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Turbine & Bindman; Changing meanings and frames of analysis? Understanding the role of social and economic human rights in contemporary Russia. . (Needs Paper!)
nicolas; Minority rights in Arab Levant: between extremism and the envisioned future regional system . (Complete)
Wahl; "Your President Ordered Osama to Be Killed": The Legitimization of Global Resistance to Human Rights. (Complete)
Contreras Chavez; (W)righting the wrong: educational perspectives on complaints by temporary foreign workers to a provincial human rights tribunal. (Needs Paper!)
Skeet; ‘“Living Together”, Apart: The Growing Divide Between the Council of Europe and the UN on the Right to Freedom of Religion.’ . (Complete)
Hamer; ‘The Institutional Implications of Universal Human Dignity’. (Complete)
Oviedo Roldan; “Rethinking sex trafficking from a constructivist and international/global policy-making perspectives”. (Complete)
de Maagt; A philosophical justification of human rights. (Complete)
Perrin, Esq.; Africa’s International Human Rights Courts: Norm Diffusion, Norm Generation, And Court Socialization. (Needs Paper!)
Slama ; After the Justice Cascade: rethinking the human rights system in times of global crisis and national security. (Complete)
Schmidt; After Universality: Norms, Values and Institutions in a Pluralist World . (Needs Paper!)
Márquez Carrasco; Ambiguities of international, EU and national norms on the protection of children seeking asylum in Spain. (Needs Paper!)
MacDonald ; Ambiguity and the UDRIP: Enacting Indigenous Rights. (Complete)
Sanders; Ambiguity as Strategy: The Dynamics of Destabilizing Human Rights Norms. (Needs Paper!)
Agbehonou; An Examination of the Impact of Sociopolitical Rights Violations on the Prospect of Democracy in Postcolonial African States. (Complete)
Abouharb et. al.; An Unwitting Accomplice: How the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Encourages The Use of Forced Disappearance. (Complete)
DeWinter-Schmitt; Applying Human Rights to Business: Identifying Business Best Practices to Address Human Rights Dilemmas in Complex Environments. (Complete)
Mueller; Armed groups, child soldiers and legitimacy: Can international pressure improve the human rights records of non-state actors?. (Complete)
Nash; Between rights and resilience: human mobility in the context of climate change. (Complete)
Doherty-Sil; Beyond the Reach of the State? Human Rights, State Capacity and Violations by Non-State Actors. (Complete)
Dayal; Breaking Peacekeeping Precedent on the Use of Force: The Democratic Republic of the Congo as UN Laboratory. (Needs Paper!)
Reilly; Can International Criminal Law Deter Rebel Atrocities?: The Case of Uganda, the Lord's Resistance Army, and the International Criminal Court. (Needs Paper!)
Ferrara; Capabilities and duties of citizenship and membership. The approximation of national laws in the light of the European Agenda on Migration. (Needs Paper!)
Cardone; Challenges and Opportunities for Transnational Corporations as Modes of Global Governance. (Needs Paper!)
Puaschunder; Climate Policies with Burden Sharing: The Economics of Climate Stability. (Needs Paper!)
McCorkle; Confronting Faulty Narratives in the Immigration Debate. (Complete)
Cruttenden; Cosmopolitan Harm and Revitalizing Kant’s Hospitality: The Residue United States Foreign Policy, Violence, and Central American Migration to the United States . (Complete)
Dmello & Cubellis; Counterterrorism and Human Rights: The Collateral Consequences of Drone Strikes. (Complete)
Hultin; Creeping Universalism and Ambiguity in the African Human Rights System. (Needs Paper!)
Sundkvist; Demand making on the ambiguous state in a state of ambiguity: Egyptian feminist activism and human rights. (Complete)
Moges; Developing a Transformative Human Rights Approach towards the Practice of (girl) Early Marriage in Ethiopia. (Complete)
Da Lomba; Developing A Vulnerability Analysis In Immigration Cases: Bringing Migrants To The Core Of The European Court Of Human Rights’ Assessments. (Complete)
Mahmoudi; Digital Media as Experimental Governance: Shifting the Accountability Paradigm in International Human Rights. (Complete)
Aitchison; Do the critics of human rights have a point?. (Complete)
Budabin; Documentarian, Witness, and Organizer: Exploring Celebrity Roles in Human Rights Media Advocacy. (Needs Paper!)
Kim; Domestic Politics and the International Refugee Regime . (Needs Paper!)
Birdsall; Drone Warfare and Normative Change: US Policy and the Politics of International Law. (Needs Paper!)
Miller; Economic Rights, Crimes, and Wrongs: Transitional Justice, Human Rights, and Inequality. (Needs Paper!)
Talpsepp; Essentialist thinking, evolutionary theory and the universality of human rights. (Complete)
McMahon; Evolution Not Revolution: Analysis of the First Two Cycles of the UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review. (Needs Paper!)
Campos; Exiling Law: Revocation of Citizenship, a New National Security Norm? . (Needs Paper!)
Cronin-Furman; Exploiting Ambiguity: The Effects of Uncertainty About Human Rights Enforcement . (Needs Paper!)
Villeneuve; Exploring the Role of Soft Law in the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review Mechanism . (Needs Paper!)
Wandan; From State Overthrow to Statebuilding: Human Rights Discourse and Mobilization in Transitions to Democracy. (Complete)
Illingworth; Health as a Global Public Good and the New Role of Non-State Actors in Fulfilling the Right to Health. (Needs Paper!)
Land; Human Rights and the Technology of Delegation. (Needs Paper!)
Bajaj et. al.; Human Rights Education for Refugee Youth. (Needs Paper!)
Akinola; Human Rights in Africa in the Age of Terror: Addressing Nigeria’s Boko Haram Conundrum. (Needs Paper!)
Haddad; Human Rights, Donor Foundations, and the Quest for International Justice. (Complete)
During; Humanity in intercultural perspective: the Confucian account of human dignity as possible normative foundation of human rights. (Complete)
Reiners; Informal human rights governance: the good, the bad, or the ugly? . (Needs Paper!)
Chase; Interdisciplinary Theorizing on Key Human Rights Controversies. (Needs Paper!)
Marcus-Delgado; International Advocacy and Reproductive Rights: Lessons from Latin America. (Needs Paper!)
Ho; International agreements and national health policy: "Scaling up" maternal and child nutrition in Indonesia. (Needs Paper!)
Ristovska; Journalism’s Challenges, NGO’s Opportunities: The Purchase of the Visual in Legitimizing Human Rights. (Needs Paper!)
Bennett; Legal, Undocumented Migration: Roma Rights in Western Europe. (Needs Paper!)
Kenyon; Localizing the Global/Globalizing the Local: Reconciling Botho and Human Rights in Botswana. (Complete)
Pruce & Budabin; Mass Media and Elite Politics in Human Rights Advocacy. (Needs Paper!)
Limon; Meeting expectations: To what extent has the Human Rights Council fulfilled the mandate ascribed to it by world leaders in 2006?. (Complete)
McGuffey; Migrating Rights in the International Refugee Regime. (Needs Paper!)
Linde; Network Theory, the Sexual Agency of Children and the Globalization of LGBTQ Human Rights . (Complete)
Hantzopoulos; No Longer the Exception to the Rule: Centering Human Rights Education in US School Reform. (Needs Paper!)
Dixon & Ben-Josef Hirsch; Norm Strength and the Norm Life Cycle. (Needs Paper!)
Lee; Of Markets and Men, Of Neoliberalism and Nicaragua: Global Medical Brigades, Global Health, Global Disaster. (Needs Paper!)
von Staden; On the Causal Significance of Legal Status: Compliance with Binding and Non-Binding Decisions of International Human Rights Supervisory Bodies. (Complete)
Reike; On the Relationship of R2P and the ICC: Is it Truly Win-Win?. (Complete)
McCorkle; Peace Education and the History Curriculum . (Complete)
Sinha; People's Movements and Protection of Women Rights:A Case Study of India. (Complete)
Foster ; Practice-Based Theories of Human Rights in the Age of Global Governance . (Needs Paper!)
Voss; Progress or Peril? Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity at the UN Human Rights Council. (Needs Paper!)
Monshipouri; Protecting Human Rights in the Era of Uncertainty: How Not to Lose the War Against ISIS. (Needs Paper!)
Zickgraf; Protecting the (im)mobile : Climate Change, Human rights, and Migration in West Africa. (Needs Paper!)
Reda; Reading Wael Hallaq in Shenzhen: China, Rule of Law, and the State. (Complete)
Mierswa; Reception conditions of asylum seekers in the European Union - Is the EU fulfilling its obligations?. (Complete)
Wright; Recognizing Longevity and Contradiction in Human Rights Critiques of the United Nations and the Liberal Peace. (Needs Paper!)
Miller; Rejecting “rights-based” approaches? New rights strategies for a new era. (Complete)
Koutsioumpas; Rhetoric or Practice: The Case of Human Rights and the International Olympic Committee. (Complete)
Jean-Bouchard; Sexual Violence Issues in Eastern DRC: Processes of 
Global and Local Co-constitution. (Needs Paper!)
Voss; Sincere Commitment or Strategic Deflecting? State Voting on Thematic Resolutions in the UN Human Rights Council . (Needs Paper!)
Hammond; Teaching Human Riughts: Confronting the Contradictions. (Complete)
Elizalde; Testing the universal acceptance of women’s human rights: A study of their promotion in the Universal Periodic Review. (Needs Paper!)
Rees; The Advantage of Norm Ambiguity: Incremental Change and the Responsibility to Protect in US Foreign Policy. (Complete)
Crock; The Ambiguity of Democracy: The Right to Democracy in International Human Rights Law. (Needs Paper!)
Mills & Bloomfield; The Ambiguity of Human Rights Norms and Institutions: Antipreneurs and the International Criminal Court. (Complete)
Whelan; The Ambiguity of Indivisibility. (Complete)
Carmody; The ambiguous function of human rights in post-authoritarian state building: the case of Argentina. (Complete)
Raimedhi; The Decline of Human Rights: What explains it and can it be salvaged?. (Needs Paper!)
Podstawa; The European Union and the II Pillar of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights – inducing compliance? . (Needs Paper!)
Huszka; The EU's human rights promotion in the Western Balkans in the post-Lisbon era . (Complete)
Boehme; The Great Escape of 2015: South Africa’s Non-Cooperation with the International Criminal Court. (Complete)
Juengling; The 'Great Power' of Words? How International Human Rights Criticism Affects the Behavior of Powerful States. (Complete)
Mulé et. al.; The Growing Presence of LGBTQs at the UN: Arguments and Counter Arguments . (Complete)
Krakow; The Human Right to Water and the Politics of Access During Armed Conflict: Denial of Water Access and Destruction of Water Infrastructure in Syria, the Gaza Strip, and Iraq. (Needs Paper!)
Vigil; The human rights implications of climate change, land grabbing, and human mobility. (Needs Paper!)
Cuellar Cuellar; The International Tribunal of Restorative Justice for El Salvador: An Ad Hoc Institution for an Ad Hoc Democratization Process. (Complete)
Putnam; The Law and Politics of Treaty Drift . (Needs Paper!)
Khoja-Moolji; The Making of ‘Humans’ and their Others in/through Transnational Human Rights Advocacy. (Needs Paper!)
Simon & Gonzalez; The Multiple discourses on the rights of indigenous peoples in Chile (South America): The incidence of United Nations positions on Chilean and Mapuche debates . (Needs Paper!)
Kagiaros & Tzevelekos; The prohibition of torture and degrading treatment under the ECHR: Do courts have the legitimacy to set the standards of welfare state protection towards asylum seekers?. (Complete)
Monacò; The protection of human trafficking victims between human rights and criminal justice. A human rights-based approach. The Italian experience. (Needs Paper!)
Blocher & Gharbaoui; The reason land matters: Customary tenure and planned relocations in Fiji and Papua New Guinea. (Needs Paper!)
Links; The Reconfiguration of Global Spaces: Asymmetries, Contestations and Implications of the International Human Rights Discourse in an Age of Ambiguity. (Complete)
Terman & Voeten; The Relational Politics of the Universal Periodic Review. (Needs Paper!)
Nascimento; The securitization of the refugee crisis: what implications for human rights protection?. (Needs Paper!)
Hudson; The Social Practice of Securitizing Women’s Rights and Gender Equality: 1325 Fifteen Years On. (Complete)
Bernardes & Medeiros; The transformation of a humanitarian emergency into a security problem: the 2015 migration crisis in Eastern Europe. (Complete)
Walling; The UN Security Council and its ICC referral resolutions: Advancing or Curbing the Justice Norm?. (Needs Paper!)
Walling; The UN Security Council and the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights. (Needs Paper!)
Oestreich; The United Nations and Third Gender Rights in South Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Elia; The United Nations Human Rights System at a Cross Road: The Case of “Defamation of Religions”. (Complete)
Roesdahl; The Universal Periodic Review and National Human Rights Change. (Needs Paper!)
Carraro; The Use of Expertise in the UN Human Rights System: A Winning Strategy Against Politicization?. (Needs Paper!)
Banerjee; Theorizing the Ethics of Forced Migration Beyond the State. (Needs Paper!)
Hachez; Three Coherence Challenges to the EU’s All-Encompassing Commitment to Human Rights. (Complete)
Jurich; Torture and Its Public Secrets: The Extraordinary Rendition Program as Transnational Injustice. (Needs Paper!)
Kanji; Towards a Sexual Pluriverse: Queering International Law’s Sexual Subject Through Islamic Legal Histories. (Complete)
Kenner; Towards experimentalist governance in EU trade and labour rights? A case study of the EU’s Bangladesh Sustainability Compact. (Complete)
Aaronson; Trade Agreements and Digital Rights . (Complete)
Malmedie; Translating Guidelines? Making Sense of the EU’s Role in Promoting Human Rights for LGBTI Persons in Kenya and Uganda. (Needs Paper!)
Weaver; Truth and Justice? Towards Comprehensive Transitional Justice in Uganda and the DR Congo. (Complete)
Holder; Truth and Vindication in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. (Complete)
Fritzsche-El Shewy; Uniquely Protected or Uniquely Protracted? The recent displacement of Palestinian refugees from Syria. (Complete)
Bos; Universal Attribution of Rights and Long-term Responsibility. (Complete)
Sneh; Universality to the Rescue: Protecting Liberties of the Vulnerable. (Needs Paper!)
Krisch; What Forces Are Shaping Controversies Over the Human Right of Free Expression?. (Complete)
Suleimanova; Why keep protecting the few without external incentives? Compliance with minority rights norms after attaining IO membership in Latvia and Georgia. (Needs Paper!)
Mollica; Youth's Contributions to Truth and Reconciliation in the Solomon Islands. (Complete)

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