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Thirkill-Mackelprang; Beyond the “inside/outside-divide”: The International Political Economy of Human Rights Abuses. (Needs Paper!)
Pedi; Debunking the “Inside/Outside-Divide” in the International Relations of Small Powers. (Needs Paper!)
Maksuti et. al.; MIGRANT CRISES AND STATE RESPOND - Case study Macedonia –. (Complete)
Bojinović Fenko; Slovenia and the Great Powers. (Needs Paper!)
Zakaria; The Effect of International Sanctions on Political Corruption. (Needs Paper!)
Faegri & Sberro; The Politics of Danish and French Extreme Right-Wing Parties: From “Europe” to Nation…and Back?. (Needs Paper!)
Grasten; (Re)Inscribing the Boundaries of the 'State'. (Needs Paper!)
Solomon; “Bounded political contestation: the domestic translation of international economic and social rights in a liberal democratic state”. (Complete)
Thompson; “Getting International Structure “Right”: Geopolitics, Political Economy, and Instability – . (Needs Paper!)
Guth & Nelsen; “The Changing Role of Religion in Public Support for the European Union.”. (Complete)
Waldow; »Tanya, don't cry!« Subversive Artistic Practice and Governmental Repression in Contemporary Russia – on the Conflicting Process of a Politicisation. (Needs Paper!)
Nunez-Mietz; A Consent-Based System? The Judicial Creation of International LGBT Rights against State Consent. (Needs Paper!)
Erdogan; A Critical Analysis of Politics of ‘Outside’ Interventions: Humanitarian Interventions and Responsibility to Protect in Turkish Foreign Policy Discourse. (Complete)
Kikkawa et. al.; A New Authoritarian Alliance over the Muslim Brotherhood? Egypt’s anti-Islamist Foreign Policy and Re-formation of the Arab Security Alliance. (Complete)
Truman Zinman; A new religious state model in the case of "Islamic State" . (Complete)
Morsut; A new security actor? Debating the actorness of the (European) Union Civil Protection Mechanism . (Needs Paper!)
Karim; A New Voice for the South? The Emerging Middle Powers as Norm Entrepreneurs in the Post-2015 Development Agenda. (Needs Paper!)
Terris & Tykocinski; Agents of Peace or Enablers of Violence? The Paradoxical Effects of Mediators. (Needs Paper!)
Mrovlje; Albert Camus's artistic sensibility and the limitations of the tragic perspective in international politics. (Needs Paper!)
Von Hagen-Jamar; Alliances and the Interdependence of Military Spending. (Needs Paper!)
Kolmas; American pivot to Asia: between legitimization and reality. (Complete)
Wion; American Reportage and the Wars of Yugoslav Secession. (Complete)
Marton; An exploration of the links between migration and combat in foreign land. (Complete)
Abouharb et. al.; An Unwitting Accomplice: How the International Human Rights Regime Encourages The Use of Forced Disappearance. (Complete)
Tagma; Analyzing Iran’s Nuclear Energy Needs: A Comparative and Statistical Approach. (Needs Paper!)
Portella Sampaio; Antarctic Practices: The institutionalisation of a region and its governance. (Needs Paper!)
Cerny; Antinomies of Globalization: Rethinking Anarchy. (Needs Paper!)
Berenskoetter; Anxiety, Time and Agency. (Complete)
Malets; Are International Timber and Wood Products Legality Processes Pathways to Change in Russian Forest Governance?. (Needs Paper!)
Meidinger; Are Timber Legality Programs Catalyzing a New Transnational Forest Law?. (Needs Paper!)
Keating & Kaczmarska; Attractive Authoritarianism: Looking into Russia's hidden soft power. (Complete)
Porcelli; Autonomy, Development and Regional Integration: constant concepts in varying contexts. (Needs Paper!)
Ringsmose & Saxi; Bandwagoning for prestige: Denmark, Norway and the War on Terror. (Complete)
Çapan; Being Human: Violence and the International. (Needs Paper!)
Bengtsson; Between politics and technocrats – the EU and global health security. (Complete)
Uraler; Beyond the Domestic-Foreign Policy Divide, Analysis of the Role of Populist Nationalisms in China and India in Legitimizing Colonial Imperatives of the States in Tibet and Kashmir. (Complete)
Selo Sabic; Beyond the EU: Croatia’s relations with the US, Russia and Turkey. (Needs Paper!)
Alam; Bilateral trade ties, elections and foreign aid allocation: A comparison across donors. (Needs Paper!)
Ojakangas; Biopolitics and Democracy in Classical Greece. (Needs Paper!)
Ailio; Biopolitics and Democracy in the Global Governance of HIV/AIDS. (Needs Paper!)
Piasentier; Biopolitics and Truth in Foucault . (Needs Paper!)
Irrera; BOAT PEOPLE IN THE MEDITERRANEAN, THE EU AND NGOs: A preliminary investigation of recent trends and future perspectives. (Needs Paper!)
Huskic; Bosnia and Herzegovina’s complex relationship with the Great Powers. (Needs Paper!)
Mercurio et. al.; Brazil's global aspirations and their implications in the relationship with Argentina in the framework of MERCOSUR. (Needs Paper!)
Ferreira Menezes; Building a new strategy: the use of Cultural Diplomacy by Brazilian Government . (Complete)
Contessi; Building Momentum: Continental Infrastructure Projects as a Terrain for Rising Powers Policy Convergence. (Needs Paper!)
Zakaria; Can regime type influence individual attitudes towards corruption?. (Needs Paper!)
Suuronen; Carl Schmitt and His Search for the New Political Nomos of Europe. (Needs Paper!)
van der Ree; Carving out our world: International relations as 'gay science'. (Needs Paper!)
McAllister & Meernik; Casting a Shadow Over War Zones: The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia’s Impact on Violence Against Civilians. (Complete)
Fels; Caught in the Middle? Middle Powers in Asia-Pacific and the Sino-US Competition. (Needs Paper!)
Akan; Central Issue of Domestic and Foreign Politics of Turkey: Syrian Conflict. (Needs Paper!)
Palestini; Challengers or Business as usual? The emergent Development Banks in the post-Washington Consensus Regionalism. (Complete)
Polanska; Challenging silences as everyday surviving mechanisms in uncertain settings. (Complete)
Nagy; Change in the concept of nation. (Needs Paper!)
Güntay; Changed or changing dimension of Threat Perception; Cyber Security and Cyber Politics, Is It a New Tool for Coercive Diplomacy?. (Complete)
Franz; Changing Civil Society—Toward A Humane and Coherent Coexistence in Europe . (Needs Paper!)
Vukovic; Children of Wartime Rape - The New Homo Sacer. (Complete)
Lejeune; China’s Best Friend in Africa? Identity in Sino-Ethiopian Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Chuwattananurak; China’s Comprehensive National Power and Its Implications for the Rise of China: Reassessment and Challenges. (Complete)
Timofeev; China’s Silk Road and Russia’s Eurasian Strategic Initiatives Conjunction in the Greater Balkans: Destination Europe. (Needs Paper!)
Jędrzejowska; China's and India's Rise – Implications for Global Financial Governance . (Needs Paper!)
Sohn; China's Hedging Strategy: The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and Evolving International Monetary Order. (Needs Paper!)
Nordin; Chinese and Western models of friendship: implications for thinking international relations. (Needs Paper!)
Hadzhiev; Civil Society Transformation in Internet. (Complete)
Bernard-Naude; Colonialism and the discourse of the analyst in JM Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians. (Needs Paper!)
Haerting & Sinkkonen; Combatting the ‘Great Equalizer’: The United States, Cyberpower and the Development of International Law on the Use of Force. (Needs Paper!)
Maass; Command and Conquer: Ideologies of Superiority, Democracy, and Annexation. (Needs Paper!)
Mikhaylov; Communication Management of Mass Media in Australia. (Needs Paper!)
Bulgaru; Communication Management Tools in Psychological Warfare in Syria. (Complete)
Toktamis; COMPARATIVE POLITICS of (RE)-ENTRENCHMENT: Kurds in the Middle East. (Needs Paper!)
Kobayashi; Competing for Peace?: Explaining the Normative Contestation and Negotiation between the EU and the Eurasian Union in the Post-Soviet Space . (Complete)
Mesjasz; Complexity of social systems and paradoxes of contemporary security theory and policy making . (Complete)
van Hoef; Conceptualising Personal Friendship in International Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Singh; Conflict Zones Next to Million Dollar Homes?: Proposing a Index of Urban Insecurity exploring Spatial Variations in Severe Poverty, Disorder and Inequity in New Orleans . (Needs Paper!)
Abulof; Conscientious Politics and Israel’s Moral Dilemmas. (Needs Paper!)
Wayland; Constraints on Foreign Aid Effectiveness in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Sector. (Complete)
Berindan; Containment in IR - A Grand Strategy per se. (Complete)
Penca; Contestations of environmental governance through international courts. (Needs Paper!)
Waldow; Contested politicisation or: How even democratic war theory reproduces what it opposes. (Needs Paper!)
Ulgul; Continuity or Change? Analyzing Turkish Foreign Policy during the Justice and Development Party Era. (Complete)
Parlar Dal; Cosmopolitanism-Communitarianism divide in Turkey's post-Arab Spring foreign policy . (Complete)
Gaufman; Creative re-appropriation as a post-colonial resistance strategy. (Needs Paper!)
Sychowiec; Credit rating agencies and their impact on states' behaviour: explaining the variation of creditworthiness in democratic countries.. (Complete)
Shaw; Cultural reclamation in post-communist states: The case of Mongolia. (Complete)
Burton; Cyber Security in the Asia Pacific: Conflict, Competition and Cooperation. (Needs Paper!)
Hebel; Defining the 'Helsinki Model' of Conflict De-Escalation: . (Needs Paper!)
Siisiäinen; Democracy, Deliberation and Biopolitics. (Needs Paper!)
Bell & Martinez Machain; Democracy, Transparency, and Private Mobilization . (Needs Paper!)
Tsintsadze-Maass; Democratic Institutions and Women’s Rights. (Needs Paper!)
Rasler & Thompson; Democratic Peace Versus Non-democratic Ethnic Political Discrimination. (Needs Paper!)
Denison & Wiegand; Democratizing the Dispute: An Assessment of Democratization, Issue Salience, and Territorial Dispute Resolution . (Needs Paper!)
Smeets; Designed to control? Explaining Russia’s Renewable Energy Policy. (Complete)
Andjelic; Dictatorships of Majority: Nation State in Contemporary Central, Eastern and South East Europe and a Fear of Becoming Minority. (Needs Paper!)
Van Gils; Differentiation through bargaining power in EU-Azerbaijan relations: Baku as a tough negotiator. (Complete)
Surma; Digital Diplomacy as a Component of the Strategic Communication. (Needs Paper!)
Kelman; Disaster relief politics: Disaster diplomacy perspectives on accepting and receiving humanitarian aid. (Needs Paper!)
Pickering & Kisangani; Diversion, Greed, or Political Consolidation? An Analysis of Military Intervention within Africa . (Needs Paper!)
Korosteleva et. al.; Eastern Partnership: bringing ‘the political’ back in. (Needs Paper!)
Beldiman; Economic diplomacy within the Eastern Partnership: room for meaningful improvements through ‘othering’?. (Complete)
Morgan; Economic Sanctions and Military Force: Different Tools for Multiple Jobs. (Needs Paper!)
Aoun; Embroiled in transnational battles against injustice and illegitimacy: the radicalization of Lebanese Sunni youth in the context of the Syrian conflict. (Needs Paper!)
Jordan; Emissions: Where To Measure, What To Measure? How The Cement Industry Shapes The Perception Of The Carbon Supply Chain. (Complete)
Steelman; Equal Justice? A Quantitative Analysis of Transitional Justice Mechanisms. (Needs Paper!)
Avdić-Küsmüş; EU‘s normative power: Exploring the Limits of Good governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. (Complete)
Tagma & Coskun; EU’s Bilateral and Multilateral Engagement on Migration from the Middle East and North Africa: Agenda Setting through Norm Entrepreneurship. (Needs Paper!)
Sencelebi; European Union and the Mediterranean: Before and After the Arab Spring. (Needs Paper!)
Korosteleva; EU-Russia relations in the eastern neighbourhood: the importance of othering. (Needs Paper!)
Hopmann; Evaluating the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine. (Complete)
Antonova; Evolution of Conceptual Framework of Russian Stance towards International Conflicts. (Complete)
Bruning et. al.; Examining the ICTY to evaluate criticisms of anti-Serb bias. (Complete)
Coronado Martinez; Experts’ influence in international cooperation to control infectious disease outbreaks: a network analysis.. (Complete)
Sorenson; Explaining Arab Military Spending: Responding to National Security or Distributive Politics?. (Complete)
Merheim-Eyre; Exploring the EU’s security governmentality: The case of visa diplomacy in the Eastern Partnership. (Complete)
Richter; Famine, Memory and Politics in the Post-Soviet Space: Contrasting Echoes of Collectivization in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. (Complete)
Bures; Foreign Fighters and the EU Counterterrorism Policy: New Challenge, Old Problems. (Needs Paper!)
Treshchenkov; Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation and Interests of its Regions. (Needs Paper!)
Homolar; Framing Enemies: The Enduring Patterns of US Presidential Security Rhetoric . (Complete)
Stavridis; French and British Parliaments reactions to the Libyan and Syrian conflicts. (Needs Paper!)
Smith; Friendship, State and Nation. (Needs Paper!)
Kavalski; From International Relations to International Relationality… Or What Can we Guanxi about in Global Life?. (Needs Paper!)
Onursal & Gokce Kizilkaya; From International to Local: Policy Transfer to [and among] the Municipalities in Istanbul. (Needs Paper!)
Rangel Naegele; From Kosovo to Syria, How the international community and Russia Federation relation is re building the old Cold War logic. (Needs Paper!)
Koivusalo; From revolutionary nationalism to the restraining neo-nationalism: the global cartography and the enemy lines of the neo-national internationalism.. (Needs Paper!)
Vales; From Snowden´s revelations to the Brazilian Legal Framework for the Internet: desecuritizing the cyberspace?. (Complete)
Weaver; Gays, Perverts, Degenerates, and Democratic values - The biopolitical castration of the liberal opposition in Putin’s Russia. (Needs Paper!)
Berenskoetter; German-Israeli Relations: Is it Friendship? . (Needs Paper!)
Nykänen; Germany and Europe’s Migrant Crisis – Analysing Domestic-International Synergy in Chancellor Merkel's Policy Framing Process. (Complete)
Raimedhi; Global Instability and Resurgent Nationalisms: Theorizing the Post Recession World. (Needs Paper!)
Peskin; Global Justice on Trial: The Politics of State Shaming Campaigns Against the ICC and the UN Yugoslavia and Rwanda Tribunals. (Needs Paper!)
Lehmannová; Global order transformation: Theoretical perspective. (Needs Paper!)
Ma; Global Vision amid Local Realities: Reading and Leading South Korean Public Opinion on ROK-U.S. Alliance . (Complete)
Pankakoski; Globalizing the Political: Freyer, Jünger, and Schmitt. (Needs Paper!)
Yalvaç; Hegemony Outside / Hegemony Inside: Hegemonic Diffusion and Depth in Turkish Foreign Policy . (Needs Paper!)
Graz; How Ambiguous Authorities Meet International Political Economy and Sociology. (Needs Paper!)
Katz; How Do Liberal Norms Spread? The Role of Liberal Arts Colleges in Eastern European Democratization. (Complete)
Leek & Morozov; Identity beyond Othering: Crisis and the Politics of Decision in the EU’s involvement in Libya (2011). (Complete)
Sümer; Ideology as the Cause of a Foreign Policy Failure: Assessing Turkey’s AKP Party’s Foreign Policy. (Complete)
Schoon; Illegitimacy in International Conflict: Collective Reactions and the Failure of International Coordination. (Needs Paper!)
Kopper et. al.; Images of the enemy outside and within – Governing through suspicion and doubt . (Needs Paper!)
González Villa; Imagining Ethnics: Ethnicity as a Device in US Geopolitical Codes at the End of the Cold War. (Needs Paper!)
Gahramanova & Abbasova; Importance of social and humanitarian courses in preventing future conflicts: getting closer through understanding. (Needs Paper!)
Saini; Indian Foreign Policy: Role of Domestic Politics and Strategic Sub-Cultures. (Needs Paper!)
Avdibegovic et. al.; Influencing legality of wood products from non-EU countries (BiH) – via “new” EU countries (Croatia and Slovenia) – to “old” EU countries (Italy). (Needs Paper!)
Vinogradova; Information Management and Configuration of the World: Security Issues. (Complete)
Rotaru & Troncota; Instrumentalising Balkan’s recent past. How Russia is (miss-)using Kosovo precedent to legitimize the annexation of Crimea. (Complete)
Lobo-Guerrero; Insuring Life: Value, Security and Risk – intersections between IPE and IPS. (Needs Paper!)
Wayland; Interaction Effects of Natural Resource Dependence, Environmental Degradation, and Economic Inequality on Civil Conflict and Terrorism: A Spatial Econometric Approach. (Complete)
Meernik et. al.; International Criminal Tribunals and Witness Resilience. (Complete)
Spitka; International Intervention and Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Violent Conflict. (Needs Paper!)
Chiba & Johnson; Interstate Coalitions and Crisis Duration. (Needs Paper!)
Pérez-Ríos; Interstate Cooperation and Counterterrorism: Eliminating Violent Extremism. (Needs Paper!)
Akinola & Adebanke; Interventionism- An Instrument of Humanitarian Ideals in International Politics: A Case of Libya and Syria Crisis. (Needs Paper!)
Turkoglu; Intra-State Conflicts and Refugees. (Complete)
Turkoglu; Intra-State Conflicts and Refugees. (Needs Paper!)
Kunz; IPS and IPE – an artificial divide: remittances and connectivities. (Needs Paper!)
Kerr; Iranian Governance and Compliance with International Nonproliferation Obligations. (Complete)
Feizi; Iran's Soft Power Approach to Foreign Policy. (Needs Paper!)
Truong; Is ASEAN the Primary Source of Governance in Southeast Asia?. (Needs Paper!)
Lisinska; Is the foreign policy in Latin America ideologically biased? The case of Argentina. . (Needs Paper!)
Prozorov; Is there a Democratic Biopolitics?. (Needs Paper!)
Saraiva; Judging Aggression in the ICC: the Crime of Aggression, R2P and Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention after Kampala. (Complete)
Bogdanov; Justice, Legitimacy and the International Order’s Revision: “Status Inconsistency” and Russia’s Foreign Policy after Ukrainian Crises. (Complete)
Bartlett & Baber; Justice, Legitimacy, and Order: The Challenge of Earth System Governance. (Needs Paper!)
Kaplanova; Legitimacy of international relations in the postmodern society. The end of great narratives of science in the 21th century. (Needs Paper!)
Kolmasova & Krulisova; Legitimizing Military Action Through "Rape as a Weapon" Discourse in Libya and Mali: Critical Feminist Analysis. (Complete)
Gries; Liberal Francophiles and Conservative Francophobes: How Ideology Divides Americans over France. (Needs Paper!)
Boutton & Pascoe; Like moths to the flame: Do foreign aid projects attract transnational terrorism?. (Needs Paper!)
Juozaitis; Lithuania as an Energy Policy Former of the European Union and NATO 2004 – 2015. (Needs Paper!)
O'Hearn; Living at the Edges of Capitalism: Adventures in Exile and Mutual Aid. (Needs Paper!)
Vinogradova; Managing Public Consciousness during the Civil Conflict: the Case Study of Ukraine. (Complete)
Estevez; Managing victims’ identity and political agency: (necro)policies for the management of suffering vis a vis drug-related violence. (Complete)
Senel; Mapping the Davutoğlu’s Conception of “Europe” and “the European Union” . (Needs Paper!)
Leander; Market Mediated Militarism: State Strategies to Affirm Public Authority over Cybersecurity and their Consequences. (Needs Paper!)
Fels; Measuring Power and its Shifts. An Explorative Study on Power Trends in Asia-Pacific Since the End of the Cold War. (Needs Paper!)
Mikhaylov; Mechanisms of Communication between the Mass Media and the Civil Society. (Complete)
Lee; Mega FTAs, Institutional Balancing, and South Korea’s Middle Power Diplomacy. (Complete)
Peter; Micropolitics of peacebuilding. (Needs Paper!)
Brumat; Migration and the free movement of persons in regional integration processes. Concepts for a regional public policy. (Complete)
Pupavac & Pupavac; Migrations: Europe, the Western Balkan Route and Arendt’s Desert. (Needs Paper!)
Bussmann & Ranft; Military Power Balance and the Prospects of Post-Conflict Peace. (Complete)
Bobic; Minor Powers Confronting Major Powers: A Comparative Examination of the Conditions Facilitating Decisions to go to War. (Complete)
Subotic & Steele; Moral Injury in International Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Park; Moral Priority of Middle Power in Classical Realism and its Implication in East Asia . (Complete)
Chaban & Gulyaeva; Multipolar world and Changing Images of the EU: EU Perceptions in Russia and China. (Needs Paper!)
Volberding; National Development Banks and the Rise of Market-Based Protectionism. (Complete)
Gurleyen; National Identity and Foreign Policy Orientation in 1990s in Turkey. (Needs Paper!)
Kolmas; National identity reformulation and constraints on Japanese revisionism. (Complete)
Tsintsadze-Maass; Nationalism and Asymmetric Power Relations . (Needs Paper!)
Timakova; NATO Readiness Action Plan (RAP) – Strengthen of the Crisis Management Capability. (Complete)
Timakova; NATO Strategic Communication – Civilian and Military Dimensions. (Needs Paper!)
Riccardella et. al.; Negative peace, territorial boundary settlement and international cooperation. (Complete)
Norman; Negotiating Detention: Prisons as Sites of Confrontation & Compromise in Protracted Conflicts. (Complete)
Morrow; Negotiating the ICC. (Needs Paper!)
Truong; Neo-realism and the Balance of Power in Southeast Asia. (Complete)
Gaertner; Neutrality from the Cold War to Austria's Engaged Neutrality. (Complete)
Marzeda-Mlynarska; Non Traditional Security Challenges and the Regional Governance: EU and ASEAN Answers to the Migration Crisis.. (Complete)
Jebavá; Non-State Actors in the United Nations. (Needs Paper!)
Butler; Norm Stagnation and the Deconstruction of R2P. (Complete)
Scherbakova; Official State Accounts Communication with Foreign Audiences through Social Media under the Escalation of International Tension: Russia's Experience. (Complete)
Mihajlović Trbovc; On the Capacity of the ICTY to Shape Public Perception of the Bosnian War: Narratives of about Genocide Inside and Outside of the Courtroom. (Complete)
Vasileva & Gotchev; Paradoxes of Contemporary Democracy – Partially Independency and Incrementalism (On the Case of Political and Bank Crises in Bulgaria 2013-2014). (Complete)
Lee; Parochial Politics: Firm Attitudes toward US Intervention in the Middle East. (Needs Paper!)
(No Participants); Party politics and commercial diplomacy: The case of the Czech Republic . (Complete)
Schemel; Party Politics or National Interest? Explaining Accession and Suspension Processes in Mercosur. (Needs Paper!)
Danielsson; Peacebuilding and the emergence of a transnational field of informality. (Complete)
Kukartseva; Peculiarities of Foreign Political Discourse of Contemporary Russia. (Complete)
Kelly & Smith; Performing the State: The Nominal Fallacy of Treating the Islamic State as Terrorists. (Needs Paper!)
Trosky; Perils of Prescriptive Pacifism: Just War concepts in Peace and Conflict Studies. (Needs Paper!)
Borzcik; Persecution of academics in Eastern Europe and beyond: The experience of the Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund. (Needs Paper!)
Wrobel; Political and Economic Determinants of Trade Policy - the Case of the European Union. (Complete)
Hunjak Štula; Political Communication in Times of Terror: Case Study of Paris Terrorist Attacks. (Complete)
Yukaruc; Political Islam and Turkish Foreign Policy in the AKP Era. (Complete)
; Political Mobilization of Turks in Germany and Greece: The Role of Ideological Differences and the Role of the European Union. (Needs Paper!)
Matheswaran & Matheswaran; Politics of IR in South Asia & Middle east. (Complete)
Tamminen; Politics of Peacebuilding (how Middle East affects Ukraine). (Needs Paper!)
Wrobel; Politics of Preferential Trade Agreements. (Complete)
Havlova; Possibilities and Limits of Democratization of Muslim Countries. (Needs Paper!)
Backman; Postmetaphysics and the Global Order: Radical Conservative Critiques of Globalization in Right Heideggerianism. (Complete)
Janusch; Power in New Liberalism: Trade Negotiations between the United States and Andean Countries. (Complete)
Götz; Power Play: Explaining Russia’s Georgia Policy from 2008 to the Present. (Needs Paper!)
Kolmasova; Pragmatic Revisionism and Responsibility to Protect in the Syrian Crisis. (Complete)
Nicutar; Preparing for a future. (Self)formation in trauma times. (Needs Paper!)
Bossler; Pricacy v Security: is there a trade-off?. (Needs Paper!)
Hathaway; Private Authority, Corporate Power and Political Science. (Complete)
Nicutar; Private stories, public secret. Of war and storytelling. (Needs Paper!)
Lawrence; Producing and Consuming ‘Green Transitions': Social Movement Challenges and Strategies. (Needs Paper!)
Clayton & Thomson; Pro-Government Militias and Civil War Resolution. (Needs Paper!)
Tir & Bailey; Protecting the Homeland by Sacrificing Women's Welfare: The Impact of External Threat on the Status of Women. (Needs Paper!)
Cline; Proxy Warfare and the Global Security Environment. (Needs Paper!)
Kapidzic; Public Authority in Hybrid Governance: The Process of Making Decisions in Northern Uganda. (Needs Paper!)
Rentea; Public Crises and the Struggle for European Imagination . (Needs Paper!)
Kukartseva; Rational communication and Communicative Rationality in the Political Activities. (Complete)
Rendall; Realism and Rational Choice. (Complete)
Lewis; Reconciling Clanism with Good Governance: Outsider Values and Local Realities in Somali Politics. (Needs Paper!)
Ozarowski; Reconsidering Strategy of Hizballah. (Needs Paper!)
Shannon; Reflexive Governance and Critical Theory: Is Sustainable Forest Management a Tool of Dominance?. (Needs Paper!)
Bearup; Refugee Integration and Competing Conceptions of Justice and Order . (Complete)
Zevnik; Refuse, Demand, Occupy: anxiety and strategies of resistance . (Needs Paper!)
Volgy et. al.; Regional Hierarchies, Conflict, and Cooperation in Regions of the International System. (Needs Paper!)
Kolovos; Regionalism: Bridging the Gap Between International Relations and Comparative Politics. (Needs Paper!)
dos Reis; Re-Inventing Interventions: Law, Legitimacy and the Emerging Politics of Humanity. (Needs Paper!)
De Franco; Responsibility to Protect (R2P), Europe and the refugee crisis. (Needs Paper!)
Genisa; Responsibility to Protect : The Case of Libya and Syria. (Complete)
Steele; Restraint, Anticipation and Ontological Security. (Needs Paper!)
Gartzke; Rethinking Rational Deterrence Theory. (Needs Paper!)
Braun; Revisionism and Identity as Engines of Nordic Cooperation. (Needs Paper!)
Steflja; Ridicule and Exoticization of the International Tribunal: The War Criminal Cult. (Complete)
Kozhevnikova; Role of Communication Management in the Process of Eurasian Economic Integration. (Needs Paper!)
Grabowski; Role of Sino-Japanese Cooperation in Northeast Asian Integration. (Needs Paper!)
Efanova; Russia and Eastern Europe on the Crossroads of Hybrid Wars. (Needs Paper!)
Headley; Russia and the West: contesting the domain and content of international politics . (Complete)
de Andrade Gama; Russia as a peacekeeper?. (Needs Paper!)
de Andrade Gama; Russia as antipreneur and/or entrepreneur of international norms. (Complete)
Reshetnikov; Russia’s Great Power Identity in the XIX Century and Today: Being vs. Becoming. (Complete)
Maass; Salami Tactics and the Future of US-Russian Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Praček et. al.; Sanctioning Iran: the case of a latent blowback for the European Union. (Complete)
Manjee; Sayyid Qutb & Adam Smith: two competing views on the human condition . (Complete)
Gruszczak; Schengen as the Inside/Outside Divide: Fostering the hybrid regime. (Needs Paper!)
Szalai; Securitizing Migration in Contemporary Hungary - From Discourse to Practice. (Needs Paper!)
Dubsky; Security and Strategic Culture of the regional security actors. (Needs Paper!)
Dogan; Security Challenges for Afghanistan: Is the International Security Governance Failing?. (Complete)
Thadani; Security Dilemmas: the Maoist insurgency in India. (Needs Paper!)
Trombetta; Security discourses and energy governance: the case of the EU. (Needs Paper!)
Karpaviciute; Security Threat Dynamics and Regional Security Orders. A Case of the Transatlantic Region. (Needs Paper!)
Šabič; Small states and parliamentary institutions: some preliminary thoughts. (Needs Paper!)
Szent-Iványi et. al.; Small States and the Diplomacy of Global Development. Hungary and the Sustainable Development Goals. (Needs Paper!)
Pantserev; Social Media as an Instrument of the Informational and Psychological Warfare: Some Practical Issues. (Complete)
Kuo; Social Movements and Freedom of International Movement. (Complete)
Žáková; Social System Theory Application in Globalization Studies. (Needs Paper!)
Timakova; Social Unrest in Internet: Great Britain Experience. (Complete)
Ceydilek; Socially Distributed Foreign Policy: A Redefinition of Agency in International Relations. (Needs Paper!)
Leichtova; Soft Power of Authoritarism. (Needs Paper!)
Antosz; Somalis' political participation in Ehiopia: case study of the Somali Region . (Needs Paper!)
Kim; South Korea and Machiavellian Strategy of Middle Power . (Complete)
Lee; South Korea and the Sino-US Institutional Rivalry: The case of the AIIB. (Complete)
You; South Korea as a Norm Brewer: South Korea’s Policy of Creating Epistemic Communities . (Complete)
Kerr; Sovereignty’s Outsides: International, Governmental, Colonial. (Needs Paper!)
Yoon; Soviet Legacies and Regional Cooperation in Post-Soviet Central Asia. (Needs Paper!)
Lupovici; Spoilers, Securitization and the Oslo Peace Process. (Needs Paper!)
Mälksoo; State Identity Disjuncture and the Politics of Transitional Justice: The Case of Russia. (Complete)
Perrotta; State-led or market-led?: regionalism and educational policies in South America. (Complete)
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Wang; Taiwan’s Evolving Approach Toward China: Beyond Balancing and Bandwagoning?. (Complete)
Sharma; Teaching Emancipatory International Relations: Exhuming Subjugated Knowledge and Liberating Marginalized Epistemes. (Needs Paper!)
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Bortoluzzi Severo; The decision-making process of the European Union in security and defense policy: Implications for the European external action. (Needs Paper!)
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Werner; The Global Politics of Old Bicycles as a Development Technology (Working Title). (Needs Paper!)
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Buitelaar; The ICC and the Prevention of Mass Atrocities: Criminological Perspectives. (Complete)
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Kessler & Walter; The Public and its problems: Defining the bounds of knowledge, re-drawing the boundaries of authority. (Needs Paper!)
Simons; The Role of Propaganda in the Character Assassination of World Leaders in International Affairs. (Needs Paper!)
Añorve; The role of the Major League Baseball (MLB) in the normalization of US-Cuban relations. (Complete)
Bardauskaite; The Role of Think Tanks in the U.S. Foreign Policy towards the Middle East. (Needs Paper!)
Fijalkowski; The routinization of 'panic policy'. The phenomenon of 'oversecuritization' in Indonesian security policy. (Needs Paper!)
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Goldstone; Why have economic growth and urbanization not produced rapid fertility decline in sub-Saharan Africa?. (Needs Paper!)
Madej; Why it went wrong so often? In search for the reasons for ineffectiveness of Western multilateral military interventions in XXI Century. . (Needs Paper!)
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Hajnal; Written and Unwritten Values in the Preamble of the United Nations Charter. (Complete)
P.S. Gama; Yes! sIR or No! sIR: contributions from sociologies of International Relations — Reflective notes on disciplinary practices from structuralist points of view. (Needs Paper!)