At the Conference

See you in Singapore!

We're excited to see you in Singapore! Check here for information about events, activities, restaurants and more that you'll find in when you're at the conference! The conference takes place from Thursday, July 4th - Saturday, July 6th.

Get to Know the City

The Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau has built a special informational page for ISA attendees. This is a great resource for learning about activities and opportunities in the city. They have also partnered with local businesses to bring exciting deals for our attendees. We look forward to welcoming you to Ljubljana.

Program and Events

The Program Chairs have worked hard this year putting together a great program.

Hours and Details

Checking in on Site

If you have registered online, we will have your badge printed and ready to pick up in the pre-registration area. Staff will also be there to help with any questions you have about your membership, registration, letters of participation, and more.

Panel Sessions

ISA Asia-Pacific Singapore 2019 runs four normal blocks of sessions each day. These are the A, B, C, and D blocks. Session codes for each day then start with the letter of that day, followed by the block letter, and then the room code. So, "TA03" is the 3rd session in the A block (8:30 am) on Thursday.

  • "A" slots: 8:30 am - 10:15 am
  • "B" slots: 10:35 am - 12:20 pm
  • "C" slots: 1:40 pm - 3:25 pm
  • "D" slots: 3:45 pm - 5:30 pm

Lunch/Coffee Breaks

There is time scheduled for lunch and coffee breaks throughout the conference. The conference venue has 3 coffee shops/restaurants onsite and additional facilities for self-service coffee and cold meals (sandwiches, fruit, cakes) will be located outside the conference building in the garden area. (Meals are not included in registration.)

Travel Grant Check-In

If you have been awarded a travel grant from IDSS, you'll need to check in at the desk in the registration area. Note that this service will only be available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the hours listed above.

Exhibit Hall

Entrance to the exhibit hall requires your badge. The hall is located in the Grand Ballroom on the lower level of the Hilton Atlanta, accessible via the First Floor escalators. You can see the floorplan here.

Additional Information for Participants

Check out below for additional information for conference participants.

ISA asks that all conference participants share their papers no less than one full week in advance of the conference. To facilitate this process, ISA provides panelists with each others' email addresses.

Please note, in order to access your fellow panelists’ email addresses, you will need to login to your ISA account.

In order to access your panelists' email addresses, please go to the "Program and Events" page within the relevant conference. Next, please select the "My Schedule" button in the upper right hand corner (or in the menu to the right of the page). You'll find the panels you are on there as well as a "details and emails" link directly under the title(s) of the panel(s) you are on.

The chair has two primary responsibilities for the ISA Conventions & conferences: 1) contacting participants prior to the meeting to set expectations and presentation time limits and 2) ensuring the flow of the panel onsite. The chair's email communication should probably come no later than 3 weeks prior to the start of the an ISA Convention or conference. If chairing a panel, the chair should also remind panelists to share their papers (even in draft form) with their discussant no less than a week in advance and upload to paper archive. If chairing a roundtable, this entails circulating a detailed memo regarding the issues to be discussed by the participants.

The second aspect of the chair's responsibility is to organize the panel onsite. This includes briefly introducing the panel/roundtable to the audience and holding participants to agreed-upon time limits, as well as facilitating discussion and Q&A with the audience (approximately the final 30 minutes). Lastly, (for the ISA Annual Convention) chairs may be asked to complete a short survey of their panel/roundtable through the system.

Chairs are also responsible for informing the Program Chair(s) of all changes to the panel or roundtable as soon as possible.

The primary role of the discussant is to read carefully each of the papers that he/she receives prior to the start of the ISA Conventions & conferences (at least five days) and comment upon these papers in a constructive manner. Like his/her fellow panelists/participants, the discussant must abide by the panel chair's stipulations regarding the length of presentation and comments.

By accepting responsibility for discussing a panel or roundtable, the discussant agrees to inform the chair and Program Chair(s) at the earliest possible date of any changes in the status of availability or travel funding which will or is likely to prevent participation.

Presentations typically span between 8-12 minutes but that depends largely on the size of your panel and decisions by your chair. Reach out to your chair for specific details.

Papers are the foundation of the Regional Conference and can be submitted individually or within a larger panel proposal. Regarding your paper layout, we don't have any specific requirements regarding conference papers beyond the suggestion that you take as much space as needed to address the question you pose/investigate and cite as appropriate (using whichever format is your preference). We recommend however, that you keep in mind that your chair, discussant and fellow panelists all have 4-5 more papers on the same panel to read (in addition to any other placements on the program), so an eye toward moderation in length is unlikely to go amiss. (Most common is about the length of a 8-10 page or 4000 – 5000 word paper.) Also, all papers must be uploaded in PDF format to the paper archive and be less than 10mb in size. The Programme Co-Chairs request that you circulate your paper to your fellow panelists no later than 27th June 2019, one week prior to the regional conference.

Looking for Hotels?

Local hotel accommodations are plentiful for a variety of budgets and easy to find on various online services. We've listed a few possibilities below for quick reference. Please note however, these are only suggestions. ISA has not contracted with local hotels for this conference.

See Our Hotels