Working Groups at ISA Baltimore

Working Groups provide a great opportunity to participate in a focused discussion around specific topic areas with a diverse group of scholars. By participating in a working group, conference attendees discuss the most thought-provoking issues in their section as well as their own research through an extended and focused discussion.

Accelerating Change in Global Governance:
Enhancing the Participation of Excluded and Marginalized Voices Through Information and Communication Technology

Sponsored By:

Organized By Derrick L. Cogburn and Tina Kempin Reuter

  1. Catalyze a network of interdisciplinary scholars interested in understanding the theoretical foundation of and practical remedies for enhancing the participation of excluded and marginalized voices in global governance, with a particular focus on the human rights issues of more than 1 billion persons with disabilities;
  2. Develop a model and set of recommendations for the use of information and communication technologies and active learning approaches to facilitate the active involvement of excluded voices in specific global governance processes (such as the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the HLPF); and
  3. Facilitate interaction between this network, relevant civil society organizations, interested programs within the UN, and governments to encourage change in World Politics.

The Global Rise of Populism

Sponsored By International Political Sociology Section

Organized by David B. MacDonald, Dirk Nabers and Frank A. Stengel

To explore the nexus between populism and IR, the working group will 1) investigate underlying dynamics that give rise to populist developments, 2) analyze commonalities and differences between the different phenomena commonly labeled populism, both in terms of domestic and foreign policy, 3) identify and scrutinize global links between different populist movements and 4) establish a more precise theoretical framework for the analysis of populism as a global phenomenon.

South Asia in World Politics

Sponsored By South Asia in World Politics Section

Organized By Surupa Gupta

SAWP is a new section. As organizers, we hope that the working group will help identify and engage a wide range of scholars in thematic discussions that will cut across methodologies and theoretical perspectives. The working group seeks to pursue two of the section's purposes outlined in the charter: “encourage research on the international engagements” of South Asian states and non-state actors as well as “facilitate the development of vigorous networks of communication and research among scholars of South Asia.”

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