Audiovisual and Internet Options

At Your Panel

In panel rooms, ISA will provide the following:

  • LCD Projector
  • Netbook Computer (Windows-based)
  • Adobe PDF Reader and Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 2010) software

Get help using the laptop, Powerpoint and Adobe Reader

Software capabilities are limited to Powerpoint reader and Adobe reader ONLY. The reader software can accommodate presentations created in Microsoft or Mac formats. Presenters will not be able to use their own laptop computers since the audio visual setups in the meeting rooms MUST NOT be changed in any way. Presenters must bring their Powerpoint or Adobe presentations on a flash drive and insert the flash drive into the ISA netbook computer at the start of the presentation.

Please note: Audio, internet, DVD drives/players, and overhead projectors are NOT provided by ISA. Additional services can be purchased by individuals (at own cost).

Purchase Internet for Your Panel

Additional services (beyond those listed above) can be purchased from the hotels by individuals at their own cost. This option will be available after the program has been announced.

At Your Hotel

Each of our hotels are a little different. Check your hotel on our hotels page to see any specials available.

At Your Meeting, Reception or Workshop

For security reasons, laptop computers and LCD projectors will be removed from all meeting rooms immediately upon conclusion of each day's panels. Equipment will be secured during the lunch hour. If AV equipment is needed for evening functions or affiliate workshops, please be sure to indicate this in the application form when arranging meeting options. Rental charges may apply.

Notes for Specialty Programs

ISA Research Grant Workshops

Each Research Grant Workshop's AV arrangement is determined during the initial application process and approved by the Research and Workshop Grants Committee. Please contact Lembe Tiky with questions about your specific workshop.

Working Groups

ISA offers basic technology services and special room set-ups for Working Groups panels. Provided by ISA for the 1st day meeting:

  • LCD projector
  • Windows-based netbook
  • Hardline Internet connection (for the netbook)
  • Flipchart and markers

Any equipment or technical support beyond what ISA provides (including adapters), will be the sole financial responsibility of the Working Group Coordinators and/or Section. Please contact Alex Lewis with questions about your specific working group.

Innovative Panels

Each innovative panel's arrangement is determined during the initial scheduling phase. Please contact Alex Lewis with questions about your specific innovative panel. Any equipment or technical support beyond what ISA provides (including adapters), will be the sole financial responsibility of the Innovative Panel Chair and/or Section.

WiFi in the Exhibit Hall

ISA is proud to offer complimentary WiFi at the Hilton in the Exhibit Hall and Cyber Cafe Lounge (located in the Galleria) during normal Exhibit Hall hours!


Have questions about A/V or interest in purchasing additional services?

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