Needs Paper!)
Toomey et. al.; Examining the Effectiveness of Using Role-Play Gaming to Teach Comparative Politics to Chinese Students. (Complete)
Park; Exit, Voice and Loyalty for Refugees: Statelessness and Sovereignty for North Korean Refugees. (Needs Paper!)
Cockerham & Pang; Explaining “Asia’s Paradox”: Intergovernmentalism and the Development of East Asian Regionalism. (Complete)
Hess; Explaining North Korean Military Provocations. (Complete)
Wong; Explaining Party Performances in Hong Kong Elections: Policy Positions and Party Images. (Needs Paper!)
Hall; Explaining the Persistence in Indian Strategic Culture. (Needs Paper!)
Watanuki; Exploring the Idea of ‘Legitimate Violence’ in International Law: Limitation and Potentiality of Domestic Analogous Thinking in Evaluating the Legality of the Use of Force. (Needs Paper!)
Adiong; Exploring the Possibility of Islamic Theory of International Relations. (Complete)
Dong; Exploring Women’s Roles in China’s Informal Institutions. (Needs Paper!)
Alexander; Expressing Safety: Bases, Radiation and Stories of Feeling Safe in Guam and the Pacific. (Needs Paper!)
Paltiel; Facing China: Canada between Fear and Hope. (Complete)
Park; Factors Affecting Correct Voting and Their Evidence from 19th Korean National Assembly Election. (Needs Paper!)
Alakoc; Fatally Attractive Women: The Connection between the Use of Female Suicide Bombers and the Lethality of Suicide Attacks. (Needs Paper!)
Cruz; Fear of scope: Gatekeeping and Cultures of IR Pedagogy . (Needs Paper!)
Ono; Features of Northeast Asia from comparative regional perspectives. (Complete)
Thaliyakkattil; Fight for the Soul of China: An Analysis of the Rise of Christianity in China and the Government’s Efforts to Contain It. . (Needs Paper!)
Jędrzejowska; Financial Sector Development in South Asia: Is There a Chance for Regional Integration?. (Needs Paper!)
Cohen; Financial Statecrafts in Conflict: Learning from the Renminbi’s Challenge to the Dollar. (Complete)
De Paula; Financing Urban Adaptation to Climate Change: Assessing Opportunities and Challenges within the Green Climate Fund. (Needs Paper!)
Yang; Fiscal Decentralization in Big Chinese Cities. (Needs Paper!)
Wang; Flaunt or Hide Territorial Disputes? Manipulating Publicity as Statecraft. (Needs Paper!)
Acma; Force of the Central Asian Countries: Conditions, Problems, Prospects of Development and Cooperation. (Needs Paper!)
Niedermeier et. al.; Form follows Function or Function follows Form? Security Implications of Complex International Structures in the Asia-Pacific: A Systemstructure-Analysis. (Needs Paper!)
Takeuchi; Free Trade Agreements and Domestic Politics of an Authoritarian Regime. (Needs Paper!)
Lopez & Jackson; From Building Hearts and Minds to Whacking Them in Outhouses: Counterinsurgency and Counterterrorism Policy across Asia and the Pacific . (Complete)
Li; From Differential Control to Collaborative Governance: The Dynamics of Government-Market Relationship in China. (Needs Paper!)
Hasan; From Government to Governance —— Changing Contours of Development Discourse.. (Needs Paper!)
Alakoc; From Pieces to Peace: Women's Role in Countering Terrorism . (Needs Paper!)
To; From Piracy to Innovation: The Politics of China’s Intellectual Property Transition . (Complete)
Sharif; From Soft Power to Hard Power: Motivations for China's Counter-Terrorism Efforts in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. (Complete)
Chen; From the Margins of Nation-State to the Forefront of an Asia-Pacific Century? Okinawa-Taiwan Relations Revisited. (Needs Paper!)
Ma; Functional Elections in Hong Kong: the Study of Corporatist Campaigns . (Needs Paper!)
He & Feng; Game of Balancing: China, the AIIB, and the Future of Global Governance. (Needs Paper!)
Ojha; Gender and Militarism in South Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Ranjan; Gender Dignity, Protective Policy and Peace Discourse: Interrogating Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save Daughters, Educate Daughters) Programme of Government of India. (Needs Paper!)
Gerasymenko; Gender-Based Violence in the Conflict-Affected Regions of Ukraine: Assessment Approaches and Lessons Learnt . (Needs Paper!)
Trivedi; Geo-Political Realities in the Indo-Pacific Region. (Needs Paper!)
Gleason; Geopolitics of the Asian Century. (Complete)
Konoe; Germany and Japan: Powers of Global Banking Regulation?. (Complete)
Wilson; Getting the Green Light: Majority Party Rule and Taiwan’s Approach to the South China Sea. (Complete)
Ye & Li; Gifts from Dragon: China’s Contributions to UN Peacekeeping Operations. (Complete)
Felice; Global Environmental Rights and Duties in China. (Complete)
Trevathan; Global Health Diplomacy as an Essential Component of U.S. Smart Power in Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Rahman; Globalization and Muslims in the Pacific Ocean World. (Needs Paper!)
Lin; Globalization and the High Income Trap in the Pacific Century. (Complete)
Bayes; Globalization Gender and Inequality: The Need for New Collective Interdisciplinary Concepts and Action. (Needs Paper!)
Tamaki; Globalization vs. Nationalism: Abe Shinzō’s Beautiful Country Narrative. (Complete)
Black; Going South or Going Sour? The Prospects and Pitfalls of Taiwan’s New Regional Strategy. (Needs Paper!)
Narwal; Good Governance: Multifaceted Notions. (Needs Paper!)
Hühnert & Mondré; Governing the Seas: Murky Law and Political Shoals. (Complete)
Benzie & Persson; Governing Borderless Climate Risks in a Bordered World. (Needs Paper!)
Woo & Choi; Government Ideology and Foreign Aid Effectiveness. (Complete)
Ejdus; Governmental Technology of Local Ownership in CSDP Interventions. (Complete)
Beaumont; Have You Read Onuf? WOOM, Global Comparisons and Status Competition. (Complete)
Yamagishi; Health Care Reform and the Japan Medical Association in the 1960s and 80s. (Complete)
Rae; Hegemony and Global Governance. (Complete)
Wang; Heritage Sovereignty: Authorisation, Territorialisation, Engaging the Making of Silk Road . (Complete)
Nagashima; Hidden Colonialism? The Military Buildup on Guam, American Nationalism and Japan. (Needs Paper!)
Bearce & Roosevelt; Hidden Skill Effects: Restoring an Economic Dimension to Individual Immigration Preferences. (Needs Paper!)
Granados; Historiography Wars 2.0: Scarborough Shoal. (Needs Paper!)
Kaeding; Hong Kong Localism: The Politics of Hope and Despair in International Relations . (Needs Paper!)
Laruffa; How adaptable institutions, stable relations, and strategic actions have shaped the Pacific area: China's leading example. (Needs Paper!)
Eilo & Lei Hio-leng; How Can We Make the Government to Be Accountable? A Case Study of Macao Special Administrative Region. (Complete)
Hsieh; How China Rules? Assessing China's Ideational Power and its Limits to Building a Hierarchical International Order. (Complete)
PYO; How Chinese Economic Sanctions Affect North Korea: Text Analysis of North Korean Newspapers. (Complete)
Yoshioka & Moriya; How Could Climate Change Induced Migration Be Made a Positive Opportunity for Livelihood Re-Establishment?. (Needs Paper!)
Matsumura; How Do Citizens Perceive the Government's Non-Compliance with International Court Rulings?. (Needs Paper!)
Zheng; How Inequality Influences Political Trust: Explaining the Change of Political Trust in China from a Social Structure Approach, 2002-2015. (Complete)
O'Shea; How Narratives of ‘Rise’ and ‘Fall’ Enable a Revisionist Policy Agenda in Japan. (Complete)
Hui; How Pacific Was Historical Asia?. (Needs Paper!)
Zheng; How to Raise ‘Good Children’? Changing Face of Family Education in Republican China. (Complete)
Morita; Human Rights as the Ideal and Moral Rights - Some Philosophical Thought about Human Rights . (Complete)
Morita; Human Rights Education through On-Line Simultaneous Multilingual Experience . (Complete)
Holzhacker; Human Rights for LGBT Persons in the Pacific: Civil Society Organizations and the Strategic Use of the UN’s University Periodic Review (UPR) Process in Southeast Asia . (Needs Paper!)
Galiano; Human Trafficking in China - Modern Day Slavery. (Needs Paper!)
Bagherzadeh; Humanitarian Principles and Dilemmas in the DPRK. (Complete)
Orlando et. al.; Hydropolitics and Diffusion: the Spread of Conflicts and Cooperation in Transboundary Waters. (Needs Paper!)
Chang; Hypergamy or Homogamy? Status Differential and Marital Satisfaction among Marriage Migrants in Korea. (Complete)
Lim; Ideals and Reality in Korean Continental Diplomacy. (Complete)
Davis-Nouri; Impact Planning and Strategies for Small Island Developing States Facing Environmental Issues. (Complete)
Shuker; Implication of Climate Change on Security, Conflict, and political outcomes in the Middle East.. (Complete)
Tusalem; Imposed Democracies and Failed States in the International System. (Needs Paper!)
Veber; Imposition of Sanctions by the European Union Against Third States: an International Law Aspect. (Needs Paper!)
Lee; In Dire Straits: American Diplomacy and Export-Oriented Industrialization on Taiwan. (Complete)
Kumar; India and the East Asian Security: Prospects and Challenges in the Post –Cold War Period. (Needs Paper!)
Jassal & Gahlot; India as a Rising Power in the Asia Pacific – The Success and the Challenges. (Complete)
Kapesa; India Pakistan Relations: Coercion and Negotiation in International Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Mukhopadhyay; India’s Growing Engagement with Pacific Island Nations: A Combined Venture towards Peace and Prosperity. (Needs Paper!)
Bose; India’s Myanmar Equation: A Pacific Roadmap. (Needs Paper!)
Fang; India’s Pivot to the Asia-Pacific and the Transformation of Its International Role. (Complete)
Xavier; India’s Strategic Tools and Principles of Liberal Involvement in South Asia. (Complete)
Timeeva; Indian and Russian Counterterrorism policy. (Needs Paper!)
Seo & Lee; Indigenizing International Relations Theories in China and Korea. (Complete)
Taufik; Indonesia's 'Sink-the-Vessels' Policy under Jokowi: An Argumentation and Policy Discourse Analysis. (Complete)
Narvaez Rodriguez; Informal Institutions Matter: Elite Bargain Explanations of Ethnic Conflict Onset . (Complete)
Fang; Institutional Balancing: Reassessment of China and U.S. Relations in Asia-Pacific . (Needs Paper!)
Skalnes; Institutional Change and Institutional Creation China and the International Economic Order. (Complete)
Fung; Instrumental Motivations for Non-Instrumental Ends? Understanding China's Normative Roles Regarding the Responsibility to Protect. (Needs Paper!)
Katman; Integration versus Confrontation in the Asia Pacific. (Needs Paper!)
Leeds & Mattes; Interests, Institutions, and Foreign Policy Change. (Complete)
George; International Institutions: A Place for Middle Powers in the Global System. (Complete)
Ishiyama & Mahdavi; International Politics, Personal Rule and Changes in the Elite in North Korea. (Complete)
Lateef; International Relations Theories: How to Bring about a More Inclusive International System?. (Complete)
Chao & Cho; International Relations Theory and Security in the Maritime Domain. (Needs Paper!)
Golubev; Internationalization of Intrastate Armed Conflicts in East and Southeast Asia: Mechanisms, Channels and Factors. (Complete)
Kalinowski; Investigating the Rise of East Asia from a Second Image IPE Perspective . (Needs Paper!)
Kapfudzaruwa; Investigating the Significance of Consumers in Ensuring Accountability of Business and State Actors in Environmental Governance: Sustainable Consumption in Malaysia and Japan. (Needs Paper!)
Kim; Is China the Boss on North Korea?. (Needs Paper!)
Galiano; Is Confucianism Compatible with Democracy?. (Needs Paper!)
Cho; Is East Asia Ready for Regional Economic Surveillance? Taking Stock of the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office. (Needs Paper!)
Tan; Is Economic Growth Good or Bad for China? The New Finding from Sino-Indian Relations in Trade Cooperation. (Needs Paper!)
Liu; Is the New Silk Road Becoming a New Venue Fermenting China-Japan Rivalry?. (Needs Paper!)
Goetze; Is the South in the East? The Place of East Asia in Post-Colonial Theory. (Needs Paper!)
Ramakrishnan; Islam and “Non-Western” Thought: Critique of Epistemological Hegemony in the Works of Hassan Hanafi and Hamid Dabashi. (Needs Paper!)
Barak; Israel and CWC Universality – Some Reflections Following the High Court's 2015 Decision Regarding Substantive Compliance with the Convention . (Needs Paper!)
Barak; Israel, Peacekeeping Forces and the Temporary “Hosting” of UNDOF: An Indication to A New Approach? . (Needs Paper!)
Wiegand et. al.; Issue Linkage of Identity Claims and Territorial Claims. (Complete)
Qehaja; Issues of Local Ownership in a Post-Independent Context - The case of EULEX in Kosovo. (Needs Paper!)
Maslow & Wirth; Japan as Number Three? Discursive Origins of Decline and State Transformation in the Pacific Century. (Needs Paper!)
Iwami; Japan in Search of Ontological Security in the Pacific Century. (Complete)
Liu; Japan’s Asia-Pacific Security Strategy: Still the Democratic Security Diamond or Something Else?. (Complete)
Trinidad; Japan’s new Development Cooperation and Strategic Partnership with ASEAN: Quo Vadis?. (Complete)
Hikotani & Saideman; Japanese Civil-Military Relations in the Age of Abe. (Needs Paper!)
Song; Japan's Development Assistance As An Economic Revitalization Strategy . (Needs Paper!)
Yang; John King Fairbank, The Asia Foundation, and Post-war China Studies in Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Beaumont; Knowledge Packaging Technologies: Global Governance and Control by Numbers . (Complete)
Lust & Landry; Layered Accountability: Governance and Local Development. (Complete)
Lee; Leader Time Horizons and the Rate of Natural Resource Extraction. (Needs Paper!)
Liu; Legitimizing China’s Nuclear Strategy:An Evolution with Mutations of Identity. (Needs Paper!)
Welborne & Zhu; Let the Right One In: Chinese Financial Aid to the Middle East. (Needs Paper!)
Ibanez de Foerster; Let's (Not) Get High! Estimating the Effect of Drug Decriminalization.. (Needs Paper!)
Kshetrapal; Linkages Between Masculinity and the International Relations (IR) Discipline: An Indian Perspective. (Needs Paper!)
Fonseca; Looking for a Platform in NAFTA Markets: Mexico and Cross-Strait Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Li & Chen; Looking for Audience Costs in Authoritarian Regimes: Evidence from China. (Needs Paper!)
Park; Looking West: Power Vacuum, Engagement and China’s Economic and Military Interests in the Middle East. (Needs Paper!)
Chan; Losing the Momentum of Economic Regionalism in the Asia Pacific: Case Studies of TPP and RCEP Negotiations. (Needs Paper!)
Norman & Mikhael; Lost Generation? Youth Mobility, Risk, and Resilience in Protracted Refugee Crises. (Complete)
Heemsbergen; Management of Visibilities as International Governance. (Needs Paper!)
Wang; Managing “Fear” to Avoid a “Thucydides Trap” in Sino-American Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Xiong ; Managing Security Tensions in the East China Sea. (Needs Paper!)
Dzebo; Mapping and Exploring the Role of Non-State Actors in Transnational Adaptation Governance. (Needs Paper!)
Surabi Mani; Mapping the Evolution of India’s Security Identity. (Needs Paper!)
Schottli; Maritime Governance in the Indian Ocean. (Complete)
Compton; Meaning and Implications of Borders: A Comparative Analysis of the Beitbridge (Zimbabwe-South Africa) and the Singapore-Malaysia Second Link Border Posts. (Needs Paper!)
Kim & Kim; Measures and Models in the Analysis of Challenger's Dissatisfaction in Power Transition Theory. (Needs Paper!)
Ozdamar; Measuring the Public Opinion on Turkish Foreign Policy: Global, Regional and Local Preferences. (Needs Paper!)
Song; Mediating between Multi-layered Concepts: Treaty Negotiations between Corea and Britain. (Needs Paper!)
Su; Meta-analysis of the Effect of Mediated Cancer Screening Intervention in Pacific Asian Countries. (Needs Paper!)
Struye de Swielande; Middle Powers in the Indo-Pacific: Potential Pacifiers. (Complete)
Kim et. al.; Migrant Integration Policies in Japan and Their Effect on Migrants. (Complete)
McLaren & Dalton; Militarized marriage’ and media in Japan. (Needs Paper!)
Kim & Lee; Missiles as Messages: Explaining the Timing and Motives of North Korea's Missile Tests . (Complete)
Suorsa; Modeling a Small State Theory: Southeast Asia’s Core States and ‘Omni- Directional Hedging’. (Complete)
Jędrzejowska; Monetary Hegemony in the Asia-Pacific Region. (Needs Paper!)
Armijo et. al.; Money, Markets, and the Capabilities of States: Global Finance Meets Neorealism, and a Dataset. (Complete)
Campi; Mongolia and the Dilemmas of Deepening Continentalism. (Complete)
Domingo; More Attacks but Less Violence: Cyber Capabilities as Favoured Instruments in the Pacific Century . (Complete)
Narvaez Rodriguez; More than Formal Institutions?: An Analysis of the Stabilizing and De-Stabilizing Effect of Patronage Networks in the South of Thailand 1980-2003. (Complete)
Koehler Zanella; Movies in the teaching of International Relations: the Brazilian experience . (Complete)
Safonkina; Multilateral Institutions in the Asia-Pacific and Their Women Empowerment Agenda . (Complete)
Akporiaye; Multinational Corporations and Political Violence. (Needs Paper!)
Morales; Mutating Philippine Foreign Policy on the South China Sea: Tracing Continuity and Breaks. (Complete)
Ko; Nationalism and Territorial Disputes. (Needs Paper!)
Cho; Nature Versus Nation: Domestic Politics, Global Status, and Environmental Policymaking in East Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Le; Negotiating in Good Faith: Overcoming Legitimacy Problems in the Japan-South Korea Reconciliation Process. (Complete)
Khan; Negotiating with North Korea on Nuclear Proliferation and Using the Iranian Nuclear Deal as a Model. (Needs Paper!)
Cheng; Neither Repression nor Concession? A Hybrid Regime’s Attrition against Massive Protests in Hong Kong. (Needs Paper!)
Kothari; New Directions in Indian Foreign Policy: Quest for Global Power Status. (Complete)
Zheng & Morgan; New Evidence on China’s Foreign Aid in Africa, 1955-2000. (Needs Paper!)
Ho & Wong; No Representation Without Universal Suffrage?: A Case study of Public Opinions on the 2017 Chief Executive Election in Hong Kong. (Needs Paper!)
Stetsko; Non-Governmental Organizations and the Problems of Civil Society Development on the Korean Peninsula. (Needs Paper!)
Khan; North Korea's Unstoppable Nuclear Weapons Drive. (Needs Paper!)
Schwak; Nothing New Under the Sun: Assessing the Empirical Distinctiveness of Korea’s Development Model. (Complete)
Sasaki & Nakayama; Obstacles to Transboundary and In-Country Electricity Trade in the Pacific Which may Prevent Pacific Countries From Trading of Electricity From Renewable Energy Sources Both Between Countries and Within a Nation: In the Realms of Environment and Politics. (Complete)
Raudino; Official Development Assistance as Driver of Socio-Economic Inequality: The Case of Afghanistan. (Complete)
Kuo; On the Asymmetry between Compatriot Deportation and Immigration Controls. (Complete)
Puskarova; On the Environmental Costs of the Current Refugee Crisis. (Needs Paper!)
Tanke; On the Usefulness of Norms in Diplomacy: The Case of Japan and Human Security. (Needs Paper!)
O'Neill; One Road, One Belt, One Regime Type: The Limits of Chinese Influence in Developing States. (Complete)
Byrne & Bereson; One Vision, One Identity, One Community: Interrogating the Cultural Dimension of ASEAN Diplomacy Today. (Needs Paper!)
Sharpe; Opportunities Missed? Health Security and the State. (Needs Paper!)
Kim & Hwang; Overcoming Memory Entanglement and Transfiguration in East Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Noesselt; Pacific Approaches to Governance? Linkage Models and the Chinese Leviathan 2.0. (Needs Paper!)
Ortiz de Zárate; Pacific International Relations Theory?. (Complete)
Alver; Pacific Regional Feminism: Towards New Spaces for Talk and Action. (Complete)
Hoang; Pacific Technologies: Connecting Mobile Phones and Internet Penetration Rates to Peacefulness in Asia. (Complete)
Stephenson; Pacific?. (Needs Paper!)
Ganguly; Pakistan and the Afghan Conundrum. (Needs Paper!)
Trivedi; Paris Agreement on Climate Change and Sinking of Islands. (Complete)
Batta; Patterns of Ethnic Marginalization and Inclusion in New States in Central Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Jackson; Peace as the Natural Effect of Trade? China’s Not-So-Pacific Use of Economic Statecraft in Contemporary Asia Pacific Political Disputes . (Complete)
Cui; Peace Perspective Among Chinese Leaders: From Mao to Deng. (Needs Paper!)
Choi; Peaceful Transitions? A New Generation of Northeast Asia’s Intergovernmental Organizations and Implications for Global Sustainability Governance . (Complete)
Garcia; People’s War and China’s Maritime Peripheries: The Evolution of the Strategy and its Modern Application. (Needs Paper!)
Sutton; Personalism and civil resistance in Southeast Asia: Insights from Cambodia and the Philippines. (Complete)
Chiang; Philippine Foreign Policy in the 21st Century: the Influence of Double-Asymmetric Structure. (Complete)
Hatakeyama; Policing the Sea: Japan's Support towards Safety of Navigation and Capacity Building. (Needs Paper!)
Tonami; Political Economy of China’s Overseas Investment in Critical Infrastructure: Examples from Greenland and the UK. (Complete)
De Luca; Political Equality as a Universal and Foundational Human Right. (Needs Paper!)
Kwak; Politics of Shame: Historical Reconciliation and Nationalist Interpellation in the Northeast Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Pegu; Politics of student mobilization in Arunachal Pradesh in India’s Northeast Frontiers. (Needs Paper!)
Nakayama & Salewicz; Possible Solutions for Conflict over Shared Water Resources of Vakhsh River Basin between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in the Central Asia: Findings and Policy Guidance with Outcome of Water-Energy-Agriculture Nexus Simulation Model for Present and Future with Impacts by Climate Change. (Complete)
Ferrao dos Santos; Post-War Sino-Japanese Relations: A Constructivist Reinterpretation. (Complete)
Roth; Preserving peace in the Asia-Pacific – Lessons from the traditional East Asian Order. (Complete)
Sun; Private Governance in Developing Countries: What Are the Drivers of Voluntary Carbon Offset Programs?. (Needs Paper!)
Nagy; Proactive Pacifism Diplomacy under PM Abe: Views from Chinese Scholars. (Needs Paper!)
Schwak; Projection and Perception of Korean Development Cooperation: Perspectives from the Field . (Complete)
Diaz Pabon; Protests, Civil Riots and Conflict: Can Continuous Events Be Studied with a ‘Discrete’ Theory?. (Complete)
Lucas; Public Goods and Private Interests: British Counter-Piracy Efforts in Hong Kong and the South China Sea, 1919-1935. (Complete)
Jho & Lee; Public Health Security: WHO and the State. (Needs Paper!)
Onderco; Public Support for Coercive Diplomacy: Exploring Public Opinion Data from 10 European Countries. (Needs Paper!)
Im; Public-Private Partnership for Healthy City Governance: Focusing on Seoul and New York City . (Complete)
Yeon; Pursing Effective and Sustainable Impact of Global Governance in the Asia-Pacific Region: Focusing on the Achievements and Future Direction of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). (Complete)
Neumann & Nexon; Putting Order Back Into Hegemonic Order. (Needs Paper!)
Wilde; Queering (Extra-)Territoriality. (Needs Paper!)
Jackson & Lopez; RATS Play Whack-A-Mole: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Problem of Radical Islamic Terrorism  . (Complete)
Wang; Realism and the Rise of Qing China: Implications for the Present. (Needs Paper!)
Mukherjee & Sagar; Realpolitik in Indian Strategic Thought. (Needs Paper!)
Path; Reassessing the Causes of The Third Indochina War between Vietnam, Cambodia and China in 1977-79. (Needs Paper!)
Sadler; Reassurance in The Pacific Century.. (Needs Paper!)
Byrne; Recasting Soft Power for the Indo-Pacific: An Australian Perspective. (Needs Paper!)
Atanassova-Cornelis; Re-Conceptualising the ‘Strategic’: Japanese Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific and the China Factor . (Complete)
Shimizu; Reconciliation and History: from diplomatic relations to dialogue for understanding. (Complete)
Rodrigues; Reconciliation and Ubuntu: An African Perspective. (Needs Paper!)
Lan; Reconciliation through Commemoration of the Second World War by Non-governmental Agents between Taiwan and Papua New Guinea. (Needs Paper!)
Yoon; Reconciling Economic and Security Agendas: China-Japan-Korea Cooperation. (Needs Paper!)
Chen; Reconsidering Normative Power Approaches: Implications from the Case of China. (Needs Paper!)
Cho; Redefining Energy Security and Building Energy Union in East Asia and Europe. (Needs Paper!)
Hendry & Park; Re-examining the Grievance-Conflict Nexus: Comparison of Objective and Subjective Grievance Measures. (Needs Paper!)
Tang et. al.; Reforming toward a Calmer Sea? The Source of China-Involved Incidents in the SCS. (Needs Paper!)
Frazier & Sobecki; Regional Challenges in an Uncertain Global Order: The Case of East Asia. (Complete)
Blarel & Ebert; Regional Hegemony in the Nuclear Age: Assessing India’s policies towards Pakistan since 1998. (Needs Paper!)
Lee; Regional Integration, Conflict Transformation, . (Complete)
Katsumata; Regional Order in Southeast Asia: How Much Do We Know about ASEAN's Role?. (Needs Paper!)
Zhang & Li; Regionalism and Maritime Disputes in East Asia: A Study of China’s Words and Deeds. (Needs Paper!)
Wagner; Regionalism in the Asia-Pacific Region: An Emergent Perspective . (Needs Paper!)
Franco; Relief and Welfare for Children in Postwar Hong Kong: Local and International Perspectives. (Needs Paper!)
Modongal; Religion and Non-Proliferation: How Do Religious Norms Constrain Nuclear Weaponization: A Case Study of Iran. (Complete)
Adiong; Religion, International Relations, and ‘Philippine IR’ . (Complete)
Chung; Religious Groups for Political Reconciliation in East Asia? Resources and Opportunities in Comparative Perspective. (Complete)
Chin; Reluctant Engagement, Muddling Through: Canada's Response to China's Global Financial Rise, 2010-2015. (Needs Paper!)
Moro & Coticchia; Reluctant Middle-Powers? Understanding Italian and German Defense Policy after the Cold War. (Needs Paper!)
He; Remapping China: Nation Building and Its Effects. (Needs Paper!)
li; Renewable Energy Policy Change and Its Implications to China’s Energy Transition Prospect: Interlinking the Climate Change Regime and Domestic Pro-Renewable Energy Coalition. (Needs Paper!)
Huang & Woo; Repetitive Threats and Strained Peace in Northeast Asia. (Complete)
Hahn; Representations of Globalization, Violence, and Peace in Published Lesson Plans. (Complete)
Zhan; Repress or Redistribute? The Chinese State's Response to Resource Conflicts. (Needs Paper!)
Crandall; Resistance Is Futile: What the Villains of Star Trek Tell Us about US Hegemonic Power. (Complete)
Nuñez-Mietz; Resisting the Transnational Diffusion of Norms through Securitization: LGBT Rights Immunization in Russia and Hungary. (Needs Paper!)
Fariss; Respect for Human Rights in East Asia and the World. (Needs Paper!)
Saito; Rethinking Energy Governance in Post-Fukushima Japan. (Needs Paper!)
Matsuoka; Rethinking Hegemony and Crisis in the Case of the US-Japan Alliance and US Hegemony. (Needs Paper!)
Tsui; Rethinking President Obama’s Pivot to Asia Policy: American Exceptionalism and the Construction of an American World Order . (Needs Paper!)
Zapata Mafla & benzi; Revisiting Dependency and Autonomy in IR: a Latin American Perspective . (Needs Paper!)
Liu; Revisiting the 'Pacific Peace': Peace of Culture or Peace of Anarchy?. (Needs Paper!)
Matheswaran; Rise of Asia: Making of New World Order in the Indo-Pacific Century. (Needs Paper!)
Sebena; Rise of Reluctant Hegemons: Germany and China in Early 21st Century. (Needs Paper!)
Wang; Rising Pessimism about China-U.S. Relations: Will Taiwan Benefit?. (Needs Paper!)
Hamilton-Hart & Muir; Risk and Uncertainty in Financial Market Assessments of the Renminbi. (Needs Paper!)
Badawy & James; Rivalries in the Middle East: A Time Series Analysis. (Complete)
Kunychka & Raneta; Rivers as hostages of armed conflicts in Eastern Europe: the cases of Siversky Donets, Kalmius and Dnister rivers. (Needs Paper!)
Ullah ; Rohingya Migration Is It a Function of Persecution? . (Complete)
Nawakura; Rural Development Policies as State's Response to Farmers' Demand: Historical Background of Parallel Growth of Urban and Rural Areas in Korea. (Complete)
Hu; Russia-China Relations in the Asian-Pacific Region: Views from Media Coverage Analysis in the Scenario of the Ukranian Crisis and the South China-Sea Disputes. (Needs Paper!)
Portela; Sanctions and the European Neighbourhood Policy. (Needs Paper!)
Karlsson; Scandinavian Environmental Policy in the Pacific Century?. (Complete)
Miao; Securing the Status Quo: Contesting Interests and Discourses in the South China Sea and Sino-Japan Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Sliwinski; Securitization of Hong Kong Politics: Debate on Electoral Reform and Civil Disobedience of 2014. (Complete)
Barua; Securitization through the Copenhagen Lens: A case study of the Siachen Dispute. (Needs Paper!)
Chen; Securitizing Human Rights: Analyzing China's Human Rights Policy under Xi Jinping. (Complete)
Lin; Seen and Unseen: Conceptualizing and Measuring (Chinese) Assertiveness. (Needs Paper!)
Ip; Selective Migration, the Right to Exclude, and Global Justice. (Complete)
Hwang & Cho; Self and Other in International Relations: The ‘Rise’ of China and the ‘Demise’ of the West . (Needs Paper!)
Shoji; Self-Restraint Norms and Indexes of Asia: The Role of Global Indexes and Reports for the Internalization of Norms. (Needs Paper!)
Snyder; September 11, the Crisis in the Middle East, and the Poverty of Realism. (Needs Paper!)
Herlevi; Shenzhen: Model or Anomaly? China’s National-Level Special Economic Zone Programs in Comparative Context. (Complete)
Recchia; Should Humanitarian Interveners Promote Democracy in Non-Western Societies?. (Needs Paper!)
Traven & Holmes; Shouting to Get Everyone to Shut Up: Deontic and Utilitarian Norms in IR Theory. (Needs Paper!)
Oliver & Gueorguiev; Signal from the Noise: Extracting Information under Autocracy. (Needs Paper!)
Ganguly & Westcott; Sino-Indian Naval Competition in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). (Needs Paper!)
Kumar; Sino-Indian Relations in the Pacific Century: A Neo Realist Perspective. (Needs Paper!)
Chonn Ching; Sino-Latin American Commercial Relations - Has China Been a Deterrent to Trade Integration in Latin America?. (Needs Paper!)
Dueben; Sino-Russian Rapprochement since the End of the Cold War: The Role of Domestic Factors and Regime Preservation. (Needs Paper!)
Kizekova; Sino-Russian Relations: Reluctant Allies?. (Needs Paper!)
Strasakova; Sino-Vietnamese Relations: Accommodating the Dragon? . (Complete)
Ho; Social Contracts and Public Goods Provision in China and India. (Needs Paper!)
Zheng; Social Source of Security Fear in Economic Interdependence between Mainland China and Taiwan. (Needs Paper!)
DeDominicis; Soft Power, Nationalistic Universalism and Climate Change: A Neoclassical Realist Analysis of Why South Korea Adopted a Carbon Cap and Trade System. (Complete)
Wang; Solar Photovoltaic Technologies for Poverty Alleviation in Rural China: Case Study of Anhui, Jiangxi and Jiangsu Province. (Needs Paper!)
Ziętek; South China Sea Security Dilemma. (Complete)
Maljak & Miranda; South China Sea: Conflicts, Issues and Ensuring Peace. (Complete)
Robertson; South Korea’s National Style(s): The Relevance of Context in Negotiation . (Needs Paper!)
Hur; South Korea’s North Korea Policy: From Sunshine Policy to Trust Politik. (Needs Paper!)
Milani & de Pantz; South Korea’s Role as an Emerging Middle Power. (Needs Paper!)
Jenne; Southeast Asia’s defence diplomacy and the transformative effects of international peacekeeping. (Complete)
Tan; Southeast Asia’s Response to China’s “One Belt, One Road” . (Needs Paper!)
Seabra; South-South cohesiveness: Brazil and Africa at the UN General Assembly. (Needs Paper!)
Braunstein; Sovereign Capital Flows in Asia: Stepping Stones or Stumbling Blocs for Further Financial Integration?. (Complete)
Karmazin; Sovereignty and Heteronomy in Society of States: Imperial Leftovers in China – Hong Kong and India – Bhutan Relationships. (Complete)
Edge; Sovereignty Discourse in East Asia: Exploring Alternate Source of Legitimacy. (Complete)
Thambipillai; Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick: Foreign Policy Perspectives of a Small State - Brunei Darussalam. (Complete)
Nakayama; Specificities of So-Called Climate Refugees of Small Island Developing States in the Pacific. (Needs Paper!)
Han; State-Business Relations, Interdependence and Foreign Policies: A Comparative Study. (Needs Paper!)
Han; State-Level Cooperation in Northeast Asian Environmental Governance: Challenges Explained by IR Theories . (Needs Paper!)
Ward; Status and the Grand Strategies of Established Powers. (Complete)
Takemine; Still Living with Nuclear Fallout in the Marshall Islands: Looking at the Fear of Climate Change. (Needs Paper!)
Legassicke & Ripley; Strangers in Strange Lands: Explaining Why Rebel Governments Thrive or Fail in External Territories. (Needs Paper!)
Sandal; Strategic Culture of Terrorist Organizations: A New Theoretical Framework. (Needs Paper!)
Michalski; Strategic Partnerships: A New Form of Social Interaction in the International System?. (Needs Paper!)
Kipgen; Strategic Relations of ASEAN and China in the South China Sea Disputes. (Needs Paper!)
Kim; Structural Determinants of Truth Commissions after Democratic Transition. (Needs Paper!)
Miyazaki; Structure of Cooperation and Non-cooperation: Negotiation of Transboundary Air Pollution in Asia and the Pacific. (Complete)
Kanie-Sodeno; Study on Localization Process of Sustainable Development Goals in Coastal Area: a Case of Okinawa. (Needs Paper!)
Chan; Success and Failure of the Ming Century in Pre-modern History and their Contemporary Implications for the Emerging China-centered Pacific Century. (Complete)
Li; Super-Compliant Actors in Global Environment Governance: Carbon Trading Experiments in Beijing. (Complete)
Cho; Sustained Compliance to Nuclear Nonproliferation?: Sources of Constraints in Japan and South Korea. (Complete)
Kwak; Tae-Hwan Kwak (Eastern Kentucky University), A Creative Formula for Denuclearization and Peace-building on the Korean Peninsula. (Complete)
Kim; Taewan Kim (Dong-eui University), A Chinese Perspective on the Korean Peninsula Peace Regime Building. (Needs Paper!)
Viotti; Taiwan, the PRC and Conflict Management: The US Role. (Needs Paper!)
Jing; Taiwan’s Go South Strategy: Economic and Intellectual Engagement with Southeast Asia and Impacts on Regional Peace and Stability. (Complete)
Tang; Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy under the Tsai Ing-Wen Government: Old Wine in New Bottles?. (Needs Paper!)
Haro-Navejas & Ramírez Castillo; Taking the Beautiful Country (by Strategy): US Academics Dealing with the Confucius Institutes. (Complete)
Whang et. al.; Talking to Whom? Changing Audiences of North Korean Nuclear Tests. (Needs Paper!)
Joo et. al.; Talking to Whom? Changing Audiences of North Korean Nuclear Tests. (Complete)
Ripley & Bergel; Tangled Webs: Contemporary Supply Chains, Their Complexity, and Implications for Interdependence and International Relations Theory. (Needs Paper!)
Kim; Technology Diffusion and Catch-up to Civilization: The Political Economic Approach to Global Porcelain Market in the 17th century. (Complete)
Choi; Terrible Cultural Diplomacy and the Politics of Non-alignment. (Complete)
Burger; Territorial Disputes Between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of the Philippines and the Perspective of Stability in the South China Sea. (Complete)
Chiba et. al.; Territorial Indivisibility and Public Preference for Dispute Resolution: Evidence from Japan. (Needs Paper!)
Wu; Territorial Peace and Political Centralization in China . (Needs Paper!)
Singh; Territorial Sovereignty, Connectivity and State Formation: India’s Northeast and Southeast Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Perkuhn; That Extra Something: Chinese IR or Another Cultural Turn?. (Complete)
Wang-Kaeding; The "Chinese experience" in South-South Cooperation: Strategic Concept and Interest Groups in Chinese Environmental Foreign Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Eriksson; The "Good" Power: Sweden's Foreign Policy After Neutrality. (Complete)
Mahdavi; The “Beijing Consensus” in the Middle East: Neo-liberalism without Democracy?. (Needs Paper!)
Fabian; The ASEAN and Arab League: Comparing Southeast Asian and West Asian Regionalism. (Needs Paper!)
Southgate; The Asia Pivot as a Strategy of Foreign Policy: A Source of Peace or a Harbinger of Conflict?. (Complete)
Li; The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank - A Success in Regional Economic Governance?. (Complete)
Jaewoo; The Attitude of North Korea about Dokdo Territorial Dispute between Korea and Japan. (Needs Paper!)
Slantchev & Matush; The Authoritarian Wager: Mass Political Action and the Sudden Collapse of Repression. (Needs Paper!)
Cooper; The BRICS New Development Bank: Shifting from Material Leverage to Innovative Capacity . (Complete)
Lopes da Cunha & Nair; The BRICS: Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities in the Biotechnology Sector. (Complete)
Altinbay; The Changing Middle Eastern Wars and China's Evolving Response. (Complete)
Walter; The Changing Politics of Regulating Systemically Important Banks. (Complete)
Shibata & Yamakawa; The Changing Role of Japan in the International Trade Regime: from a Rule-Follower to a Rule-Maker. (Complete)
Christoffersen; The China Challenge to the Pacific Century. (Complete)
Huang & Simmons ; The China Coast Guard: A New Maritime Power. (Complete)
Miller; The China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Indicator of Chinese Strategic Energy Goals and a Challenge to the Open Procurement Status Quo.. (Complete)
Chavez; The Chinese Impact on Latin America’s International Relations and Regional Integration. (Needs Paper!)
Chey; The Chinese Renminbi in Japan: Suppressing the Rise of an Enemy’s Money?. (Complete)
Zickgraf; The Choice to Stay: The Environment and Human Immobility . (Needs Paper!)
Reid et. al.; The Conflict Environment and Civil War Mediation: Regional Instability and Mediation Outcomes. (Needs Paper!)
Lee; The Constitutive Value of U.S. Alliance. (Complete)
Coombs; The Construction of the Pacific State in the Settlement of Border Disputes and Territorial Claims. (Complete)
Klingler-Vidra & Pacheco Pardo; The Contemporary Developmental State: From National Champions to Start-Up Nations. (Complete)
Puri; The Crimea Precedent and the Annexation of Disputed Territory: What Is the Relevance for Asia?. (Complete)
Eisenman & Wu; The Domestic Sources of Chinese Aggression. (Needs Paper!)
Kaushal; The Doomsday Machine Revisited- The Paradox of Total Strategies for Limited Aims in the Asia Pacific. (Complete)
Lima de Mattos & Simoni; The dynamics of a Chinese engagement on the Syrian crisis. (Complete)
Symons; The Ecomodern State & The Pacific Century. (Complete)
Tominaga; The Effect of Targeting Policies: Exploring the Effect of Repeated Intervention and Diffusion on Terrorist Operations. (Complete)
Liou & Szue-Chin; The Effectiveness of Minor Powers’ Hedging Strategy: Comparing Singapore and the Philippines. (Complete)
Ellis; The Effects of Childhood Wartime Exposures on Leader Decisionmaking: A New Extension to the LEAD Dataset. (Needs Paper!)
Guemide; The effects of climate change on the economic growth of ASEAN countries. (Complete)
Kim; The Effects of Income Inequality on Political Protests in Mixed Democracies. (Needs Paper!)
Mah; The Emergence of a New East Asian Economic Order and its Impact on EU-ASEAN Ties. (Needs Paper!)
Kakizaki; The Emergence of Kurdish Political Activism in Japan: Opportunities, Mobilization Networks, and Framing. (Needs Paper!)
Prakash; The Enigma Called 'the Pakistani State'. (Needs Paper!)
Felsch; The Foreign Policy of Weak States: The Case of Lebanon. (Complete)
Mendelsohn; The Foreigner Dilemma: Explaining Variation in Foreign Fighters Recruitment in Syria. (Needs Paper!)
Blarel & Sarkar; The Forgotten Thinkers: Bureaucrats and Organizations in India’s Strategic Debate. (Needs Paper!)
Liu; The Global Formation of the Rise of China: Global Players in China’s Rising Road . (Complete)
Schippa; The Global Peace Index and the Positive Peace Index: Development, Use and Impact. (Complete)
Jones; The Impact of Culture on Perceptual and Communication Processes in International Relations. (Complete)
Puslecki; The Impact of International Business for Intensive and Effective Economic Growth of China. (Complete)
Wong; The Impacts of Severing Factional Ties on Cadre Performance in China. (Needs Paper!)
Mouritz; The Influence of Economic Interdependence on Political Relations between China and the USA: Are Economic Ties Contributing to Trans-Pacific Peace?. (Complete)
Sanchez Cesar; The Internationalization of CNOC in Latin America: Motivations, Interests and Strategies. (Needs Paper!)
Bastiat-Jarosz; The Latent Way in which Sanctions Affect Markets. (Needs Paper!)
Ogawa; The Leadership of Asian Countries in Setting Global Indexes: In the Case of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) . (Needs Paper!)
Boduszynski et. al.; The Limits of Japanese Militarism: The 2003 Iraq War & the War on the Islamic State. (Complete)
Teo; The Making of a ‘Middle Power’: A Comparative Analysis of the Middle Power Identities of Australia and South Korea. (Needs Paper!)
Feng; The Making of Climate Policy from the Perspective of Two-Level Game Theory: A Comparative Study between India and China. (Needs Paper!)
Raghavan; The Making of the India- Pakistan Dynamic: Nehru, Liaquat, and the No War Pact Correspondence of 1950. (Needs Paper!)
Liu; The Maturity Analysis of China’s Carbon Market: Taking the 7 Pilot Zones as An Example. (Complete)
Vennesson & Alles; The Military and the Broadening of Security in Southeast Asia. (Complete)
Sweet; The More We Get Together: India, Brazil and Global Trade Integration. (Needs Paper!)
Corning; The Negotiation of Regulatory Disciplines in the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Path Dependence, Loss Avoidance, and the Limits of Market Power . (Complete)
Verbeek; The Netherlands: A "Wannabe" Second Power . (Needs Paper!)
Akcali; The New Aleppo: The Neighbourhood Experiences of Syrian Refugees in Turkey and the Limits of Refugee Governmentality in Asia . (Needs Paper!)
Nossal; The North Atlantic Anchor: Canada and the Pacific Century. (Complete)
Sato; The Opening of Myanmar and Japanese Diplomacy. (Needs Paper!)
Herlevi; The Origins of Special Economic Zones: A Cross-National Empirical Analysis. (Complete)
Starrs; The Pacific Century is Anchored in the United States: How the Rise of the Rest Marks the End of the Beginning of the American Century. (Complete)
Nunez; The Pacific Century vs. the Erosion of the US-Centric World Order: Implications for South America’s Domestic Policies . (Needs Paper!)
Pérez-Ríos; The Pacific Century: Time for Advancing Human Rights in Southeast Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Emmerson; The Paradoxical Future of ASEAN’s Southeast Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Bocse; The Paris Agreement and the EU-China Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Rihmo; The Pervasive China’s Power: An Overview on Asia-Pacific Power Equation. (Needs Paper!)
Camroux & Le Thu; The Philippines, Vietnam and ASEAN Solidarity. (Needs Paper!)
Balcells & Torrats-Espinosa; The Political Consequences of Terrorism. (Needs Paper!)
Sovacool & Tan-Mullins; The Political Ecology and Environmental Sustainability of Asian Hydropower Dams. (Complete)
Cannon & Fujibayashi; The Political Economy of Japan’s Relationship with East Africa: A Case Study of Kenya. (Complete)
Kim; The Political Economy of Japanese Trade Policy: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Reconsidered. (Complete)
Tan; The Political Economy of Natural Disasters in Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Vukovic; The Political Economy of Organised Crime in Kosovo. (Needs Paper!)
Kuo; The Political Economy Origins of the AIIB. (Needs Paper!)
Nalbo; The Politics of Community Forestry: From Environmental Conservation to Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies. (Needs Paper!)
De Paula; The Promise of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Missing Links Between Global Health and the Environment. (Needs Paper!)
To; The Prospect of Taiwan Defence Industry Development under Tsai Administration . (Needs Paper!)
Giumelli; The Relationship between Foreign Aid and Sanctions: A New Era?. (Needs Paper!)
Jenne; The Reluctant Warrior and Knowledge of Military Affairs: Does Participation in International Peace Support Operations Make a Difference?. (Complete)
Wang; The Remaking of the “Century of Humiliation”: Social Actors, Popular Memory and the Search for National Identity. (Complete)
Hastings; The Return of Southeast Asian Violent Maritime Organisations. (Complete)
Kristensen; The Rise and Fall of 'Peaceful Change'. (Complete)
Matsuda; The Rise of Reluctant Powers: The India-Japan Strategic Partnership and the Transformation of the International Order of the Indo-Pacific. (Complete)
Westcott; The Role of ‘Prestige’ in Creating Intractable Interstate Border Disputes: The Case of the Sino-Indian Border Dispute . (Complete)
Aulia; The Role of China as a Responsible Power: China’s Role in Building Peace in South Sudan. (Needs Paper!)
Giumelli; The Role of For-Profit Actors in the Implementation of EU Targeted Sanctions. (Needs Paper!)
Yan; The Role of Informal Institutions in Governance: Differences between China and the United States. (Needs Paper!)
Rossiter; The Role of the Military in the Philippines: Priorities in a Shifting Security Landscape . (Needs Paper!)
Dong; The Rule of Law and Economic Development ---A Case Study of China ‘s Informal Institutions. (Complete)
Hwang; The Securitization of Economic Integration and China-Taiwan Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Soriano Gatica; The Security-Development Nexus in Asia-Pacific and Latin America through the Eyes of the European Union. (Complete)
Vandamme; The Sino-Pakistani Relationship: China’s Testing Ground as Benevolent Major Power. (Complete)
Chen; The Slow Dance Steps between Developing Countries and Non-State Actors: Sharing Authority in Multilateral Environmental Agreements. (Complete)
Hall; The Social LIfe of a Financial Crisis. (Complete)
Choubey; The Stability-instability Paradox in the Asia-Pacific Region: Focus on The India-Pakistan Dyad and Broader Regional Nuclear Dynamics . (Needs Paper!)
Kratiuk; The Strategic Partnership of Vietnam and Japan: An Engagement Strategy to Enhance Security?. (Needs Paper!)
Griffiths; The Strategy of Secession. (Needs Paper!)
Alegre; The Struggle for Economic Influence: Prospects of a US Challenge in Curbing China’s Economic Influence in Southeast Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Bezdecny; The Transformation of City-Regional Governance in Global(izing) Cities. (Needs Paper!)
Korolev; The Trans-Pacific Partnership: a Tough Choice for China. (Needs Paper!)
Chang Liao; The U.S. Debate over Its China Policy. (Complete)
Ward & Musgrave; The Unreality of Offshore Balancing. (Complete)
Korolev & Portyakov; The US Factor in the Evolving China-Russia Relations in the Post-Soviet Space. (Needs Paper!)
Hussain; The Voices That Matter: Exploring the Economic Empowerment of Women in Conflict Affected Areas. (Needs Paper!)
Ranganathan; The West vs. Yoga: Models of Thought, Colonialism and Reconciliation. (Needs Paper!)
Mueller; The Whole World Is Helping? Transnational and Local Humanitarian Action, Disaster and Refugee Relief in China During the Russo-Japanese War 1904/05. (Needs Paper!)
Terhalle; Theorizing Great-Power Responsibilities in East Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Achilov & Shaykhutdinov; Thinking Outside the Box: Islam, Innovation, and Democracy in Muslim World. (Needs Paper!)
Kwon & Ha; Three-pronged Chinese World Order in the Qing Period: Conquest, Cherishment, and Li. (Needs Paper!)
Li; Tigers in Cage: A Network Explanation of Corruption Prosecution in China. (Complete)
Chhetri; Towards a Centering of Asia-Pacific: An Examination of RCEP and TPP. (Needs Paper!)
Wrobel; TPP New Model of Integration in Asia Pacific – Implication for the EU. (Complete)
Chen et. al.; Tracing the Origins of Youth Social Movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan: Are They Anti-China or Anti-Globalization?. (Needs Paper!)
Piskulova; Trade and Sustainable Development: Challenges for BRICS. (Complete)
Ren; Transformation of Asia-Pacific Security Architecture and ASEAN’s Role. (Needs Paper!)
McCarthy; Transparency and Cooperation in Global Politics: Trust, Legitimacy and Epistemic Cultures. (Needs Paper!)
Fluck; Transparency as an Emphatic Concept. (Needs Paper!)
Wu; Trilateral Bargaining or Two-Camp Contention: China, Russia and the U.S. in Global Governance. (Needs Paper!)
Lu; Tsai Ing-wen’s “New South Policy” and its Impact on Taiwan’s Approach to the Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea. (Needs Paper!)
Panayirci & Iseri; Turkish Coup d’État Attempt and Its Impact on Domestic Conflicts with a Focus on Turkish Polarized Media System . (Needs Paper!)
Adebahr; Turning to Asia: Is Abe’s Security Policy Altering the Strategic Scope of Japan’s Defense Strategy?. (Needs Paper!)
Cartwright; Two Birds with One Stone: The Trans-Pacific Partnership and US Copyright Standard Setting . (Complete)
Kreuzer; Two New Presidents and one Award: the Philippines and Taiwan in the Conflict on the South China Sea. (Complete)
Zhang; Tying the Invisible Hand of Peace: Why Trading States Still Choose to Fight . (Complete)
Kim; Uncertain Partners?: Limits of Partnership between Russia and North Korea for the Pacific Century. (Needs Paper!)
Wang; Understanding the Emergence of Government-Organised Social Enterprise in China. (Complete)
Eriksson; Unintended Interdependence: Conflict-Driven Cooperation in Northeast Asia. (Complete)
Forman; Universal Health Coverage, the Right to Health and Healthy Lives for All: Where Are We in 2017?. (Needs Paper!)
Woo & Jeong; Universal Norms in a Regional Context: How Women's Rights Affect Foreign Aid Allocations in China, Japan, and Korea. (Needs Paper!)
Sharma; Unsettling Conversations, Unmaking Racisms and Colonialisms: Critical Pedagogy in IR Classrooms. (Needs Paper!)
Nupur; Urban Environment and Contradictions of Development. (Complete)
Larus; US Naval Coalition Building and Regional Security in the Asia-Pacific. (Complete)
Pillai; US Rebalancing Strategy in the Indo-Pacific Region and India's Response: A Political Economy Perspective. (Needs Paper!)
Yan; US-China Mutual Hedging and the Relative Stability of the Asia-Pacific. (Complete)
Sakai; US-Japan Security Community: The Case of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. (Complete)
Park; Varieties of Hierarchy in East Asian Regional Order. (Needs Paper!)
Kersey; Virtual Rivalries? - Mapping the Intersection of National Identity and Gaming Culture in the Pacific Region. (Complete)
Lau; Voluntarism and Regional Integration: ASEAN’s 20 Years of Cooperation on Human Trafficking. (Complete)
Eriksson; War as Peace: Japan’s Proactive Pacifism. (Complete)
Hsin-Che; What Factors Influence Chinese Assessing Democracy? An Analysis of Survey Data from 2015 Urban and Rural Survey. (Needs Paper!)
Harding; What Went Wrong? US-China Relations from Partnership to Rivalry. (Needs Paper!)
Moore; What Would Niebuhr Say about the Rise of China?. (Needs Paper!)
Li & Chey; What’s behind the Driving Seat? Bureaucratic Politics and Interest Group Dynamics of Renminbi Internationalization. (Needs Paper!)
Salehyan & Hendrix; When Does the Leviathan Work? State Responses to Civil Disorder. (Needs Paper!)
Wilde; When Migrants Make Perilous Sea Crossings: The Causal Role of International Law . (Needs Paper!)
Lacovsky; When Southeast Asia Met Latin America. (Complete)
Duygulu & Tarsi; When Women are Watching: An Experimental Assessment of Gendered Differences in Perceptions of International Security Issues?. (Needs Paper!)
Shuqom ; When Women Work: What Economic Participation Gives and Takes Away from Arab Women. (Needs Paper!)
Kim; Whether Are North Korean Compatriots "Korean"? The Changes and Developments of Nationalisms in South Korea during the Syngman Rhee Era (1948-1960). (Complete)
Song; Who has a say? Non-State Actors in Makings of Environmental Provisions in East Asian Free Trade Agreements . (Needs Paper!)
Kang & Ma; Who’s Chasing Whom? High-level Exchange as an Indicator of Direction of Pursuit in Power Relations. (Complete)
Kozyrev & Kilburn; Whose Pacific Century? China’s Geo-Political Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific and the Prospect of Sino-Russian Cooperation in the South China Sea. (Complete)
Tamamizu; Why a Small Ally Betrays its Powerful Bosses? : Explaining a Smaller Ally’s Violation of an Alliance with a New Concept of Security Strategy “Neutralization”. (Complete)
Ito; Why Are Some Aid Projects Are Harder than Others? Disaggregating the Impacts of Aid on Violence Patterns During Civil Conflicts. (Needs Paper!)
Balzer; Why China Not Russia?: Chinese and Russian Models of Regional Economic Development: . (Complete)
Lee & Laksmana; Why do Retired Military Officers Enter Politics? An Empirical Analysis of Indonesia’s Military Academy Graduates. (Needs Paper!)
Wu; Why Do States Hedge in East Asia? An Empirical Study on Hedging . (Needs Paper!)
DeSombre; Why Good People Do Bad Things for the Global Climate. (Complete)
Stefanovic-Stambuk; Why Ideals are Disabled in Global Governance? The Matter of Choice or of Necessity Even in the OSCE?. (Needs Paper!)
Brolan et. al.; Will Framing Health as a “Regional Public Good” in the Pacific Region Advance National Sustainable Development Goal Achievement and Pacific People’s Human Right to Health Entitlements? . (Complete)
Saikia; Women in Peacebuilding: Assessing the Role of Bodo Women in Militarized Spaces in Assam. (Needs Paper!)
Wang & Lin; Xi’s Assertive Diplomacy. (Needs Paper!)
Kaseda; Yoshinori Kaseda [Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)] Japan and Peace Regime Building in Northeast Asia. (Complete)
Park; Zero-sum Game or Co-evolution? South Korea’s Perspective on the U.S.-China Strategic Rivalry in the Asia-Pacific. (Needs Paper!)

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