GSCIS 2015 Travel Grants

Depending on our budget, we may be able to provide a small subsidy for selected costs for some who are registered and participating actively in the conference. Interested parties must follow guidelines noted on the ISA travel grant website with respect to keeping track of expenses (in other words, save your receipts for presentation at the conference; any reimbursement will be made then.) However, our procedures beyond that differ.

Funding criteria will include relevance of topic and geographical diversity, as well as need.

Your email should be sent by September 15th. Decisions will be communicated by October 15.  Please note that our budget is very limited. ISA HQ does not subsidize local conferences so we need to find money in the caucus budget. Thus any assistance will be modest. 

Application Details

You will need to send an email to our treasurer Seifudein Adem with the following information:

  1. Paper Title (as originally submitted)
  2. Brief bio (no more than a few lines please)
  3. A brief statement indicating what, if any, funding you expect to receive from your institution as well as any particular reasons why you feel that you need supplementary funding
Please note: You are not required to be an ISA Member to apply for a travel grant. However if you receive a grant, you must be/become an ISA member and provide receipts in the amount (or more) of the award in order to receive ISA funds.

Travel Grant Application

Email Seifudein Adem with the following:
  1. Paper Title 
  2. Brief bio 
  3. Brief summary of need (include home institution funding expectations)

Deadline: September 24, 2014


Contact Seifudein Adem, the GSCIS treasurer, with your application or questions about this program.