ISA-IDSS Crete 2022, Hotels and Travel

A list of recommended hotels, with significant discounts, is available below. All are in the center of Reythemno. When booking, mention that the booking is for the ISA conference at the University of Crete. Please bear in mind that a local tax of 1-3 euros per room/per night is added that is payable at checkout.

How To Get to the Venue View Local Maps

Shuttle bus service:

On Saturday and Sunday mornings buses will depart at 8:15 am from two points in Rethymno in order to bring participants on campus.

  1. Those staying in the eastern part of Rethymno can use the bus departing from Theartemis Hotel. Google map link:
  2. Those staying near the town center can use the bus departing from the bus stop in the town center at Plateia Tessaron Martiron (Four Martyrs Square). Please, be there on time as this is a very busy spot and the bus cannot wait for long.

Google map link:

Buses will carry ISA/IDSS signs on their windscreens. There will also be a graduate in each point providing general assistance.

At 6:15 pm (Sat. & Sun.) buses will return participants from campus back to these two points.

Private car:

Those arriving on campus by private car can enter the campus and park freely. Generally, there are no restrictions and there is ample parking space. Parking P9 is the closest to the venue. Follow the signs to the Department of Political Science and you will easily find it.

Ideon Hotel

View on Google Maps | Visit the Website

Single Bed BB/HB: 61 euros/69 euros
Double Bed BB/HB: 76 euros/95 euros
Triple Bed BB/HB: 95 euros/124 euros Book Now!

Melrose Hotel

View on Google Maps | Visit the Website

Single Bed BB: 85 euros
Double Bed BB: 90 euros
Triple Bed BB: 97 euros Book Now!

Theartemis Palace Hotel

View on Google Maps | Visit the Website

Single Bed BB/HB: 82 euros/89 euros
Double Bed RBB/HB: 102 euros/112 euros
Triple Bed BB/HB: 130 euros/143 euros Book Now!


View on Google Maps | Visit the Website

Single Bed BB: 100 euros
Double Bed BB: 130 euros
Triple Bed BB: 160 euros Book Now!

INK Hotels – House of Europe (15 rooms)

View on Google Maps | Visit the Website

Single Bed BB/HB: 50 euros/65 euros
Double Bed BB/HB: 60 euros/90 euros
Triple Bed BB/HB: 70 euros/115 euros Book Now!

Jo-An Palace

View on Google Maps | Visit the Website

Single Bed BB: 80 euros (5 rooms)
Double Bed BB: 110 euros (10 rooms) Book Now!

Culture and Leisure:

Crete is a true palimpsest. Multiple layers of history form a rich and diverse cultural landscape. The island is the principal locus of the Minoan civilization and in prehistoric times was at the center of a network spreading across the Mediterranean.

The archaeological site of Knossos with its legendary frescoes, the Phaistos site and the, more recently excavated by the University of Crete School of Archeology, site at Eleftherna are prime examples for the visitor. In this context, the collections of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum are the main point of interest: the Phaistos Disk, the Minotaur in the form of the Stone Bull’s Head exhibit and the Snake Godesses are prime items in the Museum collections.

In the old towns of Chania and Rethymno one can see the successive layers of Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman influences in the houses, lanes, port infrastructure and other elements of the built environment.

Nature is also very rich and diverse. Two main mountains define the landscape: Lefka Ori and Psiloritis, both rising to about 2450 meters. Crete is famous for its numerous gorges. The Samaria Gorge in Chania is the most popular with hikers. In Rethymno, at a distance of thirty minutes, you can drive through the gorges of Koyrtaliotiko and Kotsifou while travelling south.

The south coast of Rethymno hosts some of the most beautiful beaches of the island: Damnoni, Ammoudi, Preveli, Triopetra, to name but a few, are particularly attractive and worth mentioning. A little further to the east of the south coast of Rethymno is Matala beach with its many caves, a top destination of the hippy trail and a hippy colony in the 1960s.

During your stay in the town of Rethymno you will have many choices with regard to food and drink. The seafront is lined with cafes and bars to have an evening drink, a morning latte or to quench your thirst with an ice cream. In the tightly knit lanes of the old part of the Rehymno you will have many options for your dinner. Generally, you would be well advised to avoid places with neon lighted photos of dishes that are geared towards the mass tourist market. Vegetables are an important element of mediterranean cuisine and those with vegetarian preferences would not have difficulty enjoying their meal. Restaurants like Avli, 1600 Raki Ba Raki, Hasika, Galera, and Prima Plora, to name but a few, are places with originality, character and honest, good food visited by locals as well as the discerning visitor.