ISA-IDSS Seoul 2019: Call for Proposals

Regionalist Perspectives on World Order: Challenges and Responses

The deadline for paper/panel submissions is February 10, 2019.

Theorists have long recognized that globalization simultaneously involves processes of integration and fragmentation, order and disorder. Regionalism participates in this dynamic production of world order/disorder, enabling pressures toward integration and fragmentation. In complex ways regionalism (as are specific regions) is a production of global dynamics as it contests those dynamics on multiple registers – political, social, economic, and cultural. Moreover, as analysts of the “new regionalism” of the 1980’s and 1990’s recognized, regional dynamics are evolving with the latest developments of financial structures, communications networks, conflict and violence, as well as the emergence of new transversal spaces of infrastructure, governance, and sociality.

This conference invites paper, panel and roundtable proposals bringing various regionalist perspectives to bear on the problematics and challenges of integration and fragmentation in the current world. This theme offers the opportunity for a critical discussion of regionalist trends in the international community in light of the growing uncertainty about the ‘Liberal International Order’ and the centrifugal tendencies within it. Participants might address specific regions, singly or comparatively, defined geographically or otherwise, and/or theoretical problematics of regionalism in various substantive fields. Our conference will examine contending approaches to regionalism and seek to explain variations among them and their evolving understandings of the relevant ‘communities’ affected by their adopted policies and practices. Submitted abstracts should be no more than 200 words.

Topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • Geopolitics of specific regions
  • Challenges to universalism from local and regional perspectives
  • Negotiating normative difference (Human Rights from regional perspectives, for example)
  • Regionalist constructions of identity and difference
  • Regional contestations of structures and practices of global governance
  • Regionalism after the financial crisis
  • Regional perspectives on security
  • Asymmetrical warfare: manifestations of conflict and political violence across regions
  • Internal regional hegemonies
  • Post-geographical regionalisms
  • Regional architectures of political space beyond the state: global cities, free-trade zones, civil society networks, etc.
  • Histories of federalism and regionalism
  • Diffusions of sovereignty and authority
  • Imperial legacies and regional identities
  • Regionalism and the contradictions of neoliberalism

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Proposals must be submitted through this site. Faculty members presenting papers may be asked to serve as chairs and discussants. Please indicate your areas of expertise when you submit your proposal. ISA membership is not required for either proposal submission or conference attendance, though you will need to create an account with if you have not already done so.

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