Working Groups at ISA Atlanta

Working Groups provide a great opportunity to participate in a focused discussion around specific topic areas with a diverse group of scholars. By participating in a working group, conference attendees discuss the most thought-provoking issues in their section as well as their own research through an extended and focused discussion.

Religion and Peace: Possibilities, Challenges and Prospects

Sponsored By Religion and International Relations Section and Peace Studies Section

Organized By Nukhet A. Sandal and Turan Kayaoglu

The theme of the ISA's 57th convention is "Exploring Peace". This theme encourages the participants to consider multiple approaches to peace. What are its definitions, what are the threats to peace and how can policy circles and academic world cooperate to make peace happen? Taking this unique opportunity, this working group will look at how religion affects those questions and dynamics. Does religion contribute to peace and conflict? How and when? What is the state of literature when it comes to religion and peace international relations? How about policy making? Do policymakers generate novel approaches to peace by tapping into religious sources and go beyond standard liberal/secular approaches? This working group will bring scholars of peace studies and religion in international studies to explore these critical questions from interdisciplinary and multi-method perspectives.

Strategic Foresight & IR for the 21st Century

Sponsored By International Security Studies Section

Organized by Catarina Isabel Tully

The Working Group will consist of short papers and roundtable discussions presented during a one day conference looking at the issue of cutting edge methodological debates (to the fore, the tension between qualitative and quantitative modelling, and the role of big data), the study of foresight in IR and best practice teaching, and long-term views on foreign policy topics critical for the next President of the United States to engage with (e.g. notably, proliferation, emerging technologies, the crisis in the Middle East, climate justice and sustainability, and global public health).

Apply Here

Applications to participate in the Working Group will open on September 21, 2015. The deadline to apply for a working group will be October 2nd. Decisions on final participants will be made by mid-October. 

WG Application Process

For more information on the application process and what to expect in a Working Group, check out this link:

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