IS-ISSS Bloomington 2020: Call For Proposals

Emerging Conflict Domains

The recent apparent reemergence of great power competition has generated new theoretical debates. Against a backdrop of rising ethno-nationalism, this renewed competition often takes place in new conflict domains, such as cyber warfare, globalized proxy wars, ideological terror and the proliferation of nonstate actors. Inherent in these new domains is the blurring of the separation between violence, coercion, and politics. These trends are adding complexity to issues such as deterrence, civil-military relations, and the definition of “just wars.” In the new conflict domains of the emerging security environment, geographic distance and robust political institutions offer less and less protection against external and internal threats.

With nuclear proliferation, transnational terrorism, and even the prospects for great power war all experiencing a resurgence, new research and new theories to understand and thwart nascent and old challenges are warranted. Accordingly, while we welcome proposals on subjects long familiar to the field, we are especially interested in panel (and paper) proposals that address and analyze these new challenges and identify other emergent conflict domains.

The deadline for the submission of paper, panel and roundtable proposals is July 15, 2021 and we anticipate announcing the program on August 15, 2021.

The conference will be held in Bloomington, Indiana from November 12 to 14. Barring unusual circumstances, we expect the weather to be most pleasant and conducive for hikes in the vicinity. We are also hoping to hold an outdoor dinner on November 12 at a local winery if the weather proves to be conducive and the winery can accommodate our numbers. As soon as matters are firmed up, we will inform all registrants about the venue and about arrangements for transportation.

On November 12 afternoon we have planned an Editor's Forum focused on publishing in professional journals. This panel will feature Morgan Kaplan (International Security), Ron Krebs (Security Studies), Alexander Lennon (The Washington Quarterly) and Jelena Subotic (Global Studies Quarterly). Finally, on November 13 we will have Sean Lynn-Jones, the former editor of International Security, deliver a keynote address.

Conference Travel Grants

Owing to the generosity of the Office of the Vice-President for International Affairs at Indiana University, Bloomington, the ISA-APSA joint International Security conference is in a position to offer limited grants for international participants who are planning to attend its annual conference in Bloomington, Indiana.. To apply for a Travel Grant, please submit a short outline of your current funding sources, your university affiliation, the location you will be traveling from along with your proposed abstract and paper title to Professor Ore Koren, Travel Grants Chair at: Preference will be given to members of the international security sections of the two organizations. Travel Award Application Deadline: July 15, 2021.

Program CO-ChairS

Sumit Ganguly
Indiana University Bloomington

Ore David Koren
Indiana University Bloomington

Conference email: