Seizing Constructivist Ground? Practice and Relational Theories

International Studies Quarterly (ISQ) has a tradition of being home to big debates about, and major contributions to, international-relations theory. There’s simply no way to do justice to the list of important articlesforums, and even special issues. In recent years, ISQ published a call for global international relations, a major piece on practice theory—the subject of a symposium, and an influential call to move beyond paradigms in international-relations theory and scholarship

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  • By Dan Nexon
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Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for April 21

From around the blogosphere: A victory in the effort to hold powerful white men accountable for sexual assault and harassment, this week Bill O’Reilly was forced out of his position at Fox News...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for April 17

Another interesting week, but at this point, I don’t think we should be surprised. Let’s start with the MOAB in Afghanistan. Here is an excellent analysis about who the real target is.&nbs...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for April 10

Well, huh. Trump bombs Assad. While his reasons remain as geopolitically baffling as ever, most people seemed happy at this decision because, you know, Assad sucks. Like I said, huh.

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for April 7

From around the blogosphere: Today in Stockholm a man drove a stolen beer truck into a crowd, killed three, and crashed it into a department store. Terrorism is suspected. The New York Times. ...

Symposium Responses

W(h)ither Constructivism

At a roundtable titled “Whither Constructivism?” at the 2012 ISA-Northeast conference, nearly all the participants mistook the prompt as “Wither Constructivism?” What was suppo...