ISA Asia-Pacific Conference 2016, Hong Kong

June 25th - 27th
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hosted by ISA Asia-Pacific

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The ISA Asia-Pacific Region Conference, The Pacific Century? The Asia-Pacific in an era of Global Transformation, was held at the City University of Hong Kong, June 25-25 2016. The program chairs were ISA Region President, Professor Giorgio Shani; Vice-President, Professor Lorraine Elliott; and the chair of the local organizing committee, Associate Professor Nick Thomas. The conference was preceded by a Professional Development workshop on June 24 organized by Professor Elliott for Early Career Researchers in the region.

A total of 451 participants registered for the conference making it the largest conference in the history of the region. We were honored to have ISA President, Professor TV Paul, deliver the opening keynote presentation on "The Accommodation of Rising Powers in World Politics" and Professor Elliott give the closing address on "Future Directions of IR in the Region". A limited number of travel grants were made available for selected participants in less economically developed areas of the region by the Southeast Asia Research Centre (SEARC) at City University of Hong Kong and by the Asia-Pacific Region.

The region leadership would like to thank all those who participated in the conference and in particular the local organizing team, led by Dr Thomas, and the Department of Asian and International Studies (AIS) at City University of Hong Kong, chaired by Professor Mark Thompson, for making the conference a success.

On behalf of the program chairs, I would like to extend our most sincere thanks to you all for coming to Hong Kong last month for the ISA Asia-Pacific Region Conference. We had a total of 451 registered participants from the region making it the largest in our history.

In particular, I would like to thank the local organizing team, led by Dr Nick Thomas, and the Department of Asian and International Studies (AIS) at City University of Hong Kong, chaired by Professor Mark Thompson, for their unstinting hard-work and generous hospitality. It has been a privilege to work with them and to have been a program chair for this conference. We hope you enjoyed it.

Special thanks also to our plenary participants, in particular Professor TV Paul, ISA President, for sparing time in his busy schedule to give the opening keynote address. Thanks also to Professor Lorraine Elliott, ISA Asia-Pacific Region Vice-President, for her closing plenary address and for organizing the professional development workshop for early career researchers.

Finally, the local organizing committee has kindly made the following photo album and video of the conference available which you may have received directly from them. Please see below:

Best wishes and thanks once again for making the conference a success,

- Giorgio Shani, Asia-Pacific Region President

The deadline for paper/panel submissions was Tuesday, December 15, 2015.

The rise to political and economic prominence of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and India, along with other members of the BRICS, has constituted a powerful challenge to the dominance of Western powers and ideas in world politics. However, both Asian superpowers - like Japan and the East Asian ‘Tiger’ economies before them - have as yet been unable to re-shape International Relations (IR) theory and practice. The rise of Asia more generally has led to a proliferation of national schools of IR (such as the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indian) which have attempted to challenge the hegemony of Western ideas and theories in the discipline yet have left the traditional ontology of IR intact. The region is also characterised by a complex of people-centred non-traditional insecurities and vulnerabilities including human insecurities, people movements, environmental degradation, the politics of identity and democratisation which together challenge orthodox state and market centric approaches to the study and practice of International Relations.

This conference, hosted by the Asia-Pacific Region of the International Studies Association, will investigate the ways in which IR (as both practice and theory) is being transformed in the Asia-Pacific.

In particular, we invite the submission of papers and panels on the following topics: the nature of global transformations in the Asia-Pacific; the rise of the BRICS and China and India in particular; regionalism and subregionalism; the impact of globalization on regional identity and inequality; traditional and non-traditional security threats in the Asia-Pacific; Bandung and the Non-Aligned Movement in historical perspective; regional perspectives on peacebuilding and on human security (including but not limited to the Responsibility to Protect); and regional histories, epistemologies and ontologies of IR with reference to attempts to go beyond Western IR theory.

Southeast Asian scholars from regional institutions may be eligible for travel and accommodation support from SEARC for the ISA Asia-Pacific Region Conference, June 25-27 2016. To be considered as eligible, scholars must (1) submit a completed paper ahead of the conference, which has not been published elsewhere and is formatted in the style of the SEARC working papers, and (2) participate fully in the conference. It is a condition of support that the papers are published with the SEARC Working Paper series.

Submission Types


Papers are the foundation of the conference and can be submitted individually or within a larger panel proposal. Papers generally need a title, abstract, three tags and the author(s) to submit. Titles need to be less than 50 words and abstracts need to be less than 200 words.

Note that, if you have a paper that was submitted on a panel, you should not submit the paper independently a second time. 


Panels must have a title, abstract and tag words as well as 4 papers (complete with title, tags, abstract and authors) and at least 1 chair and discussant. Titles need to be less than 50 words and abstracts need to be less than 200 words.

Please note that papers submitted on panels should not be submitted a second time independently of the panel. If the panel is not accepted, the papers submitted on the panel go into the normal wait pool with all of our other papers.


Roundtables are similar to panels but participants do not present papers. At least 1 chair and 4 participants are needed to submit a panel, along with title, tags and abstract. Titles need to be less than 50 words and abstracts need to be less than 200 words.

Program Chairs

Lorraine Elliott | Australian National University

Giorgio Shani | International Christian University

Nicholas David Thomas | City University of Hong Kong

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