ISA 2016 Career Courses

2016 Courses

About the Program

ISA created our "Career Course" program to provide opportunities for conference participants to learn a new skill, or hone an old skill, while attending the convention. Courses are a half-day and are limited to 30-40 participants. The topics for the courses were submitted by ISA participants and selected by our Professional Development Committee.

Participation in the courses is open to any registered person attending the conference. But, there is a fee of $25 per course. Also, please note the times for the courses. The courses cannot be moved and so please confirm availability in your schedule before applying for the class.

Common Questions

Q. When do these take place?

The courses are each four hours long. All take place during the normal convention period, so you don't need to come early or stay late for the conference.


Q. What if I have a panel when a class meets?

We unfortunately cannot make schedule changes to account for the career courses. Please check your schedule prior to registration to ensure that you don't have a panel, or other commitment that conflicts.


Q. How much does this cost?

Each course costs $25. Participants must also be registered for the Annual Convention. Please note that this program is non-refundable.


Q. Can I sign up for more than one?

Sure, as long as there's room in your schedule!



CCT01: How to Successfully Use Participatory Methods for Training and Education

Instructor: Kate Mangino
This career course will not only introduce participants to a variety of participatory methods, but will also give attendees the time, space and instruction to practice these new methods during the session so they will develop the skills needed to apply them in their own professional situations.

CCT02: Simulations and Games in International Relations

Instructors: Amanda Rosen and Victor Asal
This career course introduces instructors to the benefits and drawbacks of simulations and games as well as practical tips for employing them in the classroom. Participants will play through several different simulations and games during the session and will receive extensive materials and guides towards employing them in their own classes.

CCS01: Case Writing and Case Teaching in International Relations

Instructor: Volker Franke
In this half-day course, participants will be introduced to the case study method and learn how to develop and use case studies effectively in an academic classroom. This course presents a number of different teaching cases (historical, fictional, decision-forcing) and engages participants as both active learners and potential instructors. The course will also discuss how to adapt the case teaching method for using novels and films in the classroom.

CCS02: Training Future Peacebuilders: Designing International Education Programs to Maximize Transnational Networks and Peacebuilding Outcomes

Instructor: Jeff Pugh
This session helps educators design program models that intentionally cultivate cross-cultural interaction and network building, and support follow up that translate these networks into practical peacebuilding outcomes over time.